Day 9: The Donut Incident

I have found that when we are at home in our own little non-processed food world my kids are absolutely fine. They both seem to be more than satisfied with the options we offer them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. I am pleased to say that I have barely gotten any complaints from them in the past week and a half. Then comes along the outside world…

This morning we had to stop at a brickyard with the kids and one of their little friends. As soon as we pulled up the kids immediately noticed that people seemed to be coming in and out of the little trailer building in the middle of the brickyard with donuts. It was as if they spotted the delectable treat from a mile away. After fielding lots of questions about if they sell donuts there or not and if I have money to buy one I finally distracted all three of them with the little fish pond outside the building. Then the lovely man that works there walked out and said “hey, do you kids want a donut?” Just what I needed!

So my 5-year-old had a little breakdown when I said “no” she couldn’t have one. I started to feel really bad, but let’s just say I only said “no” because we were about to eat, and I didn’t want her to spoil her lunch (it was right before noon). I wouldn’t have given in to her fit by giving her the donut in that situation anyway. I was feeling lots of guilt though. I started second-guessing involving our kids in this whole 100 days thing. Later I asked my husband if he thought we were making a mistake and he flatly said “no, kids shouldn’t be eating donuts anyway.” (If you think I am hard core about eating healthy you should meet him!)

Oh mommy guilt is strong though, we came home and I offered to make my 5-year-old whatever she wanted for lunch. She chose “fried eggs” and whole-wheat toast with butter & jelly, and I also made a very attractive fruit kabob with all of her favorite fruits. She seemed very happy and not only cleaned her plate, but also asked for seconds…and luckily she didn’t say another word about the “donut incident”. We are going to a birthday party with more tempting treats tomorrow. I was caught off-guard today and even though I plan to be prepared tomorrow by bringing our own pizza, and our own “cake”, and our own juice boxes I have no idea what to expect. This is what moms of children with allergies do ALL OF THE TIME though so why should I feel bad about it?

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    1. Cady |

      I have lots of food allergies (I am 15) and my mom always bakes me special stuff, mostly when I was younger. I don’t ever mind anymore. Not even when I was young. Even now when everyone else is eating this yummy looking cake, I honestly could care less. Sometimes parents feel awful about having something that I can’t have when I’m over playing with their daughters, but I really don’t care. They don’t believe me, but it’s true. I think your daughters will manage and will also learn a valuable lesson: self control. Other kids may grow up obese and with other problem areas in self control, but your children will turn out fantastic.

    2. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy) |

      Hi Cady. Thank you for your thoughts. It is nice to hear from a teenager! How nice of you to encourage other parents. ~Amy

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