Day 9: The Donut Incident

I have found that when we are at home in our own little non-processed food world my kids are absolutely fine. They both seem to be more than satisfied with the options we offer them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. I am pleased to say that I have barely gotten any complaints from them in the past week and a half. Then comes along the outside world…

This morning we had to stop at a brickyard with the kids and one of their little friends. As soon as we pulled up the kids immediately noticed that people seemed to be coming in and out of the little trailer building in the middle of the brickyard with donuts. It was as if they spotted the delectable treat from a mile away. After fielding lots of questions about if they sell donuts there or not and if I have money to buy one I finally distracted all three of them with the little fish pond outside the building. Then the lovely man that works there walked out and said “hey, do you kids want a donut?” Just what I needed!

So my 5-year-old had a little breakdown when I said “no” she couldn’t have one. I started to feel really bad, but let’s just say I only said “no” because we were about to eat, and I didn’t want her to spoil her lunch (it was right before noon). I wouldn’t have given in to her fit by giving her the donut in that situation anyway. I was feeling lots of guilt though. I started second-guessing involving our kids in this whole 100 days thing. Later I asked my husband if he thought we were making a mistake and he flatly said “no, kids shouldn’t be eating donuts anyway.” (If you think I am hard core about eating healthy you should meet him!)

Oh mommy guilt is strong though, we came home and I offered to make my 5-year-old whatever she wanted for lunch. She chose “fried eggs” and whole-wheat toast with butter & jelly, and I also made a very attractive fruit kabob with all of her favorite fruits. She seemed very happy and not only cleaned her plate, but also asked for seconds…and luckily she didn’t say another word about the “donut incident”. We are going to a birthday party with more tempting treats tomorrow. I was caught off-guard today and even though I plan to be prepared tomorrow by bringing our own pizza, and our own “cake”, and our own juice boxes I have no idea what to expect. This is what moms of children with allergies do ALL OF THE TIME though so why should I feel bad about it?

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    1. mamasass |

      I hate it when people offer food to my kids. If you’d like to offer something to a child you should discreetly ask their parent! I try to use these occasions as teachable moments to talk about healthy choices, sometimes it works and sometimes it leads to melt downs. We have a difficult time at several grocery stores that give kids “treats” when they come in.

    2. |

      I’m so impressed! I’ve been a food vigilante most of our kids 10 year old lives and we do pretty well most of the time, but I just bought donuts for us tonight! Am going to hide them further in the freezer (we each only got 1) now. I get upset with schools most esp. and all their parties of junk. Fortunately, the media has brought many parents to attention on these issues so slowly everyone is coming around. I’ll keep reading and wish you all the best!

    3. Dr. Sean |

      I think I’m going to make reading your blog part of my daily online routine. I’m interested to hear all about your experiment.

    4. W Smith |

      Ha.. as I was reading along, I thought to myself that what you describe with the birthday party is exactly what I do for my 3yo, who is allergic to milk, soy and nuts, everytime we go anywhere that involves food! Then you mentioned it. lol I’m constantly telling people who react negatively to the food allergies that one HUGE plus to her allergies is that we all eat WAY less processed food b/c I’m simply cooking from scratch all the time for her and might as well cook one thing we can all eat. Kudos to you for this effort. I will be following along the rest of your journey! Wendy

      • 100 Days of Real Food |

        Kudos for you to having to make special meals forever! It is a lot of work, but at least I do know there is an end in sight (if we chose to stop bringing our own food after the 100 days). Now I know how hard it is for you moms with kids that have allergies!

    5. Sebastian Sherfey |

      I truly appreciate this blog.Thanks Again. Will read on…

    6. |

      thanks for the cool article, this helps me a lot!

    7. Kim |

      I recently, since finding your blog, begun talking more to my kids about processed food and whole healthy foods. With my four year old we use terms like “go”foods – that give you energy and help you grow and “slow” foods – sugary, processed foods that make you slow and sluggish! Just yesterday I was telling my son that because of this allergies (and his brothers) – eggs, dairy, peanut, sesame and kiwi between the two of them – we eat much healthier than lots of other people because I have to make a LOT of our foods…no choices! I make all our breads, buns, cookies etc. There are a few processed things I “can” buy, but only do that occasionally.
      I had to chuckle when you said your daughter was upset when she couldn’t have a donut and you felt guilty for telling her no…we have to do that all the time with the allergies. And, the 2 kids without allergies…they don’t usually get that stuff either (just to try and keep things fair!).
      I know this was long ago, but kudos to you!

    8. Julie |

      I just wanted to make a comment, growing up my older brother was hyper if he was a kid today I have no doubt he would be ADHD. My mom was always Health Conscious. She would try to make us real healthy meals and snacks. Some people would tease her for being a “health nut” and cutting out sugar and limiting our diets and her response always was… If my son had diabetes I would HAVE to cut out the sugar, so there is no reason, besides being lazy why I can’t do it!

      I never appreciated it as a kid, and I pretty much was jealous of all my friends and the junk their mom’s gave them! It really wasn’t until I had a daughter of my own, that I started going… I want her to be healthy and to like vegetables and enjoy eating food that is also good for her… At that point it really hit me the effort my mom put into our diets and how much guilt and pressure she must have felt when no one supported her in her efforts!

      Mommy guilt is the worst! But keep up the good work!

    9. Keri |

      Hi, I just found your page via Pinterest, and I’m loving what I am reading so far. It is almost as if I am writing this myself, lol! Back in February of this year I became aware of the dangers of store bought foods, and quickly changed my family’s eating habits. I must say, it was very tough, but I am happy every day with my decision. My kids also did fine at home, liking all of the new [mostly] organic food, and everything homemade. The hard part was, like you said, when we were out, and dealing with other people. It was [and still is] amazing to me how much candy/junk my kids were being offered on a daily basis, especially at school. They would get candy if they did there homework or got me to sign a paper, on top of having class parties with mounds of processed crap every time you turn around. Do people not realize this is why childhood obesity is increasing [that and fast food]?? The hardest thing for me was definitely attending birthday parties, and my kids [8, 7, and 3] standing there watching the other kids eat cake and ice cream. But like you, I would bring them an organic snack and juice! I had trouble at first getting them to understand why we couldn’t eat just anything anymore, but after many talks and videos, they are doing great! They bring their lunch and snack every day to school. My oldest is now more picky than me about the foods she eats! And my youngest will ask, “is it organic?”! GMOs are mainly what I try to avoid. I want food made in a kitchen, not a lab! We make the majority of our food from scratch, and buy mostly organic at the grocery. We even planted a garden and raised some chickens to get fresh eggs and veggies. Some of my friends, even my husband, think I’m a little crazy for pushing the food issue so much with the kids, but I think it is vital. All the big food corporations are all about money. They will put anything in food, slap the word “natural” on the front, and people will buy it thinking they are getting something good. That used to be me! Not anymore! Everyone should pay more attention to the ingredients in their food. Google GMO to see whats on grocery store shelves!

    10. Crystal |

      Can you please share your recipe for making Whole Wheat donuts.

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