Budget Day 49: A Short Hiatus

As we approach the halfway mark of our little project I want to announce that we are going to take a short 2-week hiatus from eating real food on a budget. The break will only be from the budget part of course, not eating real food :). Like a lot of you, we will be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with family, but once that is over we are also lucky enough to be going on a fun little trip. In honor of our 10-year-wedding anniversary my husband and I are going to escape to Argentina for a bit…sans kids!

Exploring the cuisine of a new culture is one of the many things I look forward to on a trip like this so my plan is to simply enjoy our meals rather than blog about every little detail. I’ll definitely be taking lots of pictures though, and will share some of the highlights when we return. Let’s just hope the language barrier doesn’t make it too hard to seek out the most delicious real food we can find once we are there! Upon our return, I will be picking things right back up where we left off with “Budget Day 50” on Monday, December 6. And if all goes well with preparing for our trip I may set up one or two automated little articles to be posted in my absence…although I won’t be around to answer emails or comments from those posts during our vacation. Every girl deserves a break, right?

So just to wrap things up properly here is how we finished out week 7 with only 12 cents left. It was a pretty simple week without too many purchases for once…

  • Milk: $27.97
  • Local chicken (that I put in our freezer before starting our budget): $15.00
  • Earth Fare: $81.50
  • Harris Teeter: $0.41 (a banana)

We also had a house guest this weekend so I did end up buying a couple of extra things out of our separate (and unreported) entertaining fund from the farmer’s market on Saturday morning. Some weeks I feel like I can barely feed the four of us much less provide proper meals for an extra adult! Our house guest was kind enough to treat the four of us to a nice dinner out at Rooster’s last night in return though, which was of course delicious and very much appreciated!

I should also report that we used some of our $20/week restaurant fund at the tail end of week 6 (this was week 7), which leaves us with $52.07 left in that envelope. We purchased some pre-made sushi from Earth Fare last weekend, which we took on a nice little family picnic. And oh how I love any break I can get from cooking and cleaning in our kitchen! Well, I hope everyone has an absolutely wonderful and tasty Thanksgiving holiday. We will see you on the flip side.

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    1. |

      I will totally miss your posts, but hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great trip!

    2. Jenniffer |

      Have a wonderful time in Argentina Lisa and feliz aniversario! As I’ve mentioned before, I am from Colombia, and if the people of Argentina are as hospitable as the ones in Colombia, you should have an amazing time. You will also probably be surprised to discover how many people speak English, as kids are taught from a very young age in school. Maybe you can choose your favorite recipe while you are there to teach us back here:) Buen provecho! Diviértete!

      PS. I have made 3 amazing & easy ww bread recipes in my $10 thrift store bread maker! We found one for $5 for my mom the other day so she can have fresh bread too:)

      • 100 Days of Real Food |

        Thank you!! I would love to share our favorite dish when we return…I cannot wait to discover their native cuisine (among other things). Also, I’ve officially added a breadmaker to my xmas list so hopefully I can try it soon too! You sound like quite the bargain shopper yourself :)

    3. Jenniffer |

      Oups, my bread maker was $6 not $10! :)

    4. |

      Have a good time, and congratulations on 10 years!!!

    5. Heather |

      Have a wonderful time enjoying your adventure and celebrating your anniversary!

    6. Melissa |

      Congratulations on your anniversary, and your trip! I’m excited to hear all about it!!

    7. xj |

      Argentina = awesome grass-fed beef right? Have fun!!

    8. cartoon |

      You deserve a round of applause for your post etc . specifically, your site in general. High quality material.

    9. HBohanan |

      Have a great time! I’ve always heard they have great beef there. Be sure to post after and let us know!!!

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