Budget Day 52: Back to the Grind

Okay, so I am totally still in vacation mode and was feeling way too lazy to come up with an exciting dinner plan for the week. I actually barely came up with a plan at all. My hope is since I am admitting this right up front that I will hereby be “excused” from my lack of creativity this week! My non-plan simply consists of some dinner ideas that we could make at some point over the next few days (like burritos and chili), but we are by no means committed to anything. So far we had fish for dinner with sweet potato pancakes and greens (pictured) on Tuesday night and bean/pork burritos with homemade whole-wheat tortillas tonight. Everything’s gone off without a hitch so I am pleased to admit that flying by the seat of our pants seems to be working so far. Continue Reading »

Special Report: Trip to Argentina

We made it back home safe and sound! And while it was of course nice to return to the comforts of home and reunite with our children, we very much enjoyed our time away. Argentina was such a fun place to explore especially since, as some say, the country has “its head in the tropics and its feet in the artics.” It is currently late spring there, and in the northern region we were greeted with some very warm weather and plenty of palm trees. When traveling to the south we experienced much cooler weather (along with lots of wind) and even a little bit of unseasonably late snow. The southern tip of the country is just across the water from Antarctica after all! And to complement the beautiful landscape we discovered that the people of Argentina are an absolute joy. Granted their driving skills are another story, but their personalities are among the friendliest and most helpful that we’ve ever encountered while traveling!

And traveling we did. Between visiting a colony of over a half a million penguins (in the desert), experiencing a tango show, exploring the gorgeous vineyards of the Mendoza wine region, taking part in a very unique and fun cooking class, horseback riding along a glacial lake, ice trekking on the Perito Moreno glacier, and doing lots of good ol’ people watching…it was quite the adventure! I had been craving some adventure in a far away place, and I have to say that I am feeling more than satisfied after our trip. I also felt very satisfied after having the chance to experience some tasty authentic Argentinean cuisine. The food highlight of the trip was easily the Patagonian lamb Continue Reading »