Special Announcement: Another 100-Day Real Food Pledge!

I am so excited about what we have coming up next. And part of my excitement could very well be because I am not challenging my family this time, but instead challenging you! It is no secret that we are pretty hard-core about eating real food at our house. Even though our first pledge is over we still mostly live by the same “real food rules” except for the occasional treat at a birthday party, school celebration, dinner out, or yes, even at home. And even though we’ve had almost 900 people from across the globe sign up for the “10 Days of Real Food” pledge
(following our same rules for a shorter period of time) we recognize that an “all” or “nothing” challenge is not for everyone. Which is exactly why we created this next real food challenge…100 Days of Real Food “Mini” Pledges!

So here’s how it is going to work. Rather than asking you to cut out all of your sugar, refined grains, and other junk food at the same time, we will tackle a different area each week. Every Friday I will announce the real food pledge for the following week, and depending on where you are coming from you can join in for only one meal, one day, or hopefully, the entire week. Each pledge will start the Monday after it is announced so everyone will have time over the weekend to food shop and meal plan. The whole point is to get you reading ingredient labels, thinking, and feeling comfortable with the “real food” alternatives. We will tackle everything from sweeteners to whole grains to beverages…and don’t you worry because I will not leave anyone hanging. Along with the weekly pledge announcement I will be sure to provide plenty of meal ideas and easy recipes to help you along the way.

To sign up for these challenges you will simply pledge to join us by leaving a comment at the bottom of each new weekly post. And don’t do this just for yourself. If you have kids, spouses, partners, or roommates…please bring them along for the ride! There is no better motivation than accountability from a friend or family member. So starting this Friday be on the lookout for the first weekly pledge announcement, and then on Monday (a week from today) the games will begin!

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    1. Yvonne Frey |

      I missed out on mini pledge week beginning with week #1. Where can I start over? I cannot find on website where this is located.

      Thank you. I am looking forward to positive life changes.

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