slice and bake cheese crackers

slice and bake cheese crackers

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    I have these baking as I type and if they taste half as good as they smell then I doubt they will be around for very long. I do have two suggestions for anyone who is struggling to get the dough to come together. The first is do not use pre-grated cheese. The ant-caking/clumping agents and the “hang time” is going to make the cheese too dry for this application. The second is patience. It could conceivably take up to five minutes in the food processor (depending on the power of the machine) for the dough to come together. Just let it go and it will produce the results you need. Just the rotation of the blades helps warm the butter and the cheese enough to form a cohesive ball. More then likely if your results are “sandy” or “dry” you haven’t let the machine go long enough. The dough is quite easy to work with – I rolled it into a log and then wrapped it in wax paper and chilled for about an hour to make it easy to slice.

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