Giveaway: Two 6-Month Meal Plans from “The Fresh 20”

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Two Four 6-Month Meal Plan Winners Announced!*

  1. “Lorna W.”
  2. “Jennifer”
  3. “Trish Barton”
  4. “Sharon”

*If you think you might be one of these winners check your email because you will be receiving the prize details shortly.


A few months ago I introduced one of our wonderful sponsors, The Fresh 20. They offer a subscription service with weekly menu plans made entirely from fresh ingredients. Nothing’s processed. Nothing’s frozen. It’s just 20 fresh ingredients used to create 5 delicious and simple weeknight dinners. And today they are generously giving away 6-month subscriptions to TWO lucky winners!

It’s a lot of work to come up with healthy, easy, appetizing dinners every night so if you haven’t been feeling inspired lately, consider letting The Fresh 20 do the work for you. They offer “classic,” “gluten-free,” and “vegetarian” meal plans at only $5 a month! Check out their website for more info at

Giveaway: TWO 6-month menu plan subscriptions from the “The Fresh 20” valued at $30 each

Weekly menus from “The Fresh 20” include:

  • Recipes for complete meals including sides
  • Variety of cuisines to eliminate dinner boredom
  • Seasonal ingredients
  • Simple “classic,” “gluten free” and “vegetarian” options
  • Weekly prep guides to help you get organized
  • Complete shopping list of fresh ingredients, nothing processed, no preservatives
  • 5 weeknight dinners for around $75. That’s $3.75 per meal!
  • Custom recipes each week
  • Balanced nutrition
  • Recipes that feed 4 adults OR 2 adults and 2 children with leftovers

How to Enter:

To enter the contest please read and follow these rules…

  1. The contest is open to readers worldwide.
  2. To enter the contest, please leave a comment below sharing why you want to try “The Fresh 20” or if you are already one of their subscribers tell us what you like about it!
  3. Only one entry is allowed per person UNLESS you follow “The Fresh 20” on Facebook. If you are one of their Facebook fans (or become one) you are allowed two entries! You can just say that you “follow” on your second entry.
  4. The contest will end at midnight EST on Sunday, August 28.
  5. Two winners will be selected at random and announced on both the “100 Days of Real Food” Twitter and Facebook pages (as well as emailed directly so make sure your address is entered correctly in your comment below!). Each winner will have 3 days to respond before they are disqualified, and a new winner is chosen.

Please note: Your email address will not be shared or used for any other purpose.

Good Luck!



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1,810 comments to Giveaway: Two 6-Month Meal Plans from “The Fresh 20”

  • JoAnna Courtenay

    like on facebook, check out their pg they have a ton of ideas, looks really good

  • Roxanne

    I love that you say that after eating fresh, organic foods processed food does not taste as tasty as it did before. I agree. When we lived in Italy, shopped mostly from the local shop owners and markets. We did not rely on the military Commissary for our perishable items. When we returned to the States my husband and I had a hard time adjusting back to the way we shopped before. At that point, I decided to start shopping organic and locally grown as much as possible. We don’t always have the option or the budget but when we do it makes a difference.

  • Amie

    I just subscribed because I want to feed my family healthy foods that are quick and easy and will get eaten!

  • Darcy

    What a great idea! I am a single woman and I need some inspiration for healthy meals! I could really use “The Fresh 20″–I live in a very rural town with a limited food budget and a desire to eat healthy!

  • Stacy

    I want to prepare and cook healthier foods for me and my husband. We are both overweight and it’s due to eating out ALOT (every meal), making processed box foods and not excercising. Well, we have cut down on the eating out and have started excercising but the processed food bit is still hard because it’s so quick and easy to make after working 9 hours. I don’t know how to plan meals and when I do buy fresh it goes bad before I decide how to cook it. I’m wasting money. I need help PLEASE!

  • Darcy

    “Follow” on Facebook

  • Shellie

    I work full time and have a five year old daughter who is a very finicky eater. It is so difficult to plan and create healthy meals that she will like. She loves fruit and veggies but I am at a loss as to how to make them fun and different at dinner time without having to spend two hours in the kitchen. I also suffer migraines and have had to cut out sugar and gluten from my diet so that has been a struggle as well. Would love some fresh ideas!

  • Chris

    My wife recently quit her job to go back to school full time. I took a second job to make ends meet and this has left little time to plan meals. This service would be a huge help keeping us on track!

  • Tinasha

    Been wanting to feed my family healthier more natural foods, would love to try out a service that lays the menus out for me. Give me a nice beginning!

  • Amie

    I have numerous medical conditions that often leave me extremely fatigued. I’m looking for easier ways to prepare foods that don’t contribute to my condition (like gluten) and that don’t sap what little energy I have when preparing them.

  • Shellie

    I follow The Fresh 20 on Facebook :)

  • Amy Courtemanche

    I have been really trying to change my eating habits when it comes to processed foods. I have a huge interest in cooking and baking and that has naturally driven me to using whole foods and less processed. I recently had our first child and that has given me an added incentive to change our eating habits as I want her to be healthy and raised on healthy appropriate foods (especially with the crazy high incidence of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc etc these days). I want to to start her off on the right food as I know that will shape her eating habits for the rest of her life. I think “the Fresh 20″ would be a great tool in this change we are trying to make!

  • Tinasha

    Just added Fresh 20 on FB! :)

  • Kara

    I’m excited about trying “The Fresh 20″. I’ve been trying to transition my family from cheap processed food/meals to healthy fresh meals while still keeping the flavor and satisfaction. Thanks!

  • Kara

    I LIKE “The Fresh 20″ on FB!

  • Amy Courtemanche


  • Tammy

    My family and I have been trying a vegetarian diet for about 1.5 years now, and in the last year have been trying to switch to all organic products. From shampoo to cleaning supplies. We go to the farmers market and buy organic fruits and vegetables, but will be limited once the farmers market stop. Our grocery stores are starting to offer more organic options, but sometimes are very very expensive. I haven’t used sugar in my baking for two years now and my kids enjoy muffins, cookies and cupcakes made with either xylitol or agave nectar and spelt flour. I looked up many vegetarian gluten free recipes but we are all starting to get bored of the same old recipes. Would definately love help with finding new recipes and budget ideas!

  • Lori Q

    I would love to try new fresh recipies. We live in a very rural area so fresh anything is sometimes hard to come by- I am always looking for new recipes without all the processed food.

  • Sharon Drake

    I already belong to a similar service and I like the convienience but I feel that the Fresh 20 would be a healthier option.

  • Holly

    Would be so helpful and cut down on the “what’s for dinner?” question. Thanks.

  • Zach

    having the meal plans would make transitioning over much easier and more successful from the get go. I would love to have them and implement them as a family and get us all switched over to have MUCH healthier lives.

  • Chiquita Dent


    I am interested in adopting a helthier lyfestyle for me and my family. I try really hard but I have a six year old who is entized at school and other activities to eat unhealthly. Please pick us so that we can join the heathly “Fresh 20″ revolution!
    Chiquita Dent

  • Sarah Hillard


    I have a son with a lot of behaviorial problems; I attribute our diet that was previously full of processed and artificial foods. I know how a 19 month old and we are trying to live a healthier lifestyle full of fresh and organic foods. Thank you!

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