Special Offer: Lunchbox Meal Plans from The Fresh 20!

I don’t know about you, but at this point in the school year I feel a lunch rut coming on. It can be a challenge to come up with real, portable, creative (and for my daughter’s school – nut-free) ideas for the lunchbox every single day! If you feel like you could use some “fresh” inspiration at this point as well then I have the perfect solution for you. One of our long-time sponsors, The Fresh 20, has expanded their dinner plan offerings to now include lunch! And aside from getting their 6-week lunch plan package The Fresh 20 has put together the cutest little lunch e-book that contains lots of “getting started” tips as well.

Now feel free to visit their website to purchase this package OR you can buy it here and get something extra for free. :) I just love getting the best deals for you guys! As a special bonus “The Fresh 20” is going to offer our readers 3 weeks of FREE dinner plans when they order the 6-week lunch plan package. Don’t forget this means they’re doing all the work for you (including making out the shopping lists) and it’s all “real food.” So just to recap:

 What you’ll get from The Fresh 20:

  • 6 weeks of “real food” lunch plans
  • Mini lunch e-book that includes both lunch and snack tips
  • 3 weeks of dinner plans for free

Cost: $10

Timing: Offer expires Friday, February 3

Purchase link: Fresh20

Sample Lunch Menu: http://tinyurl.com/7vehocb




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    1. Tiffany |

      I love this site :)
      I already subscribed to both the dinner & lunch, it’s awesome!

    2. Netty |

      I’m SO excited about this…I don’t think that I can send another PBJ sandwich in my kids lunch. I REALLY needed some new ideas.

      Thanks so much…I LOVE YOUR SITE:)

    3. karen Walker |

      How can I take a sneak peak to see if these are foods my family will eat? We are vegetarians that are making the move to veganism. I am worried that it will be full of meaty ideas, but could definitely use some inspiration. Thanks!

    4. Penny |

      Is it 3 weeks of plans or 3 individual dinners? I purchased the Deliciously Organic deal (some of the recipes will work great with my local delivery of produce!) Really thinking this might help get something better in my daughter’s school lunch and maybe into a picky 3 year old. On another note, trying the Whole Chicken in a crock pot today and plan on making the stock, too, can’t wait!

      • 100 Days of Real Food |

        It’s 3 weeks of dinner plans (5 dinners per week). And sounds like you are doing great so far!!

    5. Amber Massengill |

      Karen — I just ordered it and it has a vegetarian option on the shopping list. So it subs meats for veg options. Pretty cool!

    6. Traci McClaury |

      I am not currently a member of The Fresh 20, but I saw this post about the lunch ideas and decided to give it a try. I followed the link, purchased the $10 package and now it won’t let me access anything until I become a member, which means paying their monthly or yearly fee. Nothing was said in your post or on their website about needing to be a member to take advantage of this offer…unless I missed it. Just an FYI to maybe give people a heads up about this. I’m very interested in the offer, but $ is tight right now for signing up for any more sites.

      • 100 Days of Real Food |

        Traci – It sounds like there was an error or you somehow ended up on the wrong page. For $10 only you get all the meal plans (and e-book) mentioned…no additional membership required. I will contact them to get you to the right spot asap!

        • Traci McClaury |

          WOW, thanks for responding so fast! I also already heard from Melissa at The Fresh 20. What I missed was that the confirmation e-mail had a password included in it. So now everything is working fine. I appreciate your help and look forward to trying more healthy recipes!

    7. Carrie |

      I love the Fresh 20! I have both their dinner and lunch plans, and our meals have gotten so much better lately! We had their chicken enchiladas last night. YUM! Plus, I like that I have some different ideas for lunches.

      Karen, you can get vegetarian dinner plans. The lunch plans have at least one day that is completely no meat and they give you ideas for how to make the other meals meatless. If you are moving to veganism, it may be a little harder, but most of the meals are ones you can adapt. They have lots of plant based foods.

    8. Stephanie |

      I found your site through a link on pinterest last night and I have been obsessively reading it ever since, trying to soak in every last detail I need to know. I’ve been gradually making the switch to eating organically and providing my family with healthy foods, but this site is just so overwhelming. I feel like crying! I was up all night last night and here I am again, not able to sleep because I am so distraught. How did the world get this way, and why does it have to be like this?? I just want to be able to provide the best for my kids and I feel as though the most important thing (what they’re eating) is the hardest to come by, when it should be so simple! They are only 4 and 2, I hope I haven’t damaged them enough already and they will make it easy on me to make this complete transition to real foods . I am very disgusted with our world right now… Maybe I am also jealous that I honestly don’t have the money (or time, working full time and attending nursing school full time!) right now to be able to do this 100%. Which means this is putting a huge strain on me, but I feel as though every day counts, every processed food that goes into my kids mouths is physically hurting them and this is going to cause major mom guilt on my part! Its just too much to handle. Sorry, it is almost 3am and I needed to vent! Thanks for this WONDERFUL site :)

      • 100 Days of Real Food |

        I was also very overwhelmed when we first started transitioning away from processed food! It is difficult at first, but I promise over time it will become your “new normal.” Just focus on taking baby steps because extra stress certainly won’t make the transition any easier! I know easier said than done :) Hopefully you saw my 7-day family meal plans (on facebook) because they are designed for working parents with advice on what to make in advance over the weekend.

    9. suzanne |

      FYI, I just sent the Fresh 20 an email. I signed up yesterday and can only access the 1/20 classic meal plan not the classic 1/27 meal plan. However, I do see for the 1/20 meal plan, I can access only the meal plans that were sent in an email 1/20 Classic, 12/16 Gluten Free and 1/13 Veg. I was hoping to sample the 3 weeks of the classic meal plans. Am I doing something wrong?
      We greatly appreciate this site.

      • suzanne |

        Fresh 20 was excellant getting back to me. It is three different meal plan weeks to try – one of each classic, gluten ad Veg., not three classics. Thanks.

    10. Katie Wilson |

      I also purchased the $10 deal and dont know how to access the plans. I am not a member of the Fresh 20. What do I need to do? Thanks for your help!

      • |

        We have sent an email explaining how to change the name and email on the account. Accounts are set up using PayPal information. Drop us a note and we will take care of the change right away.

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