A Week with the Leakes: Breakfast

As I shared on facebook last week we’ve been working on a project where we record and photograph every single thing our family eats for a week. I’ve been posting a lot of our kids’ lunches lately, and it’s provoked some readers to ask…”Well, what do you eat?” So it was a lot of work and sometimes hard to delay taking that first bite until we took the picture, but we figured we would just share it all! And what we ended up with were a ton of photos so I am breaking up the results into four posts: breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner/dessert.

Now, based on some of the feedback I’ve gotten when I share school lunches on facebook I feel as though I need to preface these posts with a disclaimer:

These meals are just a brief snapshot of our lives, and while I am sure some will feel we ate too much of X and not enough of Y, please know that we do not claim to be perfect (who is?). We simply do our best to eat a wide variety of satisfying whole foods while also only eating enough in order to feel full. In most cases we took pictures of our plates before we started eating and sometimes it was the right amount of food, but other times it was too much or too little. We didn’t prepare a special meal plan for the project, we just captured what happened.  And I’d also like to add that it’s much easier to make judgments about one’s eating habits when you see their meal photos all laid out on one page like this (while you are NOT simultaneously trying to race out the door to school or work or after school activities)!

So in summary, this is a typical week at our house and while we are always open to suggestions and feedback we ask that you please be respectful in the comments as we put ourselves out there like this. As always, our mission is to share our personal experiences to hopefully inspire other busy families to eat more real food. :)

I would also like to mention that most of what we buy is organic including everything from produce to grains to dairy so rather than me saying “organic” over and over a hundred times please just assume that most everything you see is organic.

A Week with the Leakes: Breakfast

Sunday Family Breakfast: Scrambled local eggs, local strawberries, organic bacon, homemade granola chunks, and water to drink.

Most Mornings with/after Breakfast: I had a maple mocha 5 out of 7 days after breakfast and my husband had one cup of coffee with milk (no sweetener) most mornings at work. He also had herbal tea a few mornings instead of coffee.

Kid Breakfast Most Weekday Mornings: A homemade granola cereal and puffed whole-wheat cereal mix (1-ingredient store bought cereal – we usually get puffed brown rice, but it was sold out), bananas, and whole milk.

Weekday Breakfast for both Lisa and Jason (most days): Homemade granola with fresh berries (in the winter we use frozen berries), whole milk, and a glass of water. We eat the same thing most weekdays and like it. :)

Morning Snack for our First Grader: She’s the only one in the family who typically has an AM snack and it’s almost always oatmeal (by request) made with whole milk and topped with a drizzle of honey, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and raisins. She brings it to school in the pictured thermos to keep it warm until snack time.

Another Version of the Weekday Kid Breakfast: Homemade granola cereal mixed with a shredded wheat “biscuit” (Barbara’s brand), fresh berries, and whole milk.

Wednesday Breakfast for Jason: He was running late for work so he grabbed a banana, a Lara Bar, and some water before heading out the door.

Thursday Breakfast for our Preschooler: Our younger daughter doesn’t start until 9 A.M. so there is a little more time for something special…here she had plain whole-milk yogurt mixed with homemade berry sauce topped with granola and bananas.

Friday Breakfast for Jason and our Preschooler: No preschool on Fridays (and my husband happened to take that day off of work) so there was plenty of time to make oatmeal with whole milk, raisins, a drizzle of honey, a touch of vanilla, and a dash of cinnamon for them. I still had granola with whole milk and berries.

Saturday Family Breakfast: Whole-wheat banana pancakes (our 7-year-old made them on the griddle by herself…hence all the odd shapes!) with local strawberries, a little pure maple syrup, and water to drink.

Stay tuned for the lunch and dinner version of this series!


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      Great post! I’ve got to hunt down some of those shredded wheat biscuits. :) We like Post Shredded Wheat and Bran which is two ingredients. I can get it with coupons, and it tastes great with little honey for breakfast OR for snack, dipped in a little mustard.

      • 100 Days of Real Food |

        Dipped in mustard? Who would have thought!

    2. Alyssa |

      love this post!

    3. |

      I appreciate the ideas and love to see how others eat!

    4. Maria |

      Thank you for doing this!! I love that you keep it simple, and really appreciate the ideas I’m getting. Thanks a million!

    5. Jessica |

      This is so great! I was actually going to e-mail you and ask if you would consider doing this exact project as a blog post in the future. So glad to see it…thanks!

    6. Tracey |

      Looks great!! I really struggle with breakfast but you’ve made it look fantastic and easy! Truly an encouragment…thanks for posting it! =)

    7. Virginia |

      Did you see that The Fresh 20 was the AshvIlle, NC groupon (and is still available)

      • 100 Days of Real Food |

        I didn’t…great service they offer!

    8. amy |

      oh my gosh it all looks so yummy! more more!

    9. |

      Seeing pictures makes it seem so much more doable, in my opinion. Not to mention it all looks so very good!

    10. Coach Kelly |

      Thank you for sharing! I sincerely appreciate it. I just blogged my food journal the last 3 weeks and completely understand the anxiety over putting yourself out there! Thanks again! You have been a great inspiration to me and my family.

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