“Real Food” Photo Dump

I took more photos than usual this week, so rather than clogging up everyone’s Facebook news feed I thought I’d publish the pics here in my first ever “photo dump” blog post. So here are some observations and things I’d like to share from our week….

  • This week both of my daughters attended their last dance class for the year, and all year long the pictured candy (below) was given out to students at the end of each and every class. At the beginning of the year I asked if there were any alternatives to the candy, and they said they would give my daughters stickers instead (which let’s face it…usually end up in the garbage pretty quickly). My daughters complained a couple of times about wanting the candy, but overall it was not a big deal because the complaints were far and few between and were thankfully always very short-lived.
    Here’s my question though…since when do we need to “reward” children with candy for attending a weekly class that frankly I think is a privilege in the first place? Last time I checked dance class (plus the shoes, leotards, costumes, etc.) is not cheap, plus it takes time to get there and back every week, so why isn’t the opportunity to simply participate reward enough? And for a place that’s promoting exercise isn’t it odd they would choose to handout Tootsie Frooties, which are basically sugar, corn syrup, and artificial additives (in the form of flavors and dyes)?

  • Speaking of my girls they are out of school for the summer (yay!), and it didn’t take me long to put my 7-year-old to work. Here she is making whole-wheat French toast for our breakfast. I hope others use the summer as an opportunity to get their kids in the kitchen more…it’s a great way to encourage them to eat real food!
  • At that same breakfast we were in the mood for a peanut butter and jelly smoothie, but I didn’t think we could make it because we were out of bananas. But then I remembered we had some frozen bananas that I threw in the freezer a few weeks ago (before they got too overly ripe). I sometimes save frozen bananas to make banana ice cream, but I don’t usually use them in smoothies. I must report that the end result was like smoothie ice cream, which we dubbed “breakfast ice cream” …it was DELICIOUS!! I love it when good things in the kitchen happen by accident.
  • We went to Trader Joe’s this week to stock up on some staples, and I just had to share that their coconut oil is only $5.99 a jar. It’s close to $10 at Earth Fare (where I normally shop) so I bought three while I was there. :)
  • While we were at Trader Joe’s I also stocked up on their whole-wheat pitas that we love (only 6 ingredients and 100% whole-grain!), and with Great Harvest Bread right next door we bought some honey whole-wheat bread as well. I like to stock up on stuff like this when I have the chance because it freezes beautifully…here’s my stash ready for the freezer which should last us several weeks!
  • While we were at Great Harvest I couldn’t help but notice they offer little homemade whole-wheat dog bones…how cute is that! We don’t have any pets so I never pay attention to dog or cat food, but I can imagine the mainstream stuff has gotta be pretty junky so I thought this was a cool idea.
  • We’ve been obsessing over a yummy sandwich combo at our house this week…it’s nothing “new” we just haven’t had it in a very long time so it tasted extra good for some reason. It’s just hummus, Havarti cheese, and raw spinach leaves (on that yummy Great Harvest bread we bought!). And I have to share that as I was making one of these sandwiches for my 5-year-old she said “Mom, I don’t like…” and my heart sank a little because I thought she was going to say “spinach” (it took MANY months for her to finally like spinach so I thought she was just changing her mind as kids often do). BUT she said “I don’t like the stems” …whew! I happily picked off every last stem for her so she could eat her stem-less spinach sandwich. It’s amazing how it can take a great deal of time and effort to win over your picky eater, but then one day it finally pays off!
  • And last, but certainly not least! A store here in Charlotte called Try Sports invited me to come speak at an event earlier this week, which gave me the opportunity to meet and interact with some of the blog readers. Here I am at the end of the night with a few of those that were there. A big thank you to everyone who came!



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    1. Jill Toney |

      Why would kids even think they NEED a reward after class? This idea only comes from adults creating this routine. I remember being “snack family” for my elementary soccer team as a child. Each week were supposed to bring soda and cookies to help us recharge after the game!! Yuck! I am 32, I would like to think we have made some progress in the nutrition dept!

    2. Sarah |

      Oh my goodness, thank you thank you thank you. I am an executive director at a recreational facility. In my service at this particular one (2 years now), I enforced a no rewards rule. When I first arrived we were giving kids candy, stickers, prizes every time I turned I around. For what you ask? For coming to dance class, tumbling, basketball practice, etc. When I did this parents were up in up-roar. WHAT? NO CANDY? NO STICKERS? Shouldn’t the reward be the amazing feeling you get from being active, the friends you make, the skill you master? Thank you for being appreciative of that.

    3. |

      I feel that it’s important to point out: wheat and grains are unnecessary and even damaging to a dog’s (or cat’s) health. People who make those kinds of “treats” for dogs are well-meaning, but applying a diet they believe is appropriate for humans to a dog. Feeding a dog grains can result in behavioral problems, weight problems, poor dental health, and diabetes.

    4. |

      Girl, I feel ya with the junk rewards. It’s just over the top!
      My kids get “rewarded” at school by getting Smarties when they do something good, Twizzlers after Bible club, cookies after Daisy meetings, holiday parties, at the bank, at church, etc, etc, etc. No wonder we are a OBESE country!
      I even volunteered today at my sons class and I come in at their afternoon snack time. I didn’t see one acceptable snack except what my son was eating out of 18 kids. It was all junk. It’s nuts!
      My mom says that I am too hard and that I need to “just let them be kids” since I do such a good job at home. But it seems that it is no longer a once in awhile treat being offered, but every day there is something new. I hate being the “bad guy” but it has to just stop.

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