“Real Food” Photo Dump II

I once again took too many photos this week to share them all on my Facebook wall, so here’s my second ever “real food” photo dump for the week!

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So anyway…back to my musings of the week!

  • I love going to the grocery store and looking at food products. It’s especially fun to read the ingredients on items I haven’t previously researched. Call me crazy, but I think this thought-provoking activity is actually kind of fun. :) But sometimes it leaves me scratching my head. I completely understand why some choose to go vegetarian or vegan, but what I don’t understand is replacing meat with highly processed imitation meat products. If you want to be a vegetarian why not just stick with vegetables, fruit, whole grains, etc? Just curious…

  • It’s no secret that I like to pick on Veggie Sticks, and the sample bag I carry around when giving presentations is made by EatSmart Naturals. But right as we entered the grocery store the other day there was a huge display of a different brand of Veggie Stix (with an “x”) with statements all over the bag including “All Natural,” “Kid Kritics Approved,” and “Good Health Natural Foods.” There was also a row of pictures across the front showing vegetables like radishes, carrots, broccoli, and spinach. The thing is, based on the ingredient list, this product contains more oil and salt than any of the colorful vegetables that are pictured. And just like the Veggie Stick version what this product contains the most of is potato, which is then deep fried in oil. Last time I checked French fries were made by deep frying potatoes in oil, but I suppose some consider fries to be vegetables as well. Sure, this product doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients and it does have trace amounts of some real vegetables (I suppose that’s a plus), but please do me a favor and don’t be fooled into thinking this is a replacement for chomping on a piece of fresh broccoli.

  • One of the more pleasing things I saw at the store was organic South Carolina peaches! For those who are local to Charlotte, these are the same peaches they have at the Atherton Farmers’ Market and now I know they’re also available at Earth Fare in South Park. This is my first year slicing and freezing ripe peaches so we don’t have to wait all the way until next peach season to have some of these tasty summer treats again.

  • I also bought something at the store that I’ve never purchased before…Burrata! I am already a lover of fresh mozzarella cheese so I was intrigued when I first heard of Burrata in L.A. last year. It was awesome when I tried it on my trip, but then I honestly kind of forgot about it. So I was excited to unexpectedly come across some at the store this week, which means I of course had to buy it. Anyone else already know about this yummy stuff?

  • I took my girls to the children’s library downtown the other day and right next door (in the new 7th Street Market) is a new “farm to fork” pizzeria called Pure Pizza. Not only do they source local farms for many of their products, but they also offer a sprouted (whole) grain crust…score! Pictured in front is my smoked pork pizza topped with a “special sauce” (made in house) and a purple cole slaw. They give you honey on the side to dip your crust in. I brought home the leftovers and my husband devoured them…yum!

  • I made this lunch for my 7-year-old and I took a picture because I *thought* she would just love it. The sandwich had hummus, cheese, and carrots, the crackers were “new” (to us) and made from brown rice, the peaches are one of her favorite fruits, and she had multiple helpings of the quinoa salad the night before. Now can someone please explain to me how a child can suddenly not like the very same dish she had three helpings of the night before? She devoured all the other lunch items (like I predicted), but barely touched the quinoa salad and said she didn’t like it anymore. Well kids certainly do a good job of keep us parents on our toes with stuff like this! LOL

  • Lastly, I had to share that the same daughter had been begging me for weeks to make her a wizard robe. Yep, that’s our daughter…not exactly the “princess and tiara” type like our younger daughter. I was excited to finally find some time to grant her wizard robe wish. She wore this robe almost exclusively for the first couple of days so I was happy my efforts didn’t go to waste (remember how quickly I said she can change her mind about the food she likes!?). Anyway, just had to share. :) Next she has her eyes on some pointy wizard shoe project…she cracks me up.

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    1. Jenise |

      Ugh – my 6-1/2 year old tells me all the time that his taste buds change. Tonight we made quiche with whole wheat crust, eggs, cheese and spinach (which he likes). He took a bite and said “yummy!” He asked for seconds. Then he started pulling the crust off and leaving the middle and said the egg cheese part tasted yucky now. I made him eat one large bite that he had left (for the protein), and he acted like he was going to gag. So sometimes, their taste buds change in the very same meal!

    2. Andrea |

      I eat them. Some are gross and some are pretty good. But I am vegetarian for ethical reasons, not really for health reasons. It’s not all about me in this life. The unfortunate thing is that I was “trained” on meat. My parents gave it to me as a child and developed a taste for it, before being able to choose for myself. So it’s a challange to not want to eat meat. I don’t but I have the taste for it. I know way too many people who refuse to compromise one bit of their desires to consider or even open their eyes to the suffering of the animals. They believe their “wants” for meat are actually “needs”. People are trained into believing they need a ridiculous amount of animal product to survive and turn off their ration brain in order to let the dominant paradigm decide for them. I have found that many people prefer not to challenge themselves in life too much if it compromises their personal comfort. So, yes, I eat the processed faux meat products sometimes, if I had more time in my day, I would love to make more often meaty things from my own grains, beans etc.

    3. Lora Reynolds |

      I eat a whole plant food diet 80-90% of my calories a day. If I do want a burger I make my own with black beans and quinoa. Since I have hypothyroidism, I avoid soy products and most of the fake stuff contains soy. It is so easy to make your own products. I make a batch and freeze the rest for another day (and really it takes no time at all). And if I do want some meat I just keep it really small.

    4. Mindi |

      Where did you find Burrata? EarthFare? I had it twice over the weekend while we were on vacation and it was DELICIOUS!!

      • Lisa |

        Yes, Earth Fare…near the specialty cheeses!

    5. Kristy |

      As a vegetarian for over 17 years I can tell you why I eat the processed foods sometimes, there 2 main reasons for me.

      1. Beans and lentils etc. can very boring and having a different type of protein is nice for a change even if it is processed.
      2. If you are going to a party or bbq it is nice to have a “burger” or whatever with everyone else as well. I know you can make homemade burgers but some time you just need to grab the soy patty.

      Eating it all the time is not great, cause it is processed to hell and back but sometimes you just need a break from beans or at least I do!


    6. Stacy |

      Can I ask what you/others are paying for organic peaches? Having a hard time finding any I would deem reasonably priced.

      • Assistant to 100 Days (Jill) |

        Stacy – I wish I could tell you what I just paid, I bought some over the weekend, but, I honestly do not remember. Maybe someone else will weigh in. Jill

    7. |

      We just went vegetarian about a month ago. When we discussed our decision, I was very adamant that this did not mean we were going to run out and buy every “tofurkey” “bac-un” etc, product available. It was going to be REAL food. Especially because I have thyroid disease, and soy is not a great idea in that case (in moderation it’s ok, as with most foods). We have had tofu twice and that’s it. We get our protein from organic dairy, local eggs, nuts, grains and vegetables.

      I get it though! IT’s NO better than junk food with some of those additives!

    8. Vandana |

      Love your blog! Thanks for the info. I am making olive ‘flatbread’ that calls for burata. Now I know where to find it.

    9. Alyssa |

      My daughter has recently decided she doesn’t like quinoa either!! Actually, she had decided to really not like anything. She wants to go to grandma’s house and eat there, mac & cheese (from a box, yuck!) and canned soups!! I’m going to use the pictures on this site to try to entice her to each something better! Wish me luck!!

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