85 Snack Ideas for Kids (and Adults)!

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If you’re in a rut here are some snack ideas for inspiration. Please leave any additional suggestions in the comments below…

Fruits and Vegetables…

  1. Apple (good with peanut butter)
  2. Banana (good with peanut butter)
  3. Carrots (good with hummus or ranch dip)
  4. Celery (good with peanut butter and raisins a.k.a. “Ants on a Log”)
  5. Mango
  6. Pear
  7. Grapes
  8. Strawberries (good with yogurt)
  9. Blueberries (good with yogurt)
  10. Raspberries (good with yogurt)
  11. Oranges
  12. Peaches (good with yogurt)
  13. Plums
  14. Kiwi
  15. Grapefruit
  16. Avocado (good with soy sauce and brown rice)
  17. Pineapple
  18. Papaya
  19. Star Fruit
  20. Figs (good with goat cheese)
  21. Honeydew Melon
  22. Cantaloupe
  23. Watermelon
  24. Cherries
  25. Edamame (good with soy sauce)
  26. Raw Sugar Snap Peas (good with hummus)
  27. Cooked Green Beans
  28. Mashed Sweet Potato (good with butter and cinnamon)
  29. Raw Sliced Bell Peppers (good with hummus or ranch dip)
  30. Cucumber Slices (good with ranch dip)
  31. Jicama
  32. Cherry Tomatoes (good with ranch dip)
  33. Cooked Snow Peas
  34. Frozen Peas (frozen…no cooking necessary!)
  35. Raw Cauliflower
  36. Raw Broccoli (good with ranch dip)
  37. Applesauce
  38. Unsweetened Raisins
  39. Fruit Leathers
  40. Freeze Dried Fruit (like mango, banana, blueberries or strawberries)
  41. Dried Apple Rings
  42. Canned Fruit like Mandarin Oranges (Native Forest brand does not use sugary syrups in their cans)
  43. Olives


  44. Whole Grain Crackers (like Triscuits, Multi-Seed, Ak-Mak, Whole-Wheat Matzos, Brown Rice Crackers/Snaps, Whole-Grain Rye Crackers topped with cheese, peanut butter, or a cream cheese and jelly combo)
  45. Popcorn (make it using “The Popcorn Trick”)
  46. Oatmeal (served warm in a Thermos if sending to school)
  47. Shredded Wheat (look for brands that contain 1-ingredients)
  48. Arrowhead Mills Puffed Whole Grain Cereal (corn, brown rice, wheat or millet variety)
  49. Brown Rice Cakes
  50. Whole-Wheat Pretzels
  51. Whole-Grain Toast
  52. Small, Cooked Whole-Grain Noodles

    Nuts and Seeds…

  53. Larabars
  54. Peanuts
  55. Cashews
  56. Almonds
  57. Pecans
  58. Walnuts
  59. Pine Nuts (they are good lightly toasted)
  60. Pistachios
  61. Sesame Seeds
  62. Pumpkin Seeds
  63. Nut Trail Mix including Dried Fruit


  64. Hard-Boiled Eggs
  65. Garbanzo Beans
  66. Cheese (cubes or sticks…with or without crackers)
  67. Plain Yogurt (flavored with a little honey or maple syrup and vanilla extract)
  68. Organic and/or Local Bacon


  69. Homemade Granola Bars
  70. Homemade “Larabars”
  71. Whole-Wheat Toaster Pastries (a.k.a. Pop Tarts!)
  72. Smoothies or Smoothie Pops
  73. Whole-Wheat Banana Bread
  74. Zucchini Chips
  75. Whole-Wheat Zucchini Bread (made into muffins)
  76. Whole-Wheat Pumpkin Bread (made into muffins)
  77. Whole-Grain Cornbread (made into muffins)
  78. Whole-Wheat Berry Muffins
  79. Pecan Maple Breakfast Cookies
  80. Easy Cheesy Crackers
  81. Kale Chips
  82. Homemade Powerballs
  83. Whole-Wheat Biscuits (good with butter and jelly) or Buttermilk Cheese Biscuits
  84. Cinnamon Glazed Popcorn
  85. Whole-Wheat “Baked” Donuts

For even more homemade snack ideas be sure to check out the “Healthy Snacks To Go” e-book from Kitchen Stewardship!



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293 comments to 85 Snack Ideas for Kids (and Adults)!

  • Pattie

    I am so very happy to have found this blog and website!!!! I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am!! God created our food to be eaten naturally and I am so happy to see that you have taken the initiative to blog about it. I am happy to take the 10-day challenge and am looking forward to all these wonderful recipe’s and ideas!!! Thanks you! Thank you! Thank you!!! :)

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  • Paula

    Don’t forget, as an alternative to Peanut Butter, cream cheese works well on celery with raisins

  • liz vivian

    I really dont know why you need to alter the fruit and veggies with ranch dressings and
    Such. We need to teach our babies t to eat fresh and natural foods. My four old great grand daughter loves fresh veggies and fruit. No additavies for her,,,

  • Megan

    My kids love frozen berries – no sugar added, not thawed, blended, pureed or served with anything… just frozen whole berries. And it is true… not everything needs to be served with dips & sauces! Not all nuts need to be salted or roasted wither raw unroasted almonds and cashews with some dried fruit is far better then premade trail mix and has many more health benefits and is easier to digest as well!

  • Leah

    Why do you people feel the need to criticize someone trying to help others with ideas. All of the suggestions are that, suggestions, if you don’t like something than just don’t make or serve it. I am one of the millions of moms out there who have been serving my kids processed junk since they were off baby food, thus ruining the diet completely. If someone out there is trying to help people like me to get their kids on real food, just thank them. So, thank you for the above ideas. There are people who appreciate it, and will not criticize your suggestions. Those who are judging and condescending can move on please.

    • Leah

      No joke! I totally agree. There’s always someone who’s doing better and worse than you at everything, so if someone is at least making an attempt to do the right thing.. people just need to stop being so judgmental! Lol! Also, nice name ;)

    • MacKenna

      Well said Leah! I couldn’t agree more.Thank-you Lisa

  • Jennifer

    My kids get mainly veggies and fruit for snack after school. On days when I can tell by their mood they need a bit of protein to carry them over to dinner I will make a dip by mixing equal parts peanut butter and soy milk.(we deal with a dairy allergy, I assume dairy milk would also work) It takes a while to get them to mix but eventually they do and my girls love it.

  • Amber

    Just ran across this article and I love it! We just started home schooling this year(1st & 3rd) and my kids are use to getting snacks when they were in their old school. I found in the Summer they didn’t need a mid-morning snack but now with school they do. During lunch today I was getting them to tell me ideas so I can plan ahead for the next week. We came up with a few but this list of ideas is going to get printed and posted on the fridge:)Thanks!!

  • Thanks for the ideas. I struggle regularly, as my son will eat no fruit. NONE. He’s not into veggies, either, though he will eat them at dinnertime. He won’t eat yogurt. He eats nuts, which is good — until it gets dinged at school because of a child with a nut allergy (which of course I would never want to mess with.) And then, I am stuck. :(

  • Jennifer

    @sher… I can’t remember the name of the author, but there is a popular cookbook on how to sneak fruits and veggies into recipes. There also good websites that may help. Good luck! :-)

  • KW

    I think the book you’re looking for is Sneaky Chef. Great ideas in there!

  • Thanks, you guys. Just took it out from the local library and am going to take a look!

  • Hi! I just thought you might be interested in my son’s favorite real-food after school snack: Honey Goat Cheese Strawberries. You can find the recipe here: http://www.threedietsonedinner.com/2012/03/honey-goat-cheese-strawberries.html

  • Lindsay

    I have to send 30 pre-packaged snacks for my son’s Kindergarten class a few times a year. Any ideas?

  • Lindsay

    I have to send 30 pre-packaged snacks for my son’s Kindergarten class a few times a year and am not sure what I could possibly send. Any ideas?

  • Sile

    Thanks for the list. I am printing it out and giving it to my husband as a survey of things he likes/doesn’t like/hasn’t tried yet! He’s pretty picky and this will be an easy way to keep track of what he will eat to make my shopping easier!

  • What an awesome list! My newest favorite snack for my little C are these homemade fruit snacks. Made with whole fruit, gelatin from grass-fed cows, and a touch of raw honey they are packed with protein, vitamins, and free from all the nasty fake stuff.


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  • Tammy

    Lisa, what do you think of the fresh mandarin oranges sold in crates in the grocery store? I’ve heard that the food-grade wax they place on them could be toxic. I’ve asked, even at Trader Joe’s, if they have any without the wax, and they don’t. I loved eating them up until a couple of years ago, when I heard they were potentially dangerous. Any information you could provide on this would be helpful!

    • Assistant to 100 Days (Jill)

      Hi Tammy. I don’t know anything specifically about the wax, but, the last time I was at whole foods I saw a write up they had about it (but I didn’t read it…sorry). You might try their website or maybe call their store. The other thought is that it’s on the peel only I believe which you are removing. Jill

  • Robyn

    THANKS so much for such a great list of healthy snack ideas! Some great options here we’ll be trying soon.

  • Elizabeth Parish

    So, I’m all about my little ones eating natural and healthy, but how do I do that when grandma and grandpa are constantly giving them junk every time they have them? It makes them not eat what I give them because its not as sweet or not as salty. IE: Homemade pizza instead of pizzahut. slices of fruit instead of those wierd gummy fruits. And then they tell my daughters “it has tomatoes and cheese and bread in in, so it’s healthy” or “its made from real fruit, so its healthy”. They’ve no clue! Wish I could just ban them from their grandparents, to be honest!

    • Assistant to 100 Days (Jill)

      Hi Elizabeth. That’s a tough one and one we hear a lot unfortunately. I’m not sure what your relationship is like with the grandparents, but, can you ask them/explain to them what you are trying to do in feeding your children? Maybe they’ll be more respectful than you think. I do face a similar situation and I try and let them indulge a little when they are with the grandparents, but, mine don’t see theirs that often. Good luck. Jill

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  • joie

    Where do you get whole wheat pretzels? I have looked all over for them and have not b ee able to find them.

  • Molly

    Could you tell me where you got the wooden snack plate pictured in this post? I’m looking for one for my children. Thanks!!

    • I’ve actually had that for a while (glad you like it!)…I think it was from World Market. Their products change over time though so not sure if they would have the exact tray anymore.

  • Natasha

    Rise bars are also a great snack, I recommend the energy bars which are lot like Larabars but with amaranth, and they’re breakfast bars which are mainly nuts and amaranth with some dried fruit.

    A lot of companies are making baby food in to go pouches which can be a great snack too, as long as you check the ingredients.

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