Special Offers: Lunchbox Notes, Meal Plans and Fruit Bars!

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I am excited to share some great deals with you today that will hopefully make your lunchbox packing a little easier!

Special Offer 1: Lunchbox Notes

I think sending notes in my kids lunches is a fabulous idea. The only problem is I remembered to do it all of two times last year. That’s why I was super excited to come across these little “Lunchbox Love” notes because they’re exactly what I need…a reminder!

  • Special Deal: 20% off all Lunchbox Love products from Say Please
  • Details: Costs range from $2.99 and up; purchase a whole set of Lunchbox Love cards (with 16 volumes) and have a card for your little one’s lunch every day of the school year!
  • To Order: Visit Say Please and use coupon code “100DAYS”

Special Offer 2: Lunchbox Meal Plans

Take the guesswork out of what to pack with 6 weeks of unique lunch recipes plus a mini e-book with lunch resources from The Fresh 20.

  • Special Deal: Order the $12 lunch plans and you’ll get up to 3 bonus dinner meal plans for free
  • Details: 6 weeks of unique lunch recipes, a mini e-book with lunch resources PLUS two free bonus dinner meal plans (and the option to get a third)
  • To Order: Use The Fresh 20 Special Deal Link


Special Offer 3: Natural Fruit Bars

We just discovered these snacks and love the idea behind them. That’s It.TMfruit bars have JUST TWO FRUITS in each bar…and nothing else! They come in 3 flavors and are a simple, “real” solution for your lunch boxes.

  • Special Deal: Take 10% off 12-packs of That’s It. fruit bars (variety pack excluded)
  • Details: Choose from three flavors of That’s It. fruit bars including Apples + Cherries, Apples + Apricots, and Apples + Pears
  • To Order: Use The That’s It.on Amazon.com Special Deal Link, scroll up to choose your flavor(s), then use promo code “100DAYS1″ at checkout

We hope you enjoy…please feel free to share your latest lunchbox finds in the comments below!

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40 comments to Special Offers: Lunchbox Notes, Meal Plans and Fruit Bars!

  • Belinda

    Love this!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  • Amy

    I ordered 3 sets! Can’t wait!

  • Lindsay

    Explain the bars. Are they like fruit roll ups?

  • Jamie

    Have you/your kids tried the fruit bars? — any good??

  • Sonja

    You’ve got to be kidding me?! Fruit bars for what? People who are too lazy to eat a real piece of fruit?!? Or want “healthy” candy?! I can’t believe you are advertising these on here.

    • Sandra

      I agree. These should not be advertised on here.

    • Lori B.

      Things like these ARE handy for longer term storage when fresh fruit isnt available or when you just want to carry a few in your purse. Or I remember when my kids were babies and they struggled with, didnt have teeth, or just made huge messes when whole fruit was used. Remember that most of these “green/healthy/real” products can all be made by us, but sometimes you just need a break. :)

    • Lisa

      I appreciate your feedback (although the tone is not exactly very friendly) and I’d like to share that just the other day while I was taking my daughter to gymnastics camp I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten to pack her a snack. They serve goldfish to all the kids and I prefer to send our own “real food” snack instead. We were already on our way there and would have been late if we went back home or stopped at the store so I was just thrilled when I remembered I had one of these fruit bars in my purse…which of course ended up being her camp snack. Sometimes fresh fruit just isn’t around or won’t hold up the same so I was so happy to have an alternative.

    • Jennifer

      I think this is a great product for variety, travel, and convenience. Taking fruit hiking, on a plane or even camping or school can lead to a mess. My kids will probably love these just for the variety.

      I just found this wonderful FREE website and am very grateful for all the great information. Fresh fruit is always fantastic, but there are times when it is not as practical. Your tone, as someone else said, is completely unwarranted.

  • Jenn

    I think the fruit bars are actually a good idea. I spent at least 15 minutes in the store last night looking for an acceptable granola bar or fruit/cereal bar for my kids – something quick they can eat in about 5 minutes at snack time at school. YES, I DO agree it’s just as easy to take an apple or banana, etc. but sometimes the kids being kids, just want something that looks like what the other kids are eating – granola bars, cereal bars, etc. But I could not find a single one at the grocery store I deemed acceptable. So, I think these are a great solution …sort of like Larabars, but for kids- I think my kids would like them and it would be ok if it got smooshed at the bottom of their backpack – it would still be edible (unlike a piece of fruit which would be ruined).

    • Kristin

      I agree it is difficult to find healthy prepackaged kids snacks even when shopping at whole foods. I gave up and started making my own granola bars, graham crackers, mini-muffins, etc. and freezing them for easy grab and go snacking. (They easily defrost by snacktime :)

  • Cathy

    I agree. I’m looking at my “Mom’s snack box” that my daughter made for me for when I’m caught working at midnight. Nothing fresh around work at that time of night and it’s not like I can plan for those nights. I’d get these for that box. Likewise I can see their use to stay in lockers and lunch bags for after school practice (by then fresh stuff is getting old or crushed). Between the age of 5 and 8 my kids both had to have instant acess to food because of rapid growth. This also would work well I assume to leave in the car. Target has something not quite as basic but works well too. Cathy

  • Amy

    I have another lunch note option. I post free printable lunch notes every school morning on my site http://littlelunchnotes.com/. Illustrated jokes, fun facts, riddles, etc. – please take a look.

  • Christy

    While fruit is best, you can’t always have it on hand. Two days a week I leave at 4:45, work out, go to my school, then pick up my daughter after our schools get out and head the other direction to the barn until supper. Things that I can keep in my car for the days where we need them are great, and ones that meet my standards are pretty rare. I make my own larabars, but always buy a few for the car so these will serve that same purpose. I would also have loved this in pre-school since we had to bring in individually wrapped snacks for the class, and I cringed at my choices every time.

  • Aimee

    Your lunch notes are wonderful, Amy. Thanks for sharing them!

  • christina

    I am wondering how these are made/processed? I guess I am doubting that there is nothing else making this bar a bar and not two pieces of fruit?

  • @ Lindsay, Jamie, and Christina: We’ve tried the apple and apricot flavor, and everyone in our family liked it. The ingredients are apples and apricots only, and the texture is basically like dried fruit bits formed into the shape of a bar. They are more coarse than a fruit leather and obviously much thicker. We’ve got some of the other flavors on order to try.

    We almost always have fresh fruit or vegetables on hand, but especially with the kids there are occasions when a packaged item makes sense, as some of the other readers have already mentioned.

  • christina

    Thank you Jason!

  • Denise

    do any stores carry the fruit bars? like trader joes or whole foods?

  • Loftan

    I just purchased the Fresh 20 deal and did not get the 3 weeks of dinner plans. Just wanted you all to know that there is something wrong with the link. I have emailed customer service and hope to hear back from them.

  • Loftan,
    The links are located within the confirmation email located underneath the login information under BONUS!. If for some reason they are not working for you, try to copy the link address and paste the url into your browser address bar. Our customer service team has your ticket and will make sure you receive them. Thank you for trying us!

    • Loftan

      I doubled-checked and all I have are the six weeks links. I sent a request in via email to customer service but just received an automatic response. I would call customer service but there is no telephone number listed. I will post back to everyone once they actually respond. I wish there was a way to call because I’m sure it can be easily fixed.

    • Loftan


      I just received a response from Fresh 20, again directing me to the email that I received without the BONUS link. Mandi, from Fresh 20, says the link is in my email but it is not there. I’m starting to get really frustrated because there is no way to call this company and just speak with someone. Do you know anything else I can do? I’m sorry for complaining on this wall, but the I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone.


  • Kristin

    How many grams of naturally occurring sugars are in these bars? They also appear to have less fiber then a real apple or pear, but perhaps the serving size is smaller. Did find the amazon reviews rather funny though. People eating them because they didn’t have time for “real” fruit. Seriously, you can’t get any faster and easier then a banana. It even comes in it’s own wrapper, ha, ha! Still, bars look like a healthier treat option for the kiddos, just wish they weren’t so expensive.

    • Assistant to 100 Days (Jill)

      Hi Kristin. I don’t have the exact answer to your question, but given the only ingredients are the fruits, I would think it’s all naturally occurring as there is no added sugar. Not sure on the fiber, but, it could be due to the serving size as you state. Jill

  • Ashley K

    I love all of these.
    The snacks look lovely – we’re always looking for on the go snacks.
    Yes we can grab fruit, but we also go through fruit very quickly around our house, so I like these options for when I don’t have any..

  • Gee whiz, it’s not like she’s saying, “Eat these, they’re healthier than fruit.” I haven’t tried them, they don’t have them where I live, but if I was at a gas station looking for something to eat and was choosing between those and a snickers or a nutragrain bar, I’d gladly choose the one that was all fruit.

    Yes, we eat plenty of fresh fruit. Yes I pack snacks from home when we go out. But still, sometimes convenience food is handy.
    I don’t see anything wrong with these if people want to buy them.

  • Kelly

    Before I purchase, are the meal plans reasonable? I find that sometimes I just can’t “afford” the organic…

  • Anne

    I just ordered a 12 pack of fruit bars (apple cherry) Amazon but could not get the promo code to work. Is the offer over?

  • jenn

    Wow how pathetic have we become when someone who takes time to offer a wealth of info advertises something you don’t like. Do the mature adult thing and take responsibility for yourself and don’t buy them. Don’t make negative comments because she chose to have them ON HER WEBSITE!

  • Deborah

    Thanks so much for the kids love notes link. What a great idea. With your lunch ideas and philosophy, I have decided to send my kids lunch with them each day. No more lunchroom processed food!

  • Jenifer

    Another reason the bars work better than fruit in some situations….. my kids get to have a snack in the morning at school. It has to be a DRY snack that they can eat at their desk while they are working on their daily work. The teachers specify no fresh fruit because it’s not dry enough…. but granola bars or things of that nature are ok. Of course, they attend a peanut/tree nut free school… so most Lara Bars & the like can’t be used either. I’ve never had these bars, but I would guess they would be a good alternative…. perhaps not totally dry, but moreso than a fresh, juicy apple.

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