Special Offers: Lunchbox Notes, Meal Plans and Fruit Bars!

I am excited to share some great deals with you today that will hopefully make your lunchbox packing a little easier!

Special Offer 1: Lunchbox Notes

I think sending notes in my kids lunches is a fabulous idea. The only problem is I remembered to do it all of two times last year. That’s why I was super excited to come across these little “Lunchbox Love” notes because they’re exactly what I need…a reminder!

  • Special Deal: 20% off all Lunchbox Love products from Say Please
  • Details: Costs range from $2.99 and up; purchase a whole set of Lunchbox Love cards (with 16 volumes) and have a card for your little one’s lunch every day of the school year!
  • To Order: Visit Say Please and use coupon code “100DAYS”

Special Offer 2: Lunchbox Meal Plans

Take the guesswork out of what to pack with 6 weeks of unique lunch recipes plus a mini e-book with lunch resources from The Fresh 20.

  • Special Deal: Order the $12 lunch plans and you’ll get up to 3 bonus dinner meal plans for free
  • Details: 6 weeks of unique lunch recipes, a mini e-book with lunch resources PLUS two free bonus dinner meal plans (and the option to get a third)
  • To Order: Use The Fresh 20 Special Deal Link


Special Offer 3: Natural Fruit Bars

We just discovered these snacks and love the idea behind them. That’s It.TMfruit bars have JUST TWO FRUITS in each bar…and nothing else! They come in 3 flavors and are a simple, “real” solution for your lunch boxes.

  • Special Deal: Take 10% off 12-packs of That’s It. fruit bars (variety pack excluded)
  • Details: Choose from three flavors of That’s It. fruit bars including Apples + Cherries, Apples + Apricots, and Apples + Pears
  • To Order: Use The That’s It.on Amazon.com Special Deal Link, scroll up to choose your flavor(s), then use promo code “100DAYS1” at checkout

We hope you enjoy…please feel free to share your latest lunchbox finds in the comments below!

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    1. Anne |

      I just ordered a 12 pack of fruit bars (apple cherry) Amazon but could not get the promo code to work. Is the offer over?

    2. jenn |

      Wow how pathetic have we become when someone who takes time to offer a wealth of info advertises something you don’t like. Do the mature adult thing and take responsibility for yourself and don’t buy them. Don’t make negative comments because she chose to have them ON HER WEBSITE!

    3. Deborah |

      Thanks so much for the kids love notes link. What a great idea. With your lunch ideas and philosophy, I have decided to send my kids lunch with them each day. No more lunchroom processed food!

    4. Jenifer |

      Another reason the bars work better than fruit in some situations….. my kids get to have a snack in the morning at school. It has to be a DRY snack that they can eat at their desk while they are working on their daily work. The teachers specify no fresh fruit because it’s not dry enough…. but granola bars or things of that nature are ok. Of course, they attend a peanut/tree nut free school… so most Lara Bars & the like can’t be used either. I’ve never had these bars, but I would guess they would be a good alternative…. perhaps not totally dry, but moreso than a fresh, juicy apple.

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