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Food Babe Investigates: Chipotle vs. Moe’s

This is a guest post by Vani Hari (a.k.a. The Food Babe).

Before I get into the meat of this next investigation (no pun intended), I’d like to express my disappointment with Chipotle and Moe’s. Both of them made it extremely difficult (just like Yoforia) to get the exact ingredients in their product offerings. With marketing phrases like “Food with Integrity” and “Feed the Moement” – you’d think their messages would easily be backed by ingredients they would be willing to share. Unfortunately, this is not the case at all and it took extreme perseverance to get quality information about their ingredients. Perseverance the average consumer would likely never have.

It’s saddening to watch two competitors leading the way in organic/local/healthy fast food offerings being so secretive. If they were true leaders, they would have nothing to hide, right? I’m not saying Subway, Panera Bread and McDonalds are better than Chipotle or Moe’s – but you do have to hand it to them for willingly posting their ingredients for everyone to see.

When I emailed Chipotle asking for the ingredients in certain products they downright refused. They in turn asked if I was concerned about a specific ingredient or had an allergy. Really? Why do I have to be concerned about a specific ingredient or have an allergy to want to know what I am eating and what’s in my food? When I tried to call them, there was no way for me to leave a message or get a person on the phone to answer my questions. Email responses were S-L-O-W. I had to ask very specific questions to get the data I needed to write this – specific questions that most consumers would likely not ask. Thank goodness for the genuinely accommodating employee who shared some of the ingredients with me (behind his Manager’s back) so I could give you the full story.

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Product Review: Lunchboxes

This lunchbox product review is a guest post from Kiran…to learn more about Kiran check out our team page!

I’ve had a pit in my stomach for the past few days. I know that for many moms, back to school is a time to celebrate … but for me, I love the ease of the days, the lack of schedules, and the absence of homework. Can’t summer stay just a bit longer?

Alas, before we know it, school will be back in session. It’s high time to pick out backpacks, to select school supplies and to shop for sneakers or other suitable shoes. But let’s not forget the packing of lunches. Since we’ll want to provide our kids with the tools they need to succeed, ensuring that they are equipped with real, nutritious foods tops most of our lists.

To make your job (and mine, as well!) a little bit easier, I’ve scoured the shelves to find lunchboxes … containers that will be crucial in packing for your little ones. I’ve found four that I’m fond of. All have great pluses as well as a few minuses. So without further adieu, here is my review of the latest and greatest when it comes to lunchboxes:

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Giveaway: $100 in Redmond Trading Products

This contest is now closed. Here are the 2 Redmond winners…if you are one of the lucky winners check your email for details!

  • Winner 1: Pam J “Would love to try the Redmond Clay.”
  • Winner 2: Hannah “like salt”

We have another giveaway today and this time it’s for Redmond Trading products! Redmond offers a variety of products including Real Salt, Redmond Clay, and Earthpaste (Natural Toothpaste). Here are the details…

Giveaway Details

Redmond Trading Products Include:

  • Real Salt – A completely natural, unrefined salt that’s full of natural minerals and flavor.
  • Redmond Clay – A natural remedy used internally and externally for various ailments including diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, stomachaches, acid indigestion, cuts, bruises, insect bites, bee stings, rashes, acne, burns, severe dry skin and achy joints.
  • Earthpaste – A natural toothpaste from the Earth that’s safe to eat and does not contain glycerin, fluoride, artificial coloring or foaming agents.

Gluten-Free, Multi-Grain, and Organic Junk Food

When shopping for food there are quite a few confusing buzz words out there that can easily be misleading. Just because a product says it’s multi-grain, 7-grain, gluten-free, or organic does not mean it isn’t highly processed. First and foremost, always read the ingredient label (as opposed to relying on the health claims on the front of the package). That is the only way to know what’s really in your food, and what you find may be surprising.

how to avoid organic junk food

  • Multi-Grain / 7-Grain: This claim simply means the product contains more than one type of grain (or in some cases as many as 7 grains). Some examples of different grains are wheat, barley, rye, spelt, rice, oats, and corn. Just because a food product is made with more than one of these grains does not automatically mean any of them are whole grain…and nutritionally speaking there is a big difference between refined and whole grains. For more on this topic check out: Understanding Grains and Nutrients in Refined vs. Whole Grains.

    Product Example: Snyder’s Multi-Grain Pretzel Sticks
    These pretzels contain more refined white flour (labeled as enriched wheat flour) and sweetener (labeled as molasses) than whole-grain flours.
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