Giveaway: $150 to Wild Mint (formerly ESP)!

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Claire H! She said, “LunchBots Food Containers” as the product she’s most interested in checking out.

Rachel! She said, “I’ve been ogling the lifefactory glass baby bottles lately as we are due in November and I would love these!”

Today we are giving away two gift cards to Wild Mint (formerly ESP – Essential Safe Products), an online store that specializes in non-toxic and eco-friendly products! Like many of you, owner Hannah Helsabeck’s family of 8 was making an effort to fill their refrigerator with only organic and healthy foods. But while ridding their food of chemicals and such, they realized that other areas of their kitchen and house weren’t exactly chemical-free. As soon as Hannah’s mom caught on to the risks associated with chemicals like BPA, PVC, Phthalates and such, she found it was hard to know what products you could trust to be “Essentially Safe.”

So Hannah, the eldest of 6, teamed up with her mom and the two of them created Wild Mint which offers toxin-free and eco-friendly products that can help others take steps towards a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. Now married, Hannah says, “My husband and I have been changing our lifestyle in baby steps to become more toxin free, healthy and eco-friendly. The website is kind of like my timeline.” So she has moved from just kitchen items to also offering baby gear, toys, arts and crafts, bath and body (including nail polish) and more!

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Giveaway Details

The Wild Mint giveaway includes:

  • A $100 gift card to Wild Mint for one winner,
  • AND a $50 gift card Wild Mint for a second winner!

More about Wild Mint (formerly ESP)

Wild Mint sells toxin free, eco-friendly products to help others take steps towards a healthier lifestyle and sustainable environment. They have a wide variety of products including kitchen tools, on-the-go lunch gear, baby gear, toys, arts and crafts, beauty products, bath and body essentials, and much more! Their goal is to be your one stop shop for products that fit your more conscious lifestyle choices.

Resources You’ll Find On Wild Mint…

  • Made in the USA: Their listing of safe products that are made right here in our country.
  • LEARN Section: Resources to help others understand toxins and their potential health concerns – plus where to start when it comes to eliminating them from your home.
  • Real Food Recipes: Eating clean obviously goes hand in hand with eliminating toxins so check out their easy recipe list, which are all made from simple ingredients.
  • Tips and Tricks: A summary of how-to’s, guides, videos and other resources for staying healthy and chemical free.
  • Approved Brands: A list of eco-friendly brands that ESP supports. This includes companies that make products that are both human safe and food safe, which means BPA-free, lead-free, PVC-free, PTFE-free, etc.

The owner Hannah says she loves continuing to learn about safe products and brands from their customers. So she openly welcomes your emails with suggestions and can be contacted at

The contest is now closed.


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