Giveaway: Real Salt, Redmond Clay, Earthpaste (Toothpaste), and More!

The contest is now closed and the winners have been selected. Congrats to…

Hilary – “I would like to try the toothpaste. I have been using Tom’s fluoride free and also Xylitol but both are hard to find and I would like to have another option!”

Nikita – I’d love to try the clay! I’ve heard amazing things about it but I haven’t had the extra money to get anything ‘extra’ at the moment!

Marisa – I’d really like to try the clay because I have heard a ton about it and it’s benefits but haven’t tried it yet.

I’m excited to tell you about today’s giveaway, courtesy of our sponsor: Redmond Trading! Redmond offers quite a variety of products including Real Salt, Redmond Clay, and Earthpaste (Natural Toothpaste). It’s no secret that I am a big fan of their Real Salt, a completely natural, unrefined salt that’s full of natural minerals. You may remember me recently talking about the importance of including “the right kind of” saltin my diet.

I also get a lot of questions from readers about toothpaste brands that don’t contain any unwanted additives like glycerin, fluoride, artificial dyes or foaming agents, and for this, Earthpaste is a great solution.

And lastly, they offer Redmond Clay, a sort of “do it all” type of powder than can be used internally and externally for bug bites/stings, burns, scrapes, cuts, stomachaches,  heartburn and the like. In addition to helping with all sorts of ailments, it can also be used as an all natural facial mask (Kiran on our team has tried it a number of times and says two thumbs up). I wasn’t kidding when I said this clay can “do it all!”

Giveaway Details

Redmond Trading Products Include:

  • Real Salt – A completely natural, unrefined salt that’s full of natural minerals.
  • Redmond Clay – A natural remedy used internally and externally for various ailments including diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, stomachaches, acid indigestion, cuts, bruises, insect bites, bee stings, rashes, acne, burns, severe dry skin, and achy joints.
  • Earthpaste – A natural toothpaste from the Earth that’s safe to eat and does not contain glycerin, fluoride, artificial coloring, or foaming agents.
Redmond Trading Products

Redmond Trading Products

3 Winners Will Each Receive: 

  • Giveaway: Redmond ProductsRedmond Variety Pack Gift Set + 1 bottle of 10 oz Redmond Clay: This bundle includes a tube of Peppermint Earthpaste (for brushing teeth), a tube of Redmond Clay Facial Mud, a 9 oz Real Salt shaker, an 8 oz Real Salt Garlic Salt, an 8 oz Real Salt Organic Seasoning shaker, plus we are going to throw in a 10 oz container of Redmond Clay.
    Each prize is worth over $50.

The contest is now closed.

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    1. Chetna Dilwaria |

      I never checked label on my regular salt until few months ago when I started to follow your blog. Dextrose!?! Really? So now my salt is loaded with GMO that is OMG. But thank goodness for company ‘Redmond Trading’ for making wonderful Real Salt. I would love to try it. Salt is integral part of food, I want to give my family purity of Real Salt.

    2. Chetna Dilwaria |

      Like Redmond Clay

    3. Chetna Dilwaria |

      Like Earthpaste

    4. Audrey Clark |

      I would like to try RealSalt. My bestfriend has recently begun bringing this with her to lunch, and I would like to see what the taste is like.

    5. Audrey Clark |

      like RealSalt

    6. Audrey Clark |

      like EarthPaste

    7. Audrey Clark |

      like Clay

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