Video: A Tour of my Real Food Pantry

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I am excited to share another new video with you today. I recently posted a “How to Read Ingredient Labels” video where I walked through 8 packaged food examples and how to pick out the “bad” stuff. Some of the commenters asked if I could show the “good” stuff they should be buying instead, and thankfully I had this pantry tour video ready to go! There is one thing I want to say about my pantry though. One of the first things I did when we initially decided to ditch the highly processed stuff was literally “ditch” the highly processed stuff. “Out of sight is out of mind,” and not having those food-like substances around anymore made/makes it so much easier for us to stick to the rules. And my favorite part of having a real food pantry is when my daughters ask for a snack…almost everything in our house is now a “good” choice so there is nothing to argue about. It was practically life changing for us!

Sponsor Shoutout: Plan to Eat

On that “life changing” note, if you are committing to feeding your family wholesome, real food in the New Year, our sponsor Plan to Eat is a tool that can help you do just that. I find myself saying time and time again – when it comes to eating real food, planning ahead is key! And the Plan to Eat website is a system that will keep your recipes, meal planning, and grocery shopping super organized so you can stay on top of planning ahead. The way their software works is you input all your favorite recipes (from blogs, websites and your own collection), select which ones you want to make each week, and then it will automatically generate an organized meal plan and shopping list for you. It’s also a great way to keep track of what recipes you’ve made and what your family thought about them! So anyway, back to my video tour…I will eventually make one of my fridge and freezer as well, but for today…check out my pantry below!

Note: The jars seen in this video may be found here on Amazon.


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