Video: Is Vitamix Really The Best Blender?

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This video was fun to shoot because I honestly had no idea what the outcome would be. This is not anything we practiced beforehand! And I don’t come right out and say it – but I think it’s obvious which blender I like the best out of the Blendtec, Vitamix, Ninja line-up. Get ready to be surprised because I’m pretty sure it’s not the one you’d think would be the winner here. This video is a MUST watch if you’ve ever considered upgrading your blender!

Here’s a little summary of our observations after putting these three high powered blenders to the test!

High Powered Blender Comparison on 100 Days of #RealFood

Tip: Be sure to check out the refurbished models, for example Blendtec has some for $380!

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145 comments to Video: Is Vitamix Really The Best Blender?

  • Kristen

    The Vitamix does NOT have to be disassembled to wash. You just pour in a drop of dish soap, fill it half way with hot water, and then blend for a minute or so, and rinse. Very easy cleanup you can do immediately after using.

  • Mark

    Your “results” about both Blendtec and Vitamix were very uninformed. Both brands carry different models that overcome the “cons” you listed. For instance, Vitamix makes models that are shorter (with same capacity canisters) and quieter than other models. Blendtec, though a great brand, does not have the same horsepower, in some models, as Vitamix does. I suggest that everyone study out both brands to make right decision for the right model for their own kitchen. While studying which was the best, I discovered, Williams-Sonoma stores will demonstrate and even let you use their models right in their store.

  • Alysa

    Sadly a waste of a experiment. I did buy actually all three of these blenders myself as well at one point and both the Ninja and Blendtec went back to the stores. They were a total waste. The Blendtec often NEEDS a tamper. That almond butter did not look like the correct consistency to me, looked like ground up almonds at that point and that was my experience with the Blendtec, everything wasn’t pureed completely. The electronics break on the Blendtec and are more prone to issues. But the fancy options that do the same things are on other Vitamix models but they are not in fancy digital electronic form. If you need the easier settings such as this look at the 6300 series. I didn’t need it myself and now they have an even newer model that does have a shorter canister or they do sell them separately. You never take apart the Vitamix canister to clean the blades, usually you just put a drop of dish detergent and turn it on high and rinse. Strangely biased review from someone that I felt wouldn’t do this sort of thing.

  • Paige Gardner

    I have decided to buy the blendtec. I am so close to purchasing, but can’t decide between four sided jar or wildside jar. Suggestions?

  • MGeorge

    I’ve decided to finally go for it and buy a blendtec. Could you tell me which series Lisa owns? Do you have preference or do you feel they’re all pretty much the same? Thanks!

  • K

    A few notes: Vitamix does NOT have to be taken apart to clean it. In fact, you are not supposed to. You put in a drop of dish soap, water about half way up, and blend on high for about a minute, all clean.

    Vitamix has a shorter version that fits under the cabinet like the Blendtec and others find it quieter than the taller version.

    I am not sure which control is redundant. All have different speeds and uses.

  • Dave

    Your not comparing apples to apples..
    I’ve had both the blendtech designer series(which i took back) for the Vitamix 750 with the shorter container and there is no comparison..
    From build quality to performance the Vitamix is just way way better in every way.

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