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  • Laurie

    What are your thoughts on Dr. Praeger’s products?

  • Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

    Hi Laurie. Some of their products are on my short list for better packaged foods, like their spinach cakes. Their ingredient list is not perfect. They use (non-gmo) refined oil in some of their products as well as soy flour. ~Amy

  • Andrea

    Hi Laurie,
    Just wondering what your take is on using Wildtree products? I just recently attended a freezer making meal workshop where you use Wildtree ingredients. Apparently its like Tastefully Simple but these ingredients are organic and not processed or artificial.

    I am interested to know if they are acceptable under the Whole food pledge as I am trying to accomplish it with my family of 6.


  • Katie

    I recently found a place to purchase local, pastured chicken, beef and pork. However, when I asked if the chicken was GMO free they responded that they were partially given grains and that it wasn’t certified GMO-free. Is the meat Lisa buys certified organic? What are your thoughts on buying local, pastured meat that isn’t organic vs. grocery store-bought meat that is organic? Thanks.

    • Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi Katie. No, the chicken is local and pastured but not certified organic. Often small farms have organic or better standards but can’t afford to go through the certification process and/or do not wish to jump through all the hoops. Lisa would choose local pastured over organic store bought. :) ~Amy

  • Melanie

    I have the new cookbook and love the homemade whole wheat bread, have you tried making it with dried herbs, and if so which one? Thank you!

  • Courtney

    Hi! I was wondering if a winner was selected for the $100 grocery store gift card contest on Facebook. Thanks!

  • Traci

    Hi was there a recent post (I think October) about where to get quality meat delivered frozen to your home? I have searched FB posts and the blog but can’t seem to find it. I believe the meat came from Montana. If so can you post the name of the company and website?

  • Alison Demus

    I went to the lemon raspberry muffins link but the actual recipe is not coming up. I did post a comment on the recipe link about this also. My kids LOVE these muffins!

  • Tne

    Amy, I see that you’re a Ziplist partner. Now that Ziplist is discontinuing, I hope that you’ll let your visitors that Copy Me That will automatically transfer all of their Ziplist recipes into their Copy Me That recipe box. Copy Me That is fully free :)

    Copy Me That is recipe clipper, recipe box, shopping list, and meal planner, not to mention an awesome recipe community!

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