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  • Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

    Hi Meg. I can’t find an ingredient list on their website. I have no idea what, if anything, besides lemon, lime, etc. is in it. If you find it, let me know. ~Amy

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  • Aly Brown

    Hi Annette! I hope your Friday is going well. I was just checking in to gauge your interest in the guest article I mentioned in my previous email. Let me know if you’re interested and I’d be happy to send you new content!



  • Hello there! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for
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  • Jessie

    I found your website a couple of weeks ago and am very excited to start switching my family. I am wondering has anyone found a yummy replacement for coffee creamer. I love my morning cup of coffee but straight coffee doesn’t cut it. I love the flavored creamers but they are loaded with chemicals and junk. Help!!

  • Jan

    I’m new to your website so maybe the answer to my question is in there somewhere but I’ve noticed that whole wheat flour/bread is recommended over other types. Have you read the book “Wheat Belly” ? It’s basic premise is that wheat is the cause of obesity, high blood sugar and a whole host of other problems, I was just wondering what your take on the books is, assuming you have read it. Thanks for any advice you can give!

    • Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Jan. we know this is a hot topic and plan to do an in depth post on it sometime soon. However, whole grains are a staple item in the Leake’s household. They have no sensitivities to gluten or grains and believe them to be a nutritious part of their diets. Some people choose to soak the whole grains they consume, though this is not something we’ve tried. If you are concerned about nutrient absorption or have trouble digesting grains, it might benefit you to look into this practice. Also, here is a critique to consider regarding Wheat Belly: ~Amy

  • Melissa

    Hi. I’ve been exploring this site, am currently reading Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food and am looking forward to making a pledge in January! One thing I am seeing is suggestions for a lot of local, farmer’s market produce. What is recommended during the winter months in the Mid-West where there are very little (if no) open farmer’s markets or fresh local produce? Thanks!

    • Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Melissa. We know finding fresh and local during the winter months, depending on your location, can be challenging. You may have to be more dependent on grocery stores during those months but many grocers still feature local items. ~Amy

  • I just tried to send a contact request but it had a “fatal error” could you contact me about your affiliate program to promote your book? Thanks!

  • Hey there! My name is Ian Justl Ellis, and I’m an MD practicing Emergency Medicine in New York City. I have a passion for eating “real food” myself, and recently started a blog of my own called “Unraveled Eats.” I love your blog, and we share many similar ideas on how to fit delicious, natural foods into an every day lifestyle. I’d be really interested in writing a guest post for you guys! As an ex-personal trainer and current medical doctor, I have a unique perspective on some things that could be of benefit to your readers. Take a look at my website at and let me know if you are interested! Regardless, I love your page and look at it frequently! Thanks! -Ian Justl Ellis, MD

  • Mary


    Tried to send this via “contact” but it didn’t work, so I’m posting it here in comments…

    I noticed on your site that you use a lot of whole grains but you do not mention proper preparation techniques for those grains which make their nutrients easier to absorb. No matter what the health of a person, the human digestive system can’t absorb nutrients from whole grains unless they are properly prepared. The reason for this is because whole grains contain “anti-nutrients” which are contained in the outer layer of the original seed to protect the seed from enemy pathogens or animals (who might otherwise eat the seed) so that is can eventually sprout and survive. Once, sprouted, the anti-nutrients are diminished and the human digestive system can then absorb the nutrients provided in whole grains.
    (One example in nature to observe is that with birds. Have you ever looked under a bird feeder? You will see all the outer layers of the seeds which the birds have removed and spit out.)

    The proper preparation techniques that I’m speaking of are sprouting and/or souring grains before consuming/baking with them. This is definitely worth investigation and discussion given your interest in whole food nutrition. When whole grains are not properly prepared, they can actually leach nutrients from your body and I know that would be counter to your intentions of wanting to provide your readers with the best advice on eating whole foods to improve their nutritional profile and overall health. I know that overtime you would not want to impair your readers health by not providing complete information regarding whole grains.

    If you do some research about how whole grains were prepared by traditions cultures prior to the modernization of the food industry, you will find that they always sprouted or soured their grains. The only times that grains are eaten in an “improperly” prepared state was when traditional people purposely wanted to leach something out of their bodies as in the care of illnesses associated with food poising and the like. An example of this is the remedy of Chinese brown rice porridge. Another example is the unleavened bread made from wheat flour eaten during biblical times and still eaten to this day by those of the Jewish faith during certain holidays. When taken in moderation, at certain times of the year, improperly prepared grains will leach the body of nutrients, yes, but also of unwanted pathogens, etc., that may have built up in the body over time. So, yes, on a limited basis, improperly prepared grains can be useful. But over the long haul, they can be detrimental to health if not properly prepared. That is why initially, people feel very good when they first start to eat whole grains, but why over time they begin to not feel as well and begin to develop allergies and/or difficulty with digestion.

    You can learn more about this topic at the Weston A Price Foundation website or by reading Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.

    I highly recommend that you watch the following video, if only to expand your knowledge on the subject of whole grains. This is a video created by the the WAP Foundation about how to properly prepare grains:

    Good luck and continued success,

    Mary Shrader

  • Laura Anderson

    Hi ! I started my family on clean eating about 3 weeks ago and its going great.. so far, there have been 26 pounds lost between 3 of us ! ( 11, 8, & 7 pounds) I’m a single mom from Oklahoma and Im having trouble with ONE THING !!!! My downfall is Sweet Tea… I have really cut back but Im trying to find the most acceptable recipe. Most folks around here add 2 cups of sugar to a gallon of tea!!! (Crazy I know, but down South its normal) I cut down to 1 cup years ago, but 3 weeks ago, I changed to 1/2 cup of raw honey to 1 gallon.. I recently heard about something called sucanat… I don’t know enough about it to know if it would be better than the honey.. Any info you could give me would be so appreciated. Thanks so much ! Sincerely, Laura

  • Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

    Hi there. We stick to honey and maple syrup for pledge purposes. Sucanat is dehydrated sugar cane juice which has a stronger molasses flavor than the more refined white table sugar. It retains all of the minimal nutrients found in sugar cane juice. ~Amy

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