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    Came across this Real Food Media Contest with 10 short films regarding real food and sustainable farming. I immediately thought of you all and that you and your readers would be interested. I am in no way affiliated with this group.

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    Call me anytime

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    Hi Lisa,

    Adopting ways to source fresh, locally grown vegetables and responsibly raised animals for our meals has become very popular recently. But, have you ever wondered about the flatware that’s used to put that delicious food in your mouth?

    Researching for an upcoming article we came across one of the pages on your website, found here:

    Because it looks like you and your audience are interested in sustainable food sources and production too, I thought that sharing Liberty Tabletop’s commitment to environmentally sound flatware would be of interest.

    If you have a moment, you can check out what Liberty has been up to here:

    I believe your readers would be very interested in this topic because while there is a huge focus on sustainable food sources, we tend to forget about what comes later down the road, such as transportation, preparation and in this case, flatware.

    We have some additional research, stats and information on the topic and would be happy for you to share a mention of what we’re up to, or if you’d like we could put together some contributed content for your site covering the topic more broadly for your readers.

    Please feel free to email me back with your thoughts and we can go from there. Hope to hear from you soon!

    Best Regards,

    Phoebe Parlade
    Content Manager
    Liberty Tabletop

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    UPDATE: Is your deafening-silence-below allowing Lindt to humiliate “all Swiss” worse than when the Swiss-banks told complaining Jews to “Get Lost”?
    Aug 27, 2015
    BELOW IS ONE MORE UPDATE for Swiss politicians begging them to give thought to this disaster-waiting-to-happen question: Is your deafening-silence-below allowing Lindt to humiliate “all Swiss” worse than when the Swiss-banks told complaining Jews to “Get Lost”? ..especially as Lindt still today continues to comically (criminally, many say) promote that its products are the “greatest gift of perfection to chocolate world” and “we offer WORLD’S BEST CHOCOLATE and NOTHING ELSE BUT CHOCOLATE” and “WE ARE THE NUMBER ONE CHOCOLATE IN SWITZERLAND AND WORLDWIDE” ..all exact words until recently EVEN as we kept seeing Lindt humiliated more and more around the world where not long ago it got a “fraudster”-label at an event within-Switzerland and had a disastrous-showing at a famous Swiss chocolate contest (with people laughing that it was a telling moment that cracks are beginning to show in everything Lindt does “even within Switzerland”), and also as Lindt-was-chosen as “mislabeler of year” in the EU where INDIA RECENTLY TOLD LINDT TO “STOP-ALL-SHIPMENTS” TO INDIA (that some say could point to a Hero-to-Zero journey for CEO Tanner) ..moreover where all these things are still today laughed-off by Tanner with personal message-to-me that reads like: “Ha Ha get lost Bitch” (that reminds many of the FIFA past-doings) and with actual-words: “no-one-else is complaining” (yes, these exact words came some time ago to me under Tanner’s own signature, as if I was a Yesterday’s Swiss who does not know how to make lots of money and run to a Swiss bank)?
    (+see below also where last year American consumers were warned of toxic levels of cadmium and lead in some of Lindt products.)
    And below does more to keep asking Swiss politicians: Think about it: ARE WE-SWISS NOT TURNING OURSELVES INTO TARGETS FOR RIDICULE AND CARACATURES-TO-BE -HUMILIATED by way of words like “Swiss diarrhea perfections” (as I kept hearing in my tiny shop when Lindt made me a Star Partner in its promotions)?
    AND ONE MORE BRUTAL POINT: I just can’t help but also throw in these words we still “saw” from Lindt about its Lindor and Lindor Ball products: Make people “more romantic” and “generates magical moment” and “sends females into ecstasy” (is how Lindt actually worded its theme, mostly for its Lindor products) plus words like “perfect for generating that wonderful moment”!
    Below is one-more-update on a “Look how goody-good Swiss-perfect we are” comedy-horror that could well soon ignite anger around the world to make “all Swiss cry” and even change how-they-are-seen at business-and-political-dealings! ..but with “all-you-Swiss-in-power” simply continuing your “not-our-problem-puzzling-SILENT” to it all, as if to give me “legal permission” to just-continue-these-mailings because they are TRUE. And the update below starts off by asking if your political position on all this is continuing to brand a disgusting code of silence, and also asks the simple question so often spat at me: “If there is anything more criminally disguising than Swiss (while lecturing and shaking fingers at others around the world) having allowed LINDT & Sprüngli to market for so many many years junk-CANDY-made-with-mostly-“deadly”-fats (most not even made in Switzerland) as “SWISS CHOCOLATE PERFECTIONS” and with legal-sounding-miracle-promises of better-health-and-happiness and romance?” And MY OBJECTIVE below also continues to expand on the question “if there is now screaming-need for world-judgment (maybe even in legal-courts) on this story I present, especially also for people to start yelling out question-on-it at public events?” ..about Lindt continuing to take-consumers-for-suckers (that also has-come on back-of-my-shop-identity for many many years)! Below is also lots-more about question if “your own continued Swiss political silence on all this” is also allowing the world to go to much larger questions on “Swiss doings” and begin “BRANDING A DISGUSTING CODE OF SEE-NO-EVIL” in more and more-minds around the world (maybe into imaginations of billions soon) ..rebranding too the magic-and-honesty behind the “SWISS” product-brand that historically told the world it could hold products to highest code of excellence-honesty? Anddd below also goes on to try ask even more the soul-searching-question: What what what if the whole world was allowed to do the same fakery Lindt has been doing ..allowed to take-consumers-for-suckers by-way-of-lies about “everything that health-choice promotions” stand for and if even allowed words like “gourmet premium pure fine Swiss chocolate perfections” to become meaningless (yes, even the word “Swiss” itself is meaningless in Lindt’s marketing)? ..with background reality to all this being that already health-people keep screaming that for Canadians-here “unhealthy-food is the biggest drainer on our health system, plus that there are more people now around the world dying from “obesity” than from lack-of-food news out recently that Canada is a world leader in numerous serious stomach problems anddddd that even our coffins have had to be made bigger and bigger! Below also goes on to build more too on question if “ALL THESE MAILINGS THAT I AM LEGALLY ALLOWED TO SEND OUT” are exposing more and more a “culture” to shock the world by way of doings even worse than when the Swiss banks told Jews to “Get lost (see more below, Bronfman’s words on how the banks insulted the Jews) ..when the banks decided to simply keep the Holocaust deposits and then gave orders to destroy the bank records, believing they could (Ha Ha) get away with anything they do! MOREOVER I do lots more below to warn Lindt and YOU-Swiss-politicians that I think that for sure THE WORST IS YET STILL TO COME IN THIS GROWING LINDT-LOOK-HOW-GOODY-GOOD-PERFECT-WE-ARE STORY with horrors that I-experienced in my own tiny store (where I have some of most-intelligent-wealthiest-influential in Canada as customers, mostly Jewish) when for-some the word “Swiss” began to turn into an image of lies and the floor beneath me would tremble as I heard anger about it from them, and I would get tears in my eyes as a sense of shame would creep into me ..especially when they would come crying that they “lost their family in the Holocaust and then lost family-saving with the Swiss banks!” And I do lot to also say: do give thought to what is to come as all this-I-present becomes gossip-flutter and toilet talk and punch-lines to feed a new disgusting vision of Switzerland (and even awaken memories of healthy-choice exaggerations that produced the “babykiller protests in the 70s (does anyone remember them, when people-say newborn were also made victims of healthy-choice-exaggerations ..and when people began screaming the exaggerations were criminal LIES that discouraged breastfeeding and contributed to unnecessary death and suffering of infants? ..words that people still at times spit into my Swiss face today with boiling anger) with also reality that all these mailings of mine are already having a ripple effect and also becoming a historic record to give the world another bad insight into Switzerland, especially about what many keep-on seeing as a growing “lie, hold ground and deny deny accusations” habit (see more on it below)!
    And here are a few words from media on how the Swiss banks began their insult speech to Jews: You must be mad if you claim that you had hundreds of millions of dollars in our banks. You know, as I do from having seen all the pictures of the Jews of Europe during World War II, that they were all clothed in rags. They were impoverished.6
    And below is also for sure discuss my “working ideas” to start igniting this Lindt story at public events by asking about Lindt to explain bragging like: “greatest gift of perfection to chocolate world”
    FINALLY I MUST ALSO SAY below lots more that: as I continue to soldier-on and reveal-more-and-more “I well realize” that I on a high-risk journey and personally risk “more-and-more-everything,” maybe even my life, that so often even has me wondering if I should been calling for police protection (see below “kill-threats that I continue get” have also come to whistleblowers spilling secrets on what the Swiss banks were doing)! And below I tell how more and more warn me that things could get out of hand and that I should watch out for my safety and that of my family.
    And I also for must also that that below I for sure discuss my “working ideas” to start igniting discussions of this Lindt story at public events.


    Previous Update sent out to Swiss politicians: Why why do you do you keep silent on Lindt’s “Get lost” stand below same way you were silent when the Swiss banks told complaining Jews to “Get lost”? Please, do you not realize that your-silence MAKES THIS STORY EXTRA SPECIAL ON THE POLITICAL SCENE it allows Lindt & Sprüngli to simply continue destroy the TRUST and LOVE the world has for the magical “Swiss image,” also allows its CEO Tanner to continue to laugh “Ha-Ha no one else is complaining” as if he is high-on-some-stimulant and thinks it is privileged in some way and that “the laws and regulations for chocolate-honesty are but suggestions for it”? And below I do more to talk about all-this plus ask “what would happen if all countries around-the-world were to allow similar-exaggerations to what you allowed Lindt to do under the proud Swiss brand?” And too below is more-details on Lindt’s doings that have degusted health people for so many years, plus how many-in-Canada continue to still see me as “STAR PARTNER” WITH LINDT in all this ..and too how this all these mailings are simply my way of “giving back to Lindt ..what horrors it gave me” by way of all-these-mailings below, that comes with growing absolutely-insane “CAN DO WHATEVER WE WANT” Lindt-privileges where for so many-many-years “the worst of world’s junk (when most of its products had 90% trans fats inside thin balls of chocolate ..the deadliest of fats on this planet) was allowed to be presented as SWISS-CHOCOLATE-PERFECTION with my shop-name-words in the promotions-supporting-Lindt’s-craziness” And there is also more in this story about some mysterious “God made me do it” rumours as if the Lindt-corporation is still on a divine journey that its late-chairman began , when he even got into brutal honesty-fights within his own immediate family! And below I try tell more how all this-I-keep-presenting has been getting stupider and more humiliating-for-all-Swiss as it also continues to be-allowed to come with your “SWISS BRAND” that for most-around-the world gives unbelievable “trust” and “guarantee of truths” in product-marketing! ..and as it also still comes with YOUR strange political- silence that also even disgusts most Swiss chocolate-makers, where somehow Lindt does not need to stick to Swiss-laws, as if for it they are but suggestions! And below is lots more too how people keep saying that it is so-so sad to see you turn a blind eye to this lunatic-story (something noooooo decent country would allow) while you continue to do your best to INSPIRE-THE-WORLD-TO-DO-GOOD and SAVE-HUMANITY-FROM-BAD-DOINGS ..with strange-silence too from the 200+ do-good organizations within Switzerland as if they also were told to play some double game when it comes to Lindt bad doings! Plus below tries do much more to tell how people keep spitting-anger into my face that all this is but one more window into your “look the other way” practice that we also for sure saw with the Swiss-bank “Get lost Jews” horrors and just recently the FIFA horrors ..your-silence that many keep saying is also takes this to criminal extremes that should put to test in the world-of-opinion. And below I do much to remind too all-you-Swiss-politicians how slowly the catchphrase “Swiss diarrhea perfection” is begin to dominate the minds of more and more around the world, as these are words that keep growing to describe Lindt’s Swiss-perfections. And I can’t help but also add more below how these diarrhea-perfection words are beginning to ignite hysterical laughs as Lindt continues to present itself with hilarious braggings about its Lindor and LindorBall products. And I do much below to also say that LINDT is slowly beginning to symbolize “HEALTHY-CHOICE MARKETING FRAUD” around the world with CEO Tanner becoming a “poster child” for it all ..with sad-sad-sad reality to-all-this-being that what-he-does is also BECOME A SCRIPT FOR A DISASTER TO ALL SWISS! FINALLY I try tell lots more below how more and more hope that in the end all-humans will be the winners in this Lindt-slugfest when it comes to “healthy choice honesty”!
    PLUSSSS here are giggly words I just had to pull from below as I read them: what makes this haunting story even more ridiculous is that it continues to open more and more “imaginations to-freak-out-consumers” about a product “the world loves” and that helped shape Swiss culture that allowed us-Swiss to brag that “the world could judge our product-excellence above all others” (nooooo not the Swiss cuckoo clock!)
    + And I just have-to had-to add too these words from below : ..about how LIND STILL CONTINUES TO ROMANTICIZE ITS PERFECTIONS, and how some would like to see Lindt’s “make more-sexy”-promises-for-its-“Swiss chocolate perfections” the laugh of LOVE-WORLD and comedy-news! …and how it all got repeated and repeated and exaggerated to extremes (beyond sanity) in all the internet posts by Lindt’s own people like: “Lindt-perfections are the sexiest food in the world!” (that for sure puts this story into absurdity) ..and stupid words also we keep hearing like: “the Lindor balls changed my life .. put my new man into motion ..besides his kisses I chose Lindor chocolate balls time and time again!”….with one scientist describing it-all as a “pooping chocolate for better sex” promises!
    PLUS for the record and to be legally clear, here again are the actual ingredient details on what Lindt sold for so many-many years as “PERFECTION ..BY SWISS MASTER CHOCOLATIER” (under my shop identity): Here below they are (yes, most have started to be changed not long ago as laws began to be enforced) for Lindt’s unbelievably popular Lindor-Balls, their biggest profit generators (most were sold bite-size with no ingredient-listing) ..PLUS these same ingredients were also (yes they too have changed recently) for Lindt’s Swiss “GOURMET TRUFFLES” (also marketed under magic-words like “PREMIUM, FINE SWISS-CHOCOLATE, PURE, MASTERPIECE” as if these words had no legal meaning in Canada): sugar, partially-hydrogenated (trans-fats that are among the most dangerous fats on this planet) vegetable oil, cocoa butter (that is cheap and does NOTHING for improving health), milk, chocolate, skim milk, milkfat, soy lecithin, malt powder, vanilla, and flavourings. (stuff of nightmares to those with health problems –and note very very very little cocoa-mass that is the basis for REAL CHOCOLATE health scientists rave about, and that “cocoa butter is a cheap fat ingredient with very little health benefits) And here are the ingredients for many of Lindt’s other Lindor “Swiss chocolate PERFECTION” products (also sold under my shop name) that were sold for many years (many have now changed also): sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil (coconut, palm kernel), cocoa butter, milk ingredients, chocolate, etc… (note again: cocoa butter is cheap and health people say has little nutritional value) Moreover most of the above came with continued nauseating brain-teasing proud promotion-braggings that played with idea that all the ingredients were “SWISS and PURE PURE PURE” ..with people laughing and asking “pure what?” ..with also reality that most of the products were not even made in Switzerland! (“Swiss made” is how Lindt gives legal explanation to it)
    (I have Lindt boxes of above with their ingredient listings)
    PLUS I MUST REPEAT MY OWN LEGAL POSITION IN ALL THIS, THAT GIVES ME RIGHT TO SCREAM ABOUT LINDT USING MY SHOP IDENTITY AFTER WE HAD OUR GET-TOGETHERS: THE LAW RELATING TO INFRINGING ON THE REPUTATION OF ANOTHER IS BLACK AND WHITE AND IS WELL ESTABLISHED, and underlying the understanding is that no one is entitled to carry on business in a way that confuses with another business, and that actual damage to a business or goodwill from such an infraction allows the victim party to take corrective action. And here are more words on the rules of engagement: The law is also quite clear and it states, roughly, that when a defendant does business under a name which is sufficiently close to the name under which the plaintiff is trading and that name has acquired a reputation and the public at large is likely to be misled that the defendant’s business is the business of the plaintiff the defendant is liable for an action in passing off. ..The first business to use a trademark or a tradename obtains protection against others who want to use that same name or logo in geographical areas where the first business operates. So regardless of whether or not you register your trademarks and tradenames, a business can obtain certain rights to exclusive use of a trademark or tradename solely from use. (Innocent mistake is no excuse in cases of infringement, so there is no “oops” defense for businesses infringing.) And here too are more rules of engagement: Once you have used a tradename or trademark and it becomes recognizable to others, you must be vigilant about protecting it. If you do not defend your trademarks and tradenames immediately when others infringe on them, do not expect the court system to be very concerned about protecting your rights either. In general, if the courts help anyone, it is fools and saints; squabbling businesses get a decidedly unsympathetic hearing in courts, and inattentive businesses usually get even less. So be vigilant and be aggressive when protecting your trademarks and tradename. . .A trademark is infringed (whether or not the trademark is registered), if a party not entitled to use the trademark uses (i) the same or a confusingly similar trademark; (ii) on the same or closely related products; (iii) in the same geographical area as that in which the trademark is used (or within an area of possible expansion). Simply put, courts in all countries are inclined to come down heavy on the infringing party long as harm is experienced and the sense is that the party responsible for the infringement either knew or ought to have known that harm was likely consequence of their actions .. and in Canada French-words have same legal equivalent as English. … And as we’ve seen in history there is so often a gross misunderstanding of above when a business (usually small business) does not get “smart” advice! …. ..and below I also do say I MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR NOT SCREAMING IMMEDIATELY ABOUT WHAT LINDT WAS DOING UNDER MY SHOP IDENTITY, as I expected it would just apologize and stop using my shop name words!
    AND here are more words I had to pull from below where I keep screaming to all Swiss that it is time for a reality check: The world has so much to admire about our beautiful Switzerland! Why why do you allow below to reinvent Switzerland’s image, and to make a joke of our “Swiss brand” ..that comes with a “magic” where most of the world sees us-Swiss as gentle, simple folks who are shy and go out of our way to be decent, who put modesty over arrogance, and who show compassion and kindness –and where we Swiss have an unusually strong dedication to product-excellence that allows us to brag to the world to: “Hold us to standards above others!”; HOW there is nothing that give me more hope in MY OWN BATTLE WITH LINDT then the whispering I keep getting from Swiss in political positions and media who paint very disturbing pictures of what is actully going on!: HOW I do well realize I am doing the biggest gamble of my life in sending these mailing out and that they keep feeding COE Tanner’s desire to destroy me! Finally: HOW I continue to get lots of frightening outpouring of emotions as I well realize that I AM ENTERING INTO A VERY DANGEROUS PHASE (even putting my family at risk) confronting a bully the industry loves to call “The Mad Chocolates of Switzerland” who continues to think he can do whatever he wants, with some warning me I AM PUTTING MY OWN LIFE AT RISK with these mailings and should even be putting police-here on high alert to all this, and even ask for their protection! ..especially as I also still get targeted with lots of attacks to shut me up.
    + ANDDD below are also more words telling that clearly the message is spreading that Lindt is a cheater ..and how massive humiliation-of-Lindt is already slowly starting “to take on a spin of its own” (with even political winds slowly blowing to awaken the world to all this) as this-story-spreads and more and more realize Lindt cruel doings (with some thinking that my-mailings have had a lot to do with some of the wake-ups) in European courts, media, even in a recent-smack-down in a Swiss contest (that went horribly wrong, as “show me the money” did not work any more ..and when chocolate festivals with Lindt present become a joke festival in many minds) were a “Lindt perfection” ended up as THE-WORST-PRODUCT, that’s still a laugh in the industry (and that are so far the strongest words-on-Lindt yet “within” Switzerland ..althoughhh the “labeling fraud of the year” angry-outburst below maybe was even worse) ..that many say is start of a shift and beginning-of-the-end of Lindt’s pompousness ..with more and more telling me that THE GOODY-GOOD TIMES ARE STARTING TO DWINDLE for Lindt, and more and more food shows WRITING-LINT-OUT OF THEIR INVITATIONS! PLUS it tells more about humiliation (Lindt people whisper) by way of closure of Lindt boutiques in the U.S., some 100++ of them, over 50%, even though Lindt laughs it off and tells the closing is much smaller ..with background that Lindt’s pulling back on trans fats has reduced demand for many of its products as they are not AS ADDICTIVE (they say the THRILL OF EATING LINDT PRODUCTS KEPT DISAPPEARING AS LINDT USED LESS AND LESS TRANS FATS, that when mixed with sugar have an unbelievable taste). PLUS it tells more about how these mailing-below are painting a FACE OF CRUELTY-AND-MARKETING-TERRORISWM and super-powering the-Lindt-humiliation already out there and becoming a jumping off point for a deeper look at the wink-wink acceptance within-Switzerland that’s fueling CEO Tanner’s bravado! ..that is all rooted in Swiss history, a facet of its identity that is being awakened these days as we continue to see in the media. …ANDDD below tries bring more attention to Lindt’s staged clownish “ribbon” events that have been telling the public, especially media, how Swiss-perfect Lindt is, and where most other chocolate-makers were ridiculed at the events, especially Americans (that almost became a ritual) well as how Lindt people have been able for so many many years to “steal the show” at public events around the world with what people in the industry say were LIES and “show me the money” UNDER TABLE DEALINGS. Then also is the reality that the “lectures” on how to make perfect chocolate are a joke given that most of Lindt “perfection”-products are made with “easy to use” ugly fats that “children’s chocolate-making-kits come with” ANDDD I keep telling that all I present-about-Lindt is “NOT THE SWITZERLAND I LOVE …And below I tell lots how all the exaggerations not only fooled consumers but also terrorized competition that all brought chaos (became a KILLER is probably more accurate) to our chocolate industry here too, when all of a sudden high-quality-chocolates-made-here began to be seen as mighty booooooringgg ..and it all stirred perceptions of DISTRUST OF CANADIAN-MADE-CHOCOLATES! AND TODAY CHEAP ingredients are still at the top in most products with COCOA MASS way down on the bottom, if at all present
    + Here are also good words from below that need to be repeated: DID LINDT & SPRÜNGLI make “BETTER-HEALTH”-promises and instead delivered “TERROR” realities? And did the brand “SWISS” GUARANTEE HONESTY IN-IT ALL IN WAYS THAT VERY FEW OTHER THINGS CAN? ..that is, guaranteeing in-consumer-minds the-truth of Lindt’s “Swiss-PERFECTION” promotions..even though “most” of Lindt-products “were but cheap CHOCOLATE-CANDY” that did not pass a laughing-test with Swiss-people,” that “had mostly dangerous-fats and very little REAL chocolate” and were NOT-even-made-in-Switzerland (with lots made in China)? And does this “Look how goody-good-we-are” SWISS-magical-branding go on today to continue “champion” Lindt’s “rise to Swiss-greatness” that lets its CEO promote himself with words like: “a man on a mission to make people healthier and happier” (recently bombarded) that continued capture the hearts of consumer with magical images ..and also continues to let Lindt keep making chocolate-perfections where somehow “REAL-chocolate-ingredients are NOT important in products sold here,” and reality that it is MORE IMPORTANT TO “SATISFY TASTES” in our fat-rear-junk culture? AND did Lindt’s promises over-the-years possibly cross “CRIMINAL lines” in all this craziness as it conquered markets with “SWISS-exaggerations” (and my shop name) especially as CEO Tanner continued to laugh: “Ha Ha, no one else is complaining!” if telling me “Beat it ..what could possibly go wrong as I keep silent?” in what people say continues to be some no-shame insane response ..about his “SWISS-PERFECTIONS, where even recently one of Lindt’s-very-best came in dead-last in a Swiss contest (worst-showing-ever that for sure is shifting in a downward spiral Lindt’s iconic-image even in Swiss minds); and where Lindt was chosen as “mislabeler of the year” in EU, and where Lindt’s fraud message was also finally beginning to be heard by Swiss-consumers who in anger chose Lindt-products in also some kind of “labeling fraud of the year” angry-outburst (that everyone tried to hush up) ..anddd where not long ago Lindt got humiliated in a “fake white chocolate” U.S. court decision, plus where recent-shipments-to India got turned-back by-the-Indian-government (where some say “my mailings are slowly paying off, and that these humiliations could be a thundering glimpse into the future) because the products did not match “what was labeled and what-was-PROMISED IN PROMOTIONS,” in that its “Swiss chocolate PERFECTIONS were a lie and had mostly-ugly-fats, and most were not even made in Switzerland” plus that “its ingredients listings were not accurate”! And below is lots more outpouring of complaints about all-these-things plus how some say things like this are already changing “Switzerland’s relationship around the world” ..and how yet LINDT IS STILL ALLOWED TO PRESENT ITSELF AS “SWISS-PERFECT” and how all this CONTINUES TO ENGRAIN THAT “LOOKING THE OTHER WAY” IS THE NORMAL-WAY Swiss-respond to honesty problems.. plus lots more about need that (people in the industry keep saying) “the world learn the dirt behind Lindt’s success,” and about many yelling that Lindt “CHEATED them out of true chocolate health benefits” and about Lindt-products being able to “MAKE OUR SICK EVEN-SICKER” ..and to ignite “terror and tears” in those-on-health-and-death-journeys when their stomachs can explode after over-eating on loving-gifts of Lindt’s diarrhea-heartstopper-SWISS-PERFECTIONs (that have stunning “90% dangerous-fats inside thin-shells of chocolate” that some health-care-people love to paint with the words “pooping chocolate”) ..“SWISS PERFECTION”-products costing-pennies-to-make (Lindt’s CEO here revealed to me with his loose lips) that generated for Lindt stunning-profits and allowed CEO-Tanner to giggle that he was sitting on SFr half-billion! …. Below update is moreover about an even much bigger picture about Swiss-politicians passing on messages to me that in fact IT IS NOT-“THEIR”-PROBLEM AS TO WHAT LINDT DOES in Canada and that it’s up to us-here to enforce things, as if they never learned from their own Swiss honesty-history ..and also about this story being bad as it all is it actually getting dirtier, and meaner, as nasty as you can imagine with hooligan and mob-gangster-like behaviour that gave me frightening thoughts! ..with things in this story becoming more and more shocking than you can imagine as my research continues to grow deeper, exposing a growing “WE ARE THE BEST-OF-THE-VERY-BEST” HORROR that is getting weirder and scarier with far more brutal things than even I could have imagined, and that is-all becoming a battle-scene with the rest of the chocolate industry ..with more and more too advising me that it’s time I put all this to PUBLIC TEST and display a disclaimer in my shop window with simple message: “Please note: THIS SHOP HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LINDT & SPRUNGLI ..the ONE WHO “PROMOTES DIARRHEA-HEARTSTOPPER-CHOCOLATE-CANDY AS SWISS-CHOCOLATE-PERFECTIONS UNDER OUR SHOP-IDENTITY”! ..the one the industry loves to call “THE MAD CHOCOLATIER OF SWITZERLAND”
    And here are more damning words pulled-from-below (even though they repeat) to give bit bigger picture of humiliaitons Lindt is building:
    And below is lots more outpouring of complaints about all-these-things plus how some say things like this are already changing “Switzerland’s relationship around the world” ..and how yet LINDT IS ALLOWED TO CONTINUE ITS-POWERPLAY and MARKET THE WORST-HEALTHY-CHOICE LIES IN THE WORLD (where even junk-candy made outside of Switzerland continues to be allowed to be marketed as “SWISS chocolate that cannot be made any better”) AND to continue fool our most-vulnerable-and-simple-folks and PRESENT ITSELF AS “SWISS-PERFECT,” and how all this CONTINUES TO ENGRAIN THAT “LOOKING THE OTHER WAY” IS THE NORMAL-WAY Swiss-respond to honesty problems.. plus lots more about need that (people in the industry keep saying) “the world learn the dirt behind Lindt’s success” ..and need to ignite reality of “anger” in those-with-health-problems THAT WERE FOOLED when their stomachs exploded-with-incredible-pain after over-eating on loving-gifts of Lindt’s diarrhea-heartstopper-SWISS-PERFECTIONs
    And below I push a lot further fact that how scientists say that Lindt’s “perfections” were for-so-many-many-years artery-clogging fat-bombs, and weapons-of-mass-destruction, and scientific reality as to how the “trans-fats” can for-all-of-us “eventually (especially if overconsumed) bring heart-problems, diabetes, cancer, obesity, liver dysfunction, infertility, depression, (news just out that they are also major contributors to Alzheimer’s and thyroid problems) ..and that for sure they can cause stomach problems for the pregnant and the old and the “medically fragile,” making many sick in their guts and sending them rushing to the toilet ..or letting their stomach explode! news just out now that: People who eat a lot of food that contains trans fats have poorer memories than people who don’t.
    + And I must repeat these words-from-below about a “collective responsibility” in all this, where I try to be openly honest about our Canadian part in “deeper and deeper failure to protect consumers”: Someone needs to speak up about Canadian failure to protect us on healthy-choice honesty ..and there is embarrassment of our Canadian politicians allowing a “self-policed chocolate industry” where NOBODY IS WATCHING OVER MARKETING (as we keep hearing in the media), plus where we here “protect animals-from-cruelty better” than we “protect Canadian-humans in this healthy choice honest” (see stories below about recent front page coverages about cruelty-to-cows and dogs and “raccoons with one handed out jail sentences for hitting a raccoon with a shovel”) ..and given hilarious coverage too where a funeral home owner was found guilty of fraud and is facing 2 years in jail for substituting cheaper caskets than what was paid for! As well I do my best below to awaken Canadians to need for better healthy-choice policing as even our coffins-here have had to be made bigger and bigger and bigger!) … Plus my message to our people stands: How how how are we suppose to know when TRUTHS or LIES are promoted? with your silence we watch Lindt take us for suckers! Maybe LEGAL TRIALS will start bringing us answers to such questions?
    + PLUS I do much below to keep repeating this message to CEO Tanner: …Yes of course your Lindt can label and promote products any way it wants to as that is its business, but when it does things that make people assume I-am-Lindt in some way and Canadians come to me to vent-anger-about-Lindt then what your Lindt does becomes MY BUSINESS ALSO and I’m free to scream about it (especially with fact that you began to use my shop name right after “our get-togethers to explore Lindt doing business under my shop name”), and it becomes my responsibility to TAKE BACK THE LEGAL POWER BEHIND MY SHOP IDENTITY and set things straight until you fix what you have destroyed of mine!
    + plus see below where I also ask CEO Tanner: When one day you wake up in hell, what will you think of all the things you did that took consumers for suckers? …and here too are more words I sent to him: Anddd when they’ll eventually say “dust to dust, ashes to ashes” over you, how will people remember you? ..and will you squirm in your little grave at what history will write about you, as no doubt your founding-fathers (who helped write the Chocolate Bible) are probably now squirming in their graves because of what you do?
    + Plus here are some interesting words posted on the web: Lindt sold in the USA is no longer a good chocolate. I used to buy it all the time and it changed a while back. I contacted them and spoke with their marketing officer and found out that “market research had concluded that the new method for making their chocolate sold in the USA fit the tastes of America better” …And here are some more words still posted: Lindt Truffles are Disgusting DECEMBER 17, 2013
    + Plusss read below the continued whispers I get that for so many years the CEO-Blatter-here allowed in Ontario-here political-under-the-table influence that you wouldn’t imagine, when Lindt was given privileges beyond-all-others, and where at times the arrival of Lindt-people was greeted as if a Swiss parade was marching in (that mysteriously stopped some time ago), that I leave to others to make sense of! …. ANDDD I must keep on repeating this question to CEO Tanner: How will you ever explain your silence on the “NO VEGETABLE FATS” Lindt-story that hit the front pages here with promises of healthier life”? ..(see more below, with your people explaining that it was simply an “error in translation and it meant for solid-bars only) with true fact being that most of your Lindt products were being made with the most dangerous vegetable fats on this planet!
    Plus below is even more about lingering question “whether millions have now right to sue Lindt for lies that affected their health, if they think they have a KILLED-BY-LINDT’S-SWISS-PERFECTIONs story?” ..and if “ALL CONSUMERS ARE NOW THE JURY ON THIS HORROR STORY?” And here are some words-on-this from below: I do look forward to bringing-in the voices of angry-Lindt-consumers to start igniting MOMENTS OF AWAKENING for the world (as happened in my shop when my own Swiss-honesty image began to be transformed and rocked to its foundation as people began to think I sold Lindt-“Swiss perfection” products same as sold in every dollar store and convienience store), like maybe an angry grandma releasing “emotional meltdown” for viral world-attention by publicly yelling words something like: “So that’s what caused Grandpa’s pooping problems!” ..or worse: “So that’s what killed Grandpa!” ..or if people look at a grave of a loved-one and begin to wonder “if Lindt should now be held responsible? they start to realize that “Lindt’s perfections CAN KILL” and that their loved-one was a victim of “Swiss-chocolate-perfection lies” and that he/she “while in a body-that-was-quitting-on-them” did believe Lindt’s magical “healing power” that it will maybe save their life ..or believed “preventative medicine”-LIFE-GETS-BETTER-promises that read like legal-contracts on back of the SWISS-brand-and-flag (that are-seen as magical and special in public-eyes ..and that legitimized Lindt’s honesty and made Lindt-LIES and FRAUDS be seen as Swiss-TRUTHS in consumer minds), with promotions that promised ability to change life-and-health for-the-better by way of products that were mostly TRANS-FATS that are the most dangerous fats on this planet ..fats that also DRIVE THE APPETITE-OF-ALL-HUMANS IN CRAZY WAYS ..and can then become an instrument of torture for some, and even a life-changing event for some if in bad health and is over consumed!
    And here are more words I have to repeat from below: That these continued brutal-mailings-of-mine are my personal-escape-route as Lindt continues to come-at-me and keeps stabbing me ..with realization too that if I do not scream-loud-enough I WILL BE DESTROYED BY LINDT’S ARMY OF LAWYERS AND BILLIONS! ..with also message-to-Tanner that: “if you expect me to-become-silent and-fade-away as I struggle to survive with already so many Lindt stabs in the back ..then well, you are dreaming! Moreover below I also keep repeating that: I love my Switzerland “with a gentle-people who like-to-see-themselves as the world’s-conscience” ..but that “THE LINDT MAD CHOCOLATIER STORY is not part of this country I love”!!!! that this story breaks every bit of honesty I was educated in by the Nuns in Switzerland school who drilled into us that we must stand up for human rights, something that bonded us Swiss and that allowed us to bask in the glory of, that the world so admired.
    And below I tell more how I kept hearing whispers (that blew my mind) on HOW LINDT KEPT BEING CHOSEN BY FOOD WRITERS AND CONTEST-JUDGES by way of under-the-table-influence (plus read below where PEOPLE TELL THAT WE HAVE ONLY OURSELVES TO BLAME as even our food writers have difficulty understanding the standards of honest chocolate ingredients, with some even thinking that partially-hydrogenated fats are less harmful than “hydrogenated” fats!)
    AND here are more words pulled: So today after all my mailings below have gone out this is “your story NOW.” Where do you see it ending? I continue to write more and more about your miracle abilities to make Swiss Chocolate Perfections out of what the world calls JUNK CANDY! PLUS I must repeat again the absurdity of your “vegetable fats” media release some time ago, as for sure it made more consumers fall in love with your Lindt when they read headlines about “NO VEGETABLE FATS in your chocolates” that misled them in unbelievable ways! (probably also went out around the world) putting Lindt into position of power and capturing even more imaginations of HEALTHY CHOICE like a bombshell ..a fantasy-feature-story that sounded like INSANITY-STRUCK! ..that then get even more stupider when Lindt people shrugged it off as a simple reporting-error, that their actual message got lost in translation! ..but where Lindt “never bothered to set the facts straight”! ..something that should now be LEGALLY CHALLENGED! (And below I do more to keep repeating how Lindt people kept yelling at me about my complaints to: “STOP IT, AS IT WAS A SIMPLE TRANSLATION-MISTAKE!”) And again and again let me put all this into simple legal words for you: I DID NOT SLIP INTO YOUR WORLD! ..YOU CAME INTO MINE, STEALING MY IDENTITY!
    ONE FINAL NOTE: I tell more below when there were times when I THOUGH “I AM NOT GOING TO WIN THIS LINDT-BATTLE “..and here are words I just had to pull on this: Read below one caregiver’s stirring story that goes into the “human side” of this Lindt fakery, how so many visitors bring loving-gifts of “Lindt GOURMET PREMIUM PURE MASTERPIECE FINE SWISS CHOCOLATE PERFECTIONs” thinking they will help to calm patients and help them FACE THE FEAR OF HEALTH JOURNEY ..AND DEATH! ..where for many the “perfections actually do give great taste” ..but that all too often the guilty-pleasure of these Lindt perfections can for sure complicate-life of healthcare givers and turn patient-events into nighttime-diarrhea-pooping when even facemasks cannot hide the stench, especially if the patient gobbles down the entire box of-Lindt-perfections –all at a time they need to watch-like-never-before what they consume! ….. And on “these health journeys-below-I-describe” here are PERSONAL words “to share with you some understanding of MY OWN high emotions in these emailings on LINKDT-FOOLING PEOPLE IN HEALTH CRISIS”: I continue draw on MY OWN horrors with many many near-deaths and many many many weeks spent in hospitals, to give you personal insights on importance of healthy-choice honesty, especially what it is like to be trapped in a non-functioning body and gasping for life and trying to eat something that does not upset your stomach. And here’s more on this, about my own struggles with “so many”-near-deaths since I was very young (that hopefully give you a bit of background of my personal emotions about need healthy choice honesty), that starting when I was studying-opera (plus was on-two-scholarships in one of top American schools) in Denver (under Dr Antonia Brico, who had an Academy-Award-nominated film made about her work), and how “as I was living with her and had to learn a new language and culture ..and how I toured U.S. singing opera and performed on TV” (see below note from Dr Albert Schweitzer with “to the little angel with the voice of an angel” congratulations) and how I suddenly went into a 2 week coma (and got a virus in my throat) and then began to fight my first battle to stay alive! And below I explain more about this and my numerous then other near-deaths and comas I had, including several big operations ..and even my “heart stopping while over the mid-west-US and the plane having to make an emergency landing with then an ambulance rush to hospital, that I talked about a few years ago on two Biography TV episodes (especially about my out of body experience I had then); plus later my loss of 7 pregnancies with one living a couple of days (that I also talked about it on Biography TV) ..and how I was even approached about doing something on Oprah-TV to talk about MY CONTINUED WILL TO LIVE, that then at-that-time “my 3 ambulance rides-with-sirens-on to Emergency here in Toronto” put a halt to the TV show –plus had one more pickup later! (andddd was also “almost” picked up yet one more time by ambulance not long ago + even got continued to be told I was “going blind going blind going blind” in matter of months –although thank God I am now ok, I hope –as I just now had eye surgery!) ..that all for sure began “have me lose my momentum in these mailings, with even lots of babbling”! … Plus I talk below of how recently I was giving only one day to live that required 5 blood transfusions and 4 anesthetics-to-put-me-to-sleep (to keep putting a 6-foot camera and laser down my throat to fix the mess-my-9-pregnancies did to my stomach), with a week in hospital, and where I still struggle to recover from it all today.
    + And here are words-from-below sent to CEO Tanner that must be repeated as they apply not only to Swiss-businesses but also to the SWISS brand: Businesses live or die on basis of what’s in the imagination of consumers ..and that a brand-identity IS GIVEN BY CONSUMERS and can be so easily redefined, especially in this day of the internet ..and that “angry consumers” usually win such wars with vengeance! And people keep asking me, especially did it at one special charity event: IF WE SWISS CAN TREAT DYING-CHILDREN-IN-DIAPERS-AND-IN-WHEELCHAIRS AS IF DISPOSABLE-MONEY-MAKERS ..THEN ARE WE EVEN WORSE THAN TERRORIST?
    + And all this comes with more hysterical humour that’s getting silly comments from more and more, where I expand on a hilarious story of someone in sexual desperation gobbling down lots of Lindt’s “diarrhea-heartstopper perfections” on hearing your Lindt brag that eating Lindt perfections IS SEXY
    AND BELOW IS MORE ON HOW ALL THIS BEGAN: where my get-togethers with Lindt had objective of doing something jointly in honestly market “TRUE Swiss chocolate excellence (plus get MY OWN SUPPLIERs IN SWITZERLAND ON BOARD IN DOING THIS) the best Swiss truffles that can be made” ..and also to tackle the HK and China markets that I had lots of connections and personal experience with (I had a boutique in HK before SARS destroyed things) ..with also backing-I had of some billion-dollars by way of a family owned private bank in HK, that was my partner in the HK boutique …andddd how there “popped up a psychological barrier in all this” that I had to break through when I began to realize I was dealing with Lindt’s CEO Tanner being a liar who just interested in sucking all my information.
    + And below my “TIME THE WORLD KNEW THE TRUTH ABOUT LINDT”-update exposes lots more complaints on “Swiss-honesty problems” and does lots more to keep repeating complaints spat at me that we-“nice-gentle-kind-shy”-Swiss “must stop our own horror-doings” before we continue to lecture and shake-fingers-at-others “as if we are do-no-evil saints” ..especially we must look-in-the-mirror before we complain about “crime-by-others that affect Swiss”!
    + Here are more words about things “most do not know about Lindt” even though they repeat: Below are more rare-peeks into “what was behind Lindt success,” especially about Lindt workers-in-Switzerland shamefully teld me that most profits were driven by “cheap-ugly-fat math” numbers (and who continue even today give me more and more news, especially that WITHOUT THE SWISS-BRAND ALL OF LINDT’S SUCCESS WOULD BE LOST) ..that came from selling “addictive-junk worth-pennies for gourmet-prices” mainly by way of Lindt’s famous-long-time “secret-recipe” where “FILLINGS” in-most-products (usually round-products) were “90% ugly-fats” that cost a fraction-of-a-penny! And below I explore more how Lindt continues today to live in its “look how-Swiss-perfect-we-are fantasy world” and showing no sign of worry about health-damage that could have been “a nightmare for many on health-trips or pregnant,” with exaggerations that would not be allowed to sell even dog-food within Switzerland people-say + Below I tell more how Lindt production workers whispered to me the secret behind Lindt’s famous “secret recipe” where they say: ..telling me that MOST of Lindt’s “round” products were for many decades made mostly of 90% ugly fats (mostly deadly TRANS-FATS until recently) inside thin-balls of chocolate (that the production-workers in Switzerland whispered to me was the “secret” to an “ADDICTIVE-POWER like-nothing-else when combined with sugar) and that is “behind Lindt’s unbelievable success (that Lindt-workers say was a marketing miracle for Lindt’s profits beyond belief, where at times Lindt could not even keep up with demand) and where most of these-Lindt-perfections were not even made in Switzerland! Read below also where Lindt people are telling that stopping the trans-fats has brought a big downturn in Lindt’s marketing success.
    + Here plussss I continue below to give lots of thanks to SWISS WHO CONTINUE TO SUPPORT ME and who continue to shine lots of light on this for me to see more and more Lindt ugliness. ANDDD I do also address more the possibility that maybe I got all this wrong in that “there is a new junk world out there” that I do not understand and that I push facts too far.. and that I’m but a Yesterday’s Swiss who does not know how to make lots of money and run to a Swiss bank!! ..and just maybe maybe I got false-confessions from Lindt people and even GOT MY 90% FAT-MATH WRONG?
    + The update below is also more on a fact that “I am not alone in my fight with Lindt,” and below continues to expand on this, especially a mysterious vicious-hatred Lindt has for Godiva and fellow-Swiss-Nestlé (especially from Lindt’s CEO-Blatter-here-in-Canada who still has a rage-of hatred for them) and for sure unbelievable hatred for Americans that I leave to others to purse as it comes with so many shocking realities over so many years! Also below looks how Lindt has “destroyed” so many other chocolate makers where I was not the only one that CEO Tanner attacked as I detail below, and where I was but a passing amusement!
    Ingrid Läderach Steven

    previous Update: to let the world know more about how Lindt developed miracle-ability to “make SWISS Chocolate Perfections” from ugly-fats with promises of better-health, happiness, love-life, and how it still continues (until just recently) to ridiculously brag “NEVER SELLS ANYTHING BUT SWISS-PERFECT CHOCOLATE!” and that its Lindor Balls are the “greatest gift of perfection to chocolate world”! ..and how continued Swiss POLITICAL-SILENCE on-all-this continues to give blessing to all Lindt does, making this story “crueler” to destroy trust in the magic of the SWISS brand even more ..that also for sure makes this Look-How-Swiss-Perfect-We-are horror-story weirder and for sure adds to what many keep seeing as a growing “lie, hold ground and deny deny accusations” habit (see more on it below) that we see more and more of even from Swiss-Banks and FIFA, a disease that has also been disgusting most Swiss! (yes actual-words even shamefully reported by Swiss media) ..with also Swiss politicians continuing to play “not our problem” look-the-other-way-comedy on all these things, not realizing that a few wakeup-words on a world podium can-so-easily shock the world in ways like never before (as things like that have over the years shocked me in my tiny story)! ..with also reality in this story of “Swiss politicians too expecting-ME to just fade away with a Lindt-knife in my back”! And my objective in keep- writing more and more below continues to be to simply tell the world more and more about what is happening and to “keep returning to Lindt all the ugliness it sent to me,” and to get this story to ignite attention of the entire world and “fuel the ugliness-of-Lindt’s-lies for all its worth” because sadly I am still on my knees bleeding after being backstabbed by a fellow Swiss, and I am crying for help ..and continue to be seen by my own customers as partnering with Lindt! Plus I can’t help but also add that CEO Tanner’s people have even continued to “threaten my-suppliers-in-Switzerland” that they must make-me shut up ..and that Tanner for sure MEANS BUSINESS IN GETTING ME DESTROYED, and so so sa sadly him not understand the power-potential of all of this I-document-below to blow up in humiliation and lawsuits all over the world and go on to build even a far darker reality and cultural-imprint about horrors done under the “Swiss” brand ..and go on to reawaken all of Switzerland’s history of ignoring own wrong doings! ..especially as up to just-recently we kept seeing these BRAVADO words bombarded about CEO Tanner: “a man on a mission to make people healthier and happier” (yes, exact words recently bombarded as if “to-save-the-world” that just SCREAM insanity and say-it-all about CEO Tanner’s sick mind) ..words that continued fool and capture the hearts of consumer with magical images as if “Lindt products are a miracle for good health” ..that also permitted his Lindt sales people to even keep on “dispensing HEALING and PREVENTATIVE advice” (see more on this below) And then also there were also these even words bombarded: “ON MISSION TO MAKE PEOPLE HEALTHIER AND HAPPIER WITH PRODUCTS FEW CAN TURN DOWN –HIGH QUALITY CHOCOLATE”
    And I can’t help but also say again and again that all this keeps taking on a insane-horror comedy that crosses legal wrong doings “to make this a criminal story for people all over the world to start launching lawsuits!” ..and to get comedy-reporters to start inflating it all beyond belief!

    And here is how this store is even more shameful with this continued “NOT OUR PROBLEM” message that seems to say that even SWISS POLITCIANS laugh “no one else is complaining”: …Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address. :Remote host said:550 Blocked[RCPT_TO]

    Note: First, as your read below-update do take special note of reality that CEO Tanner sent me a personal letter some time ago “that reads like a legal-CONFESSION about use-of-my-shop-name for his ugly-fat-Swiss-perfections” (that were made mostly of trans-fats back then, by way of Lindt’s famous “secret recipe”) ..but where he then excusing-all-he-did with the words “no one else is complaining” (as if Ha-Ha we-here-this-side-of-the-ocean are fat-rear slobs who do not know any better nor ask for anything better) plus where he also had nerve to write-in-same-letter “not to blame his CEO Rudi Blatter-here in Canada with-my-problems, because the idea of USE-OF-MY-SHOP-NAME for LINDT’s “SWISS PERFECTION PROMOTIONS” WAS ALL HIS-OWN DOINGS (i.e. Tanner’s)” I kid you not, and the letter even came with Tanner’s own signature to show how powerful he was ..and as if to SCARE ME, that I should just shut up and fade away and lose all I ever worked for in my life! Plus read too where “prior-to-all-that” his CEO-Blatter here-in-Canada handed me a “confidentiality agreement for our business-get-togethers” written as if he was high on drugs (see top-copy-of-it below), with him then not even able to understand my-argument of the STUPIDITY OF HIS WORDS (that he was “making promises to Lindt and not to me”) ..that I would love to see challenged in a legal court, to make the whole court burst out in hysterical laugher as I would think the two-documents (mentioned above) give me power to fight back Lindt even with its army of lawyers and its billions!
    And below update is also more on a second hilarious reality in this story, on HISTORY OF LINDT ITSELF HAVING A HISTORY OF BATTLES ON “THEFT OF ITS OWN IDENTITY THEFT” where for so many many years “Lindt sued anyone around the world who dared put gold-foil on an Easter bunny” with legal argument that it was “identity theft” that was stealing Lindt’s famous Easter image! And here are some media-words on Lindt’s “recent” even-more-boldness and stupidity on this: Lindt also tried for an additional trademark for the “naked” bunny shape without foil. For good measure, it also tried to trademark a chocolate reindeer that looks an awful lot like a bunny.
    Anddd I cannot help but repeat too a third important-factor in this growing Lindt story that affected me as a “female,” in that “it comes with an unbelievable empowerment-over-females” that I had personally lived through with Lindt, starting by way of CEO Tanner’s letter sent to me (as mentioned) with his “get lost Loser” message, a males-are-smarter-than-females stand that I am told is alive today within “some Swiss-male-culture of entitlement,” with Tanner simply even-today continuing to expect me to just fade-away from this fight-we-have-had ..with also reality too that this story continues to come with a “I can do whatever I want” pompousness that the world has also for sure been seeing from FIFA, and that we also saw too when the Swiss banks told complaining-Jews to “Get Lost”! ..that all continues to build a comedy-horror script for a great Hollywood movie, especially as this story also comes with lots of Lindt hatred for Godiva, fellow-Swiss Nestlé and for sure lots of disgusting hatred for Americans, as if “CEO Tanner is in some way THE VICTIM in these battles, that tells even a bigger lunatic story that I leave to others to discover!
    AND BELOW STILL COMES ALSO WITH THESE CONTINUED “BEGGING WORDS TO ALL SWISS POLITICIANS”: Do you not understand the power of these mailings to TRAIN ME TO PUNCH HARDER AND HARDER and to ignite anger around the world and possibility of them soon changing the dynamics of social, business and political discussions, and become a flashpoint for anger and protests and change the whole perspective of everything Swiss? Please think all this through and do some disaster prevention as the more-and-more read-this the more-and-more will realize that “health-destroying-junk that should have come wrapped in toilet paper was proudly promoted for many many years as “SWISS CHOCOLATE PERFECTION ..and that Lindt’s MAKE HEALTH AND HAPPY SWISS-PROMISES WERE LIES-that-affect-their-lives and that of their loved ones” you do not seem to understand the power of the words below to ignite anger against Swiss, the way that the “Get lost Jews / Swiss bank battle” ignited anger, when back then I got hit with graffiti attacks, screaming phone calls, and chanting protests, and when I even had to take on a large loan to survive! (and when even today a hint of that opens Jews to anger and I so often get nasty coments!) Please, let’s hear your side of the this story, especially if I am wrong on anything, as for sure people keep-asking-me “Why do you-Swiss preach and shake fingers at others around the world ..while looking the other way to own wrong doings (and continue to be the “world’s biggest depository-of-dirty-money that supports so much evil around the world)”?” I have no idea how to answer to all these things! How would you answer to it all with cameras aimed at you? Please do give thought to all-this before all-Swiss suffer from what may well come by way of humiliation-like-we’ve-never-seen-before!
    And here are more words-from-below on the “Gold Bunny” battle: Here is one media-review of Lindt’s battle on bunnies: They are the symbol of Easter in Switzerland. But the golden Lindt bunnies aren’t Swiss. As revelations go, this one is up there with Heidi was German and Switzerland isn’t neutral in terms of shock factor. How can those cute little gold-wrapped bunnies not be Swiss? They are made by Lindt & Sprüngli, one of the oldest and most famous chocolate makers in Switzerland. Except they are made by Lindt & Sprüngli in Germany. … At a time when the new Swissness proposals are being debated in the Federal Parliament, it’s interesting to see that this Swiss icon isn’t Swiss at all. I checked the shelves and Lindt & Sprüngli very carefully mark their chocolate bars with SWISS MADE where it applies (so the bunny doesn’t get that stamp of approval). But the new rules might change that. The proposal is for foodstuffs to have the Swiss Made stamp only if 80% of their ingredients are Swiss, … Rodolphe Lindt must be turning in his grave. He opened his chocolate factory in his hometown of Bern in 1879
    And here are more words from-below that I sent to CEO Tanner on his use of my shop name, that need to be repeated: I was told by your own people that your aim was to “make my shop name be part of the most powerful slogan in Chocolate World!” ..and that in fact what I saw in Lindt-promotions-here was just a first use of my identity, that my complaints slowed down! Was that not a mistake to dismiss me with your pompousness?
    Plus I do keep repeating below too that: I DO MUCH TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THERE “MAY WELL BE ERRORS IN-WHAT-I-PRESENT,” BUT THAT CEO-TANNER’S NOW LAUGHING-SILENCE-ON-THEM (and his “get lost” message to me as if he rules chocolate-world and is even beyond the reach of everybody’s law ..that reminds many of FIFA) keeps adding to the meaning of his “Mad Chocolatier of Switzerland” title plus MAKES THESE ERRORS “TRUE” FOR READERS especially with also fact of my continuing unanswered-begging to him to: “Correct me if I am wrong ..Sue me if I am willfully wrong ..Correct what you have destroyed of mine!” ..words I also keep sending to political leaders of Switzerland!
    + PLUS THIS MESSAGE TO CEO TANNER also needs to be repeated with these words pulled from below: Obviously you have not learned from the past to “speak up”! It is time to give thought to the damage that could come from your out-of-control CEO-here in Canada, starting with his ability-to-go-into-emotional-anger when quite some time ago panic-set-in and he found nothing wrong to make a-power-trip to my booth at a Swiss-trade-fair and start yelling-in-a-rage at my female staff as if “a control freak on steroids ..with a rant that I was stealing his “Switzerland’s best” thunder that “it is Lindt who markets nothing but Switzerland’s very best” and not my shop shut up!” with visitors looking on in horror as if he was on some mental panic attack! ..that I saw also (from far away) as an act of “VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN from old-boy’s club” in that he would never never dare do that to a male! ..and much-much later when he found nothing wrong in attempting to fool me with an insane-stupid-crazy–childish “confidentiality agreement

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