Cut Out Processed Food in 14 Weeks

Cut Out Processed Food in 14 Weeks on 100 Days of #RealFood

I'm excited to announce something I've never done before, and I think you're gonna love it! I've created a free automated "100 Days of Real Food" Mini-Pledge Program that - starting in January - will [...] Keep Reading

Mini-Pledge Week 14: Five-Ingredient Rule

nutrition label

During our “100 Days of Real Food Pledge” we avoided all packaged foods containing more than five ingredients as well as all refined grains, sugar, and deep-fried foods. During this next challenge, [...] Keep Reading

Mini-Pledge Week 13: Nothing Artificial

food dye

This is one of the last "real food" mini-pledges before we reach our goal of 100 days! I did save some of the more difficult pledges for last, but I thought I would be nice and squeeze in an easy one [...] Keep Reading

Mini-Pledge Week 12: No Sweeteners

Caprese Salad

Knowing our society’s obsession with all things sweet I have a feeling this could be the most difficult “real food” mini-pledge yet. But don’t feel discouraged because even if you only join us for a [...] Keep Reading

Mini-Pledge Week 11: Eat Local Foods

Matthews Farmers Market

After “taking something away” during the last two weeks of real food mini-pledges who’s up for another challenge where we instead add something to our diets? I'm actually rather excited about this [...] Keep Reading

Mini-Pledge Week 10: No Refined Oils

Deliciously Organic

The other day I saw a “real food” blogger giving away a tub of “organic ghee” to one lucky reader. I said to my husband, “What in the heck is ghee and why would anyone want it?” I thought that blogger [...] Keep Reading

Mini-Pledge Week 7: 100% Whole Grain

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If you’ve been following along you knew this one was coming. I’ve been trying to ease everyone into the “real food” mini-pledges by holding off on the harder ones, but the time has come! Even though [...] Keep Reading