Recipe: Apple Walnut Muffins

Whole-Wheat Apple Walnut Muffins on 100 Days of #RealFood

The other day my 9-year-old was hungry for a snack, and after rummaging through the kitchen she said, “Mom, do we have any muffins anywhere?” That girl loves some muffins, and if she’s really hungry she’ll […]

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Guest Post: 5 Favorite Summer Snacks (from Super Healthy Kids)

Creamy Lemon Fruit Dip

Summer is a great time to experiment with different fruits and veggies because there are so many in season. They are great to have by themselves as a snack, but sometimes it is fun to add a little of this or a little of that and come up with a yummy fruit or veggie creation.

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Kids Don’t Need Snacks in Recreational Sports!

soccer snacks

By blog team member, Kiran. To learn more about Kiran check out our team page!

Eating real food is important to me and just as important for my family. I know firsthand that this is not always easy, and it doesn’t happen overnight. But as parents, I feel that it’s our job to give our kids the knowledge of what healthy actually means—both in and outside the house.

Our First Soccer Experience

Last fall, my 7 year old joined the local soccer league—a very organized one at that. We’re still in the stage of figuring out where our kids’ talents lie, and for this season, it was soccer. One practice a week and one game on weekends…that I could handle. But the snack situation I could not.

The first game rolled around, and each girl was instructed to bring a water bottle. Super, I thought. They absolutely need hydration. The coach had brought a big bag of oranges, cut and ready to be consumed, which the kids ate during the 45 minute game. Awesome! I loved that they had a sweet, nourishing whole food snack and water to nosh on while taking a breather.

But then when they finished the game and were given a bag of Cheez-It’s and a Capri Sun, I was baffled. Um, really? But what was I going to do, be the mean mom who wouldn’t let my daughter take the snack? (I was not the mean mom this time.)

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Guest Post: Toddler Bites from Weelicious

Toddler Foods

I’m thrilled to be guest posting for Lisa as nothing makes me happier than real food!

I started Weelicious six years ago after the birth of my son when I couldn’t find interesting homemade baby food recipes online and information on how you actually get kids to become great eaters from day one. But as the baby food stage quickly disappeared I found myself in the abyss of wondering how to feed my toddler. Like many moms I was scared of him choking, needing an epi-pen if he tasted peanut butter, or not getting enough nutrition when feeding himself.

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85 Snack Ideas for Kids (and Adults)!

crackers with cream cheese and jam

If you’re in a rut here are some snack ideas for inspiration. Please leave any additional suggestions in the comments below… Fruits and Vegetables… Apple (good with peanut butter) Banana (good with peanut butter) Carrots […]

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Recipe: Homemade Nut Free Larabars

Homemade Larabars

Nut free Larabars are the perfect “on-the-go” snack, and my girls were so excited when they saw me putting together the pictured platter…it was like torture for them waiting for me to finish taking pictures!

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Recipe: Homemade Larabars (4 ways including nut-free!)

Lara Bars

Well, I stand corrected. All this time readers have been telling me I should make my own Larabars at home, and I proudly stood my ground saying I already make too many things from scratch so I would continue to buy them from the store. But that was until I figured out homemade Larabars taste SO much better than the packaged ones!

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