A Week with the Leakes: Dinner and Treats

sunday dinner

Here's the last installment in our "Week with the Leakes" series where we took the time to photograph and record every single thing we ate for a week. In case you missed the first few posts check out [...] Keep Reading

A Week with the Leakes: Afternoon Snacks

Here is the third installment in our "A Week with the Leakes" series! If you haven't already, check out the breakfast post and lunch post that we published last week. Also, please be sure to read our [...] Keep Reading

A Week with the Leakes: Lunch

sunday lunch

If you saw the "Breakfast" post earlier this week then you know as part of our new, very personal series entitled "A Week with the Leakes" we spent a full 7 days recording every single thing our [...] Keep Reading

A Week with the Leakes: Breakfast

sunday breakfast

As I shared on facebook last week we've been working on a project where we record and photograph every single thing our family eats for a week. I've been posting a lot of our kids' lunches lately, and [...] Keep Reading