A Week with the Leakes: Dinner and Treats

Here’s the last installment in our “Week with the Leakes” series where we took the time to photograph and record every single thing we ate for a week. In case you missed the first few posts check out what we ate for breakfast, lunch, and snacks…also if you haven’t already be sure to read our disclaimer about the entire series.

Our dinners for the week…

Sunday Family Dinner: Sauteed wild-caught halibut (using whole-wheat flour/butter/lemon/white wine), whole-wheat homemade fettuccine alfredo, salad with local spinach & greens, local strawberries, local goat cheese, toasted almonds and homemade balsamic vinaigrette. The kids had whole milk and the adults had water and white wine.

Monday Family Dinner (family-style): A local pork tenderloin marinated in teriyaki sauce and grilled, quinoa mixed with avocado/toasted almonds/soy sauce/cilantro, and raw local sugar snap peas. The girls had whole milk and the adults had water…oh and the children were not big fans of the peas (hard to chew). Continue Reading »

A Week with the Leakes: Afternoon Snacks

Here is the third installment in our “A Week with the Leakes” series! If you haven’t already, check out the breakfast post and lunch post that we published last week. Also, please be sure to read our brief disclaimer about this series as well.

Unless otherwise noted we drank water with all the pictured snacks…

Monday After School Snack: Both girls had plain yogurt/berry/milk/banana and local Swiss chard smoothies (those were just the greens we had on hand from our garden) and some baked pita chips with hummus. I had a little bit of smoothie myself.

Jason’s Monday Afternoon Snack:  Mixed nuts and an apple. Continue Reading »

A Week with the Leakes: Lunch

If you saw the “Breakfast” post earlier this week then you know as part of our new, very personal series entitled “A Week with the Leakes” we spent a full 7 days recording every single thing our family ate. Check out the first post for the details and especially be sure to read our disclaimer if you haven’t done so already.

So, without further ado, here’s a full week of our lunches (please note: all four of us drank water with the pictured meals)…

Sunday Family Lunch: Caprese (local tomato/havarti/pesto) on grilled whole-wheat pitas (from Trader Joe’s), plain whole-milk yogurt mixed with homemade berry sauce, and local carrots.

Monday School Lunches (Note – For more school lunch ideas check out our recent “School Lunch Roundup!” post): Both kids had triple-decker whole-wheat waffle sandwiches (defrosted from freezer) with cream cheese/cinnamon/raisins in the middle, plain whole-milk yogurt mixed with homemade berry sauce (leftover from Sunday’s lunch), and fruit/veggies. Our first grader had the pictured local carrots and local strawberries and our preschooler had frozen peas in that compartment. Continue Reading »

A Week with the Leakes: Breakfast

As I shared on facebook last week we’ve been working on a project where we record and photograph every single thing our family eats for a week. I’ve been posting a lot of our kids’ lunches lately, and it’s provoked some readers to ask…”Well, what do you eat?” So it was a lot of work and sometimes hard to delay taking that first bite until we took the picture, but we figured we would just share it all! And what we ended up with were a ton of photos so I am breaking up the results into four posts: breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner/dessert.

Now, based on some of the feedback I’ve gotten when I share school lunches on facebook I feel as though I need to preface these posts with a disclaimer:

These meals are just a brief snapshot of our lives, and while I am sure some will feel we ate too much of X and not enough of Y, please know that we do not claim to be perfect (who is?). We simply do our best to eat a wide variety of satisfying whole foods while also only eating enough in order to feel full. In most cases we took pictures of our plates before we started eating and sometimes it was the right amount of food, but other times it was too much or too little. We didn’t prepare a special meal plan for the project, we just captured what happened.  And I’d also like to add that it’s much easier to make judgments about one’s eating habits when you see their meal photos all laid out on one page like this (while you are NOT simultaneously trying to race out the door to school or work or after school activities)!

So in summary, this is a typical week at our house and while we are always open to suggestions and feedback we ask that you please be respectful in the comments as we put ourselves out there like this. As always, our mission is to share our personal experiences to hopefully inspire other busy families to eat more real food. :)

I would also like to mention that most of what we buy is organic including everything from produce to grains to dairy so rather than me saying “organic” over and over a hundred times please just assume that most everything you see is organic.

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