Real Food on the Trail!

Real Food on the Trail

This past weekend we went on our second-ever family backpacking trip (our first time without a guide)! When we first did this last summer the guide handled all of the food, which definitely appeared [...] Keep Reading

Real Food Tips: Top 10 Travel Snacks

travel snacks

It's no secret that we've done our fair share of traveling so far this summer. If your family still has some fun trips coming up - whether by car or by plane - below are some snacks that we think are [...] Keep Reading

Special Report: Trip to Asia

Asian Fruit

Two weeks in Asia surprisingly left me with a huge craving for Mexican food! I am normally a big fan of Asian cuisine, but I’ve never tried to eat it 24/7 for two weeks straight. Only a few days into [...] Keep Reading

Tips for Trips: Real Food while Traveling

Whole-Wheat Tortillas

As our family gears up to skip town this summer I know we aren’t the only ones with travel plans on the agenda. Packing up an entire family is a lot of work, and since our switch to real food I have [...] Keep Reading

Where to buy real food

matthews farmers market

One of the reasons I started this blog about our real food journey was to share with others all the invaluable information I’ve learned from hours and hours of research. Just one year ago I had never [...] Keep Reading

Special Report: Trip to Argentina

South America map

We made it back home safe and sound! And while it was of course nice to return to the comforts of home and reunite with our children, we very much enjoyed our time away. Argentina was such a fun place [...] Keep Reading

How to eat whole foods at restaurants

Ruby Tuesday's

Since we started our 100 Days of Real Food pledge eating at restaurants has become quite a challenge, but we have also learned a lot from the experience. Below are some tips and suggested meals if you [...] Keep Reading