Feedback from Real Food Pledges

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In case you haven’t noticed we not only took a 100-Day Real Food Pledge (two of them actually), but we’re also inviting readers to join the fun by taking a 10-day pledge. More than 800 […]

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Post Pledge 3: Some Decisions

school lunch

Okay, so last week I was struggling with how to move forward after finishing our 100-day pledge. Should I still bring our own food to birthday party and other social outings? Is it okay to […]

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Post Pledge 2: The Struggle

roll up

This post was going to be all about how we’ve barely even broken the rules (other than on 2 or 3 occasions) since ending our pledge….and then today my husband went to Subway for lunch. […]

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Post Pledge: The First Rule Breakers…


I had this vision that after completing our 100-day pledge it would be difficult for us to indulge in any former rule-breaking foods. As it turns out…we didn’t have any trouble with it at all! […]

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Day 100: We Did It!!

Leake Family

I cannot believe day 100 is here! And at the same time I am so glad it is finally here. It’s not that I plan to do things much differently going forward, but I very […]

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Day 94: Starbucks and Out to Lunch


For the first time in 3 months I had a drink from Starbucks today! I must thank a friend who, during her 10-day pledge, learned Starbucks offers honey as an alternate sweetener. Without knowing that […]

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