Video: How to Make Homemade Gravy in 3 Easy Steps!

Whether it’s for the upcoming holidays or just Sunday dinner – I beg you to please not use those highly-processed store-bought packets of gravy mix to make your gravy! The ingredient list is full of refined additives you would not cook with at home even including “corn syrup solids” – no, thank you! Plus it’s SO super easy to make your own homemade gravy from scratch.

It can be done in just three simple steps, and I even show you in the video how you can use butter instead of cooking fat and broth instead of cooking juices. This way if you really want to make gravy quickly you can get it done in just two easy steps ! Watch the video below to see how I do it, and I guarantee gravy will start showing up on your table for more than just Thanksgiving dinner. Enjoy :)

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Video: How to Make a Perfect Grilled Cheese!

I bet you didn’t know you’ve been making grilled cheese wrong all this time. There are two tricks – the first is a key ingredient that I bet you aren’t using nearly enough of and the second is a secret ingredient that takes this classic sandwich from good to amazing! So I created a little 3-minute video to show you exactly how to do it. Once your perfect grilled cheese is ready serve it alongside Homemade Tomato Bisque and you will officially be in cool weather heaven. Enjoy!

Video: A Tour of My Real Food Freezer

Here is the final video in my kitchen tour series! In case you missed it I’ve already shared a tour of my fridge, pantry and kitchen (drawers, etc.). As you’ll see in this video we actually have an extra freezer that we use pretty regularly. When I first read In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan (the book that inspired me to cut out all processed food) he said if you have the space then get an extra freezer.

And oh boy was he right – between the locally raised meat from our farmer’s market (that’s sold frozen), and the 100% whole-wheat 5-ingredient bread I like to stock up on when I’m in that part of town, and the homemade convenience food I frequently make (including chicken stock, soups, muffins, waffles, etc.) it has been so worth it to have this extra freezer space. And that’s because when you find a good source for something like humanely raised meat or real bread it makes sense to stock up when you have the chance! It also goes without saying – I usually have a minor freak out when there’s a big storm and we lose power!! LOL Enjoy the tour…

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Video: A Tour of my Real Food Refrigerator

As part of my pantry and kitchen video tour series, here is what you’ll find inside my refrigerator! Of course this is just one random day of the year and my fridge varies week by week, but hopefully this little snapshot will give you an idea of how things sometimes look around here. I’d love to hear what I’d find in your real food fridge in the comments below. Enjoy! :)

Video: A Tour of My Kitchen!

I’ve posted a few cooking videos on the blog, and it seems like every time I do someone always asks if they can get a full tour. Our kitchen is certainly not perfect or up to model home standards, but we have worked hard to organize and stock it with just about everything we need to make real food. So just for fun here’s a look inside some of our cabinets including our kitchen’s best kept secret …the back pantry! With the kids back in school it’s the perfect time to work on getting organized, so hopefully this will give you some ideas.

Also if you want to see more detail about any of my kitchen tools that you saw in the video be sure to check out My Kitchen Essentials page.

Video: Is Vitamix Really The Best Blender?

This video was fun to shoot because I honestly had no idea what the outcome would be. This is not anything we practiced beforehand! And I don’t come right out and say it – but I think it’s obvious which blender I like the best out of the Blendtec, Vitamix, Ninja line-up. Get ready to be surprised because I’m pretty sure it’s not the one you’d think would be the winner here. This video is a MUST watch if you’ve ever considered upgrading your blender!

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