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neat-os – Reusable bags that let you see what’s inside!

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December 31, 20142013-06-18 16.28.52


Sure you’ve seen reusable bags before – but these ones have some cool features that we’re pretty turned on to. Not only are they made of FDA certified food-safe materials, they are also completely toxin- (and BPA-, PVC-, lead-, etc.) free and were designed for even chefs to use.

The reusable bags are made in the USA, contain no velcro, they have a viewable see-through window, and (what I love the most) can be washed by hand, in the dishwasher and even the washing machine. I first saw these bags via Mama and Baby Love, who actually stores her freezer meals within them. Yes – that means that they also make a gallon-sized version (score!)

Here are some great uses for reusable bags (including the large ones):

  • waste-free snacks and lunches
  • preparing food ahead of time (think chopped veggies, muffins, breads)cache_240_240_0_100_80_080
  • transporting food to parties
  • as a lettuce keeper (check out the link – pretty cool!)
  • organizing your diaper bag
  • keeping home-grown foods
  • crayon/marker keeper
  • receipt and/or coupon organizer
  • keeping poolside necessities dry
  • suitcase organizer

The opportunities are endless.  Bag the plastic bags and get the reusables. Right now, get 20% off by using code 100days20.




Squooshi’s – Reusable food pouches with endless possibilities

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Take 20% off of all orders with code 100DAYS

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December 31, 2014


From smoothies to applesauce, baby food blends to condiments, the sky’s the limit with Squooshi reusable food pouches437x259_4PACK_1024x1024

With varying sizes, you can fill them with real food blends for your baby, your toddler, or child of any age. We love sending smoothies in them and other food purees in school lunches; they are also great for taking homemade condiments, etc. with you so that you can enjoy “real” food on the go, wherever you are.  Squooshi reusable food pouches:

  • Are BPA-free, Phthalate-free, PVC-free and Lead-free
  • Reduce waste – no more throw-away food pouches
  • Save you money
  • Are easy for on-the-go
  • Are dishwasher safe
  • Are freezable
  • Come in varying sizes and styles, making them suitable for kids of all ages!

The opportunities are endless.

Right now, get 20% off by using code 100DAYS.



Let’s Cook! – An ebook with real food recipes that really are simple to make!

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Deceber 31, 2014


Ask yourself if the following statements are true:

“Dinnertime usually sneaks up on me. Every night.”

“I have eaten goldfish out of the my child’s car seat and called it lunch.”

If planning your family’s meals and snacks makes you crazy, you’re not alone.

Between work, errands, after-school activities, homework, housework … it’s no wonder that we all get that sinking feeling around 5:30 …”oh good grief,what’s for dinner?!”

What if you had a plan that did not include retrieving a meal-in-a-box out of the pantry? What if you could feel great about giving your kids a healthy snack? What if you actually had a healthy, homemade, unprocessed lunch for yourself?

If you’ve ever felt this way, you are ready for this ebook: Let’s Cook; Real Food Recipes Worth Knowing by Heart.  What you’ll find within are 5 minute-recipes, creative ways to do leftovers, healthy snack ideas that can be made ahead of time, all with yummy, unprocessed food that give you the most energy and that make you feel your best with clearer skin, less bloating, brighter eyes, less brain fog and so much more.

Take 40% off of the price of this ebook with code SPRING.


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  1. Holly |

    Hi! The code for the green kids crafts doesn’t work :(

    • Holly |

      Never mind I needed another coffee…. its 100days not code100days :)

  2. Sascha Michaelis |

    Hey Lisa,

    I really like your blog, but please don´t recommend all that plastic stuff. do you know what plastic is doin to our environment and kids?

    watch plastic planet, you´ll be amazed!

    best regards from germany,

    • Renee |

      With all due respect, her blog is about cutting out processed foods, not plastic.

  3. Jennifer |


    Also with all due respect, part of the reason that I seek out blogs such as this one is that I’m interested in finding ideas for pure, healthy food for my family. This includes foods that are not contaminated by plastics that leech into my foods. I have to agree with Sascha that setting the right example for our kids by packing healthy lunches includes thinking through various aspects of what makes that lunch healthy, including packaging that does no harm.

    best regards from Portland, Oregon,

    • Ashley |

      Why don’t you just choose to use other materials? This is about real FOOD. She’s posting about her foods. Get the containers that you like, and leave her alone. It’s comments like this that make me angry because it’s not the point of this blog at all.

  4. Debby |

    I think its wonderful that you are interested in your issues regarding plastics. It gave me a wonderful idea. Instead of criticizing/bashing the creator of THIS blog, please go create your own and see if you can get the following this one has. I bet Lisa would even promote your blog, which I’m sure will be more than excellent since you are such a powerful advocate for that which you embrace.

  5. Vicki |

    I think mentioning about plastic is not bashing or criticizing. Eating real food is just as important as not using plastic. She was offering it on her sight. So Debby, Ashley & Renee as a reader I think you were out of line to add your two cents.

  6. CMarieS |

    I just have a question about the cutters. I have been looking at all the fun lunch ideas, but I have a real issue with the cutters. Not that they aren’t cute, BUT what do you do with the waste? I think that making fun shapes and stuff does encourage kids to eat different foods, but are we wasting too much in the process? I am honestly not trying to criticize anyone for using these methods as I think we as mom’s do what we have to in order for our kids to eat (I am lucky in that my kids aren’t picky), I just wanted to hear from other mom’s what they do with the “leftover” pieces? Are there ideas out there for using those scraps instead of tossing them?

    • Eunice |

      I eat them! I put them in a container for my husband or me. The bread I place in the freezer and re-use to make stuffing, croutons, or to thicken a soup.

      • Jennifer |

        I know this is an old post, but I thought I would throw in my two cents for late readers like myself.

        I eat them too! If I make sandwiches fro my two babes, I just eat the leftovers. A lot of nutrients are packed into those little pieces, and as a SAHM on the run all the time, I can nibble on those pieces and keep going.

        I had never considered pre-cutting and freezing the pieces. I am going to start doing that too.

  7. |

    Hello, I would like to purchase the Planet Box for my daughter this school year. Do you currently have any promotions with the company?

    Thank you!

    • Kiran |

      Hi Trenie,

      Unfortunately we don’t have any promotions with PlanetBox right now. They don’t run offers very often, if ever. But we think they are well worth the investment!


  8. Nicole |

    Do you have any current discount codes for either Squooshi or Little Green Pouch? I’m really interested in trying something.

    • Amy Taylor (comment moderator) |

      Hi Nicole. Not at this time.

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