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Hi, my name is Lisa, and I’m so glad you’re here because that means you have an interest in real food!

Whether you’re brand new to cutting out processed food or you’re a real food veteran, I hope you’ll find some value in the resources on this blog. In the beginning of 2010 I had never before read an ingredient label, never bought anything that was organic (at least not on purpose), nor had I ever stepped foot in a farmers’ market. I am certainly not proud of those things, but that was reality for the first 32 or so years of my life and the most disturbing part is that I had no idea I was doing anything wrong.

After reading In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan I got the wake up call of my life and felt like our eating habits needed a serious overhaul. Making such drastic changes was not easy at first (it has thankfully become our “new normal” since then), and at the time I struggled to find resources to help me understand exactly how I could apply Pollan’s principals to our everyday lives. So shortly thereafter my real food blog was born. What better way to convince others to cut out processed food with us than to give them everything they need to successfully make it happen!

Here are some of the resources you’ll find on the blog:

If you’re brand spanking new you might also want to check out:

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Wishing you the best of luck on your real food journey!

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  • nadia

    Hi, I would like to change our habits, my husband, my 5 year old son and me.. My husband and me, we’re overweight, I’m 37 and he’s 44, he just had diagnostic diabetic and I have probs with my back, my legs and my stomach every day, I feel so bad, physically and mentaly of course, so I don’t want my family get more sick, my son is ok by now, but if we continuing with these horrible habits he will turn like us no so far. I’d read your blog and I really enjoyed all the information you posted..I found u on Facebook, we live in other contry but near by border with US, well hopefully to learn more about here in your blog, best wishes.

    • Laura

      Hi. I just happened to see your post. 1. Good for you for realizing that you & your family need to start living healthy!!!!!! I def think this is a great site/blog to start with. For some, the rules might seem extreme…but to me, it’s pretty simple. By the way, I’m very new to this blog! :)
      I want to suggest a book called, It Starts w/ Food. B/c of the issues you are having, this Whole30 program would be perfect for you & your man!!!!! It’s a bit extreme. I’m on day 4 & I’ll admit, it challenging! I’m a dairy & grain eater & this book is all about NOT consuming those items :( However, I’m anxious to see how I feel in a few weeks :)
      Anyways, just wanted to toss that out there to you & tell you GO GIRL!!!! Eating healthy is the ONLY way to go!!!! Start here & then consider the Whole30 program found online & in the book!
      (& no…I’m not apart of the company…I just have the book!) ;)

  • Corrie

    I love egg salad with mayo….do u have any recipes or brands for whole food friendly mayonnaise?

    • Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi. When Lisa buys mayo, she buys Spectrum brand. She would be the first to tell you that she prefers buying it to what she has made. :)

  • Norah

    Hey guys! I really really enjoy your blog and all your ideas for healthy food. When I was I kid i always thaught that eating only non-processed food was totally normal because my mother never cooked with any kind of processed stuff. But when I moved out to study I also started to eat a lot of pre-cooked stuff or pizza or whatever was cheap, quick and didn´t take a lot of effort to make. Your blog was just the reminder I needed to realise again how important nutrition is for your health and your well-being. Here in Germany we have a saying “Du bist was du isst” which means as much as you are what you eat – and this is so true!
    Thank you for your lovely blog!
    Best wishes from Germany

  • Hi Lisa, I’ve read part of your blog here, just ran across it on Pinterest. I was raised on whole foods, my mom cooked from scratch everyday, fresh veg and fruits, healthy cooked breakfast and dinner. Our snack foods were veg and fruit, our only boxed cereal was whole oats! I’m lucky that I continued to eat this way when I left home and I raised my children the same way I was raised when it came to food, one exception is I raised them on a vegetarian diet. Most of my friends at the time couldn’t be bothered with real healthy foods. I’m so happy to see younger people turning to real food! Stick with it and you and your children will reap the benefits! Blessings to you for sharing also! Judy

  • K

    My Stevia drops from TJoes experience…i was using it almost daily in my morning smoothies. 3-4 drops. Loved it. 1 hour later, the nausea and extreme stomach upset would ensue. Gas pains, nausea and extreme and uncontrollable need to burp which lasted about 4-5 hours. The nausea bad enough to feel I needed to throw up but I hate throwing up. I just endured. I also have significant shoulder pain. I feel extremely exhausted and have to lay down. I am going to quit using it to see if my symptoms go away. I hope this posting helps others! Dang! No more sweeteners except for maple syrup or honey for me!

    • Katie

      Have you contacted your doctor about your symptoms? It may be a reaction to the stevia, but it also could be a sign of other digestive issues. Please call your doctor and get checked out ASAP!

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  • Lydia Coathup

    Good morning Lisa and Amy from Kingwood,Texas…
    I just subscribed to the wonderful blog and I am totally amazed..I am a member of other great mom/ family blogs too but yours really answered my questions before I could ask them..
    I am a stay at home wife and mother to two wonderful and special angels..My husband who is my sole mate and best friend,and our soon to start kindergartener princess who is 5 years old and who is on the autism scale(Aspergers )..
    We are trying to make more home cook- healthy meals so when he comes home late(7:30pm)..we go on our walk with our daughter and dog and then we put her to bed while listening to her favorite christen songs..
    Our dug hater used to be 100%picky and some of that came from me but now she is showing that what ever mom and dad are having to eat she wants yo try it too??some of the recipes that I saw like the chicken nuggets,sound wonderful but can we also try to hide some veggie purées in them and still be able to freeze them to reheat for another time?
    I do apologize for my message for being so long and I do hope for continue success in it too..any other help with recipes for my family without also breaking the food budget would be wonderful..

    Bless you both,

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