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Hi, my name is Lisa, and I’m so glad you’re here because that means you have an interest in real food!

Whether you’re brand new to cutting out processed food or you’re a real food veteran, I hope you’ll find some value in the resources on this blog. In the beginning of 2010 I had never before read an ingredient label, never bought anything that was organic (at least not on purpose), nor had I ever stepped foot in a farmers’ market. I am certainly not proud of those things, but that was reality for the first 32 or so years of my life and the most disturbing part is that I had no idea I was doing anything wrong.

After reading In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan I got the wake up call of my life and felt like our eating habits needed a serious overhaul. Making such drastic changes was not easy at first (it has thankfully become our “new normal” since then), and at the time I struggled to find resources to help me understand exactly how I could apply Pollan’s principals to our everyday lives. So shortly thereafter my real food blog was born. What better way to convince others to cut out processed food with us than to give them everything they need to successfully make it happen!

Here are some of the resources you’ll find on the blog:

If you’re brand spanking new you might also want to check out:

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Wishing you the best of luck on your real food journey!

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  1. Robyn |

    As a recent convert to whole foods, I love your site and completely relate to it. We live in Australia and will be in the States in Sept for a holiday/US adventure! I’m worried about where to eat and get nourshing whole foods, giving we’ll be staying mostly in hotels and desperate to avoid as many fast food outlets as possible. Any suggestions? We’ll be mostly in LA and Las Vegas, with a brief stint in NYC.

    • Assistant to 100 Days (Jill) |

      Hi Robyn. I find that when traveling one of the best things to do is buy food from the grocery store where you can get fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, etc. For mealtime, we always try to go to a restaurant with a chef that way we can ask questions and customize the menu if necessary. Hope that helps. Jill

  2. Catie Brow |

    I am absolutely devouring every post you have on this site! I found it through a friend and I can’t stop reading. Michael Pollan’s book is on the way too. Can’t wait to read it. I know you’ve heard this before, but THANK YOU! You have made me think!! I grew up with processed stuff too and have really wanted more for my family – especially my 3 girls. You’ve done such great thing – you’ve not only made people rethink what they’re doing, but you’ve given them the tools and tips to implement it. I just haven’t known where to start. And now I can’t wait to get started. Thanks so much!!

  3. Beth |

    Really excited to have found your blog! I’ve been trying to get my family of 5 including 3 teens to move in the direction of whole foods. Your entry about Chick-fil-a was what brought me to you. I recently went to their website on my own and found their REAL list of ingredients after also thinking that it was a healthy fast food alternative. Oh my! My 20 year old son, a college athlete, uses Chick-fil-a as his go-to meal when he’s hungry and wants something fast and easy. He didn’t want to hear what I had to tell him. And it has been like I was the only one who knew this “dark secret” so I started searching online for someone else who may have come across the same thing. Glad to have found such support!!

  4. Kristel Smith |

    Hi Lisa! I love your blog, especially the planned out meals! It makes the transition seem a lot more doable. However, my husband is type one diabetic and he isn’t able to eat a lot of the meals. One of the staples seems to be the granola, is there something I can substitute for the honey that’s lower in sugar? Thank you!!!!!

    • Assistant to 100 Days (Jill) |

      Hi Kristel. I don’t have an answer to your question, but, perhaps you could just try reducing the honey? Jill

  5. Jaci |

    Hi Lisa. My son’s first birthday is coming up and all our family and friends have been hounding me about letting him get his face in the birthday cake. If it were up to me I would not be offering him cake but I also don’t want to make a big stink about it and dissappoint everyone. Do you have any suggestions? Any healthy cake recipes or cake alternatives? Thanks for you’re help.

  6. |

    I’m so excited I’ve found your website! I’m travelling at the moment so eating real food is not very easy to do, although I do try to eat healthily. I’ll definitely be more conscious of what I’m eating though and when I settle somewhere I’ll be using your blog to help me. Thanks!

  7. Kami |

    Thanks for creating such an amazing site! I have a sick feeling I’m going to be up all night reading!!!

  8. Christy |

    Hi, awesome site! Question, my family are vegetarian(I’m dairy free due to allergy)…what’s the rule on tofu and meat/dairy alternatives?

    • Assistant to 100 Days (Jill) |

      Hi Christy. I don’t really know a lot about tofu and dairy substitutes. I would just read the labels carefully in deciding which products to use. Jill

  9. Joelle |

    My fiance and I are doing this right now. To those who say they can’t just throw out all the processed foods in their kitchens, and that they have to wait until they use up those foods, I have some advice. Just do it. Get rid of everything and start fresh. If you don’t go cold turkey, you never will. We are on a very strict food budget. I packed up everything processed that was un-opened and donated it to my local Salvation Army. Everything else was tossed. I was merciless, and actually got rid of things that I discovered later we were allowed to have. I have no regrets. It was difficult the first two weeks because I couldn’t afford to stock everything we needed all at once. But we got through it. We are on our 3rd week of whole foods and we both feel so much better! I also recommend looking into Dr. Mark Hyman’s Metagenics program and his Blood Sugar Solution program. He has websites with recipes and advice. This is the best thing that anyone can do for themselves.

  10. Kimbalie |

    I started on this process with Superfoods RX because my grandmother was diagnosed with osteoporosis when she turned forty. They told her to take meds and she said no. She found this book and not until she was 94 did she ever experience a symptom. The doctor’s say she’s a medical miracle and she tells them no about that too. Today she will be 102 in September and doesn’t miss a lick.
    By any chance do you have a menu and shopping plan for a single person? I plan to times yours by 4 as best i can.
    Thank you so very much for this website to help me further along this road of wholeness.

    • Assistant to 100 Days (Jill) |

      Wow – congratulations to your Grandmother! On the meal plans, we don’t have ones for a single person, but, you could always freeze your leftovers or use them for lunch the next day. Best of luck and glad you are enjoying the blog. Jill

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