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We would like to ask you to join our mission by taking the 10 Days of Real Food pledge. Taking the 10-day pledge means following our same real food rules (that we followed during our 100-day pledge) just for a shorter amount of time. Thousands of people all the way from Austin to Australia have signed up so far! Check out the blog post with their feedback to see how much the 10-day pledge has impacted their lives. As you’ve probably noticed, this website is about our family taking the 100 Days of Real Food pledge. If all four of us did it for 100 days, I am convinced that absolutely anyone can do it for only 10 days. And what harm is there in trying?

On the other hand, if you feel the need to ease into things then check out our weekly “real food” mini-pledge series or our list of suggested pledge alternatives on the rules page. These may help you get ready for the 10-day pledge or simply help you make some general changes for the better.  However, if you want a true wake up call to just how pervasive processed foods are in everyday life, we believe there is no substitute for the 10-day pledge!  We promise that your new-found perspective will be worth the effort.

Benefits of Taking the 10-Day Pledge

Upon completing your goal we predict you will gain the following:

  • A first-hand, eye opening experience of how to identify the real food in our processed food world.
  • At least one improved health benefit such as having more energy, losing weight, improving regularity, or just feeling healthier overall.
  • The realization that some of those pre-packaged processed “food-like substances” don’t even taste that good compared to real food.
  • The opportunity to teach your children (if you have them), by example, the healthiest way to eat and enjoy the food mother nature has given us.
  • A congratulatory letter and complimentary gifta silicone wristband debossed with “10 Days of Real Food” which you can wear to make sure all of your friends know what you accomplished!
  • The ability to continue on with your life however you chose, but with the new knowledge of how and why to avoid processed foods. Hopefully your 10-day experience will convince you to consider making at least a few changes for life.

How to Take the 10-Day Pledge

  1. Review the rules that you must follow for the full 10 days. In case you need some more convincing you may also want to review 10 reasons to cut out processed food.
  2. Complete the form below including your start date. We recommend that you take at least a few days or longer to plan and prepare your kitchen with whole foods so you have enough to eat once your mission starts. Also, consider boxing away the stuff that might tempt you to break the rules – we want you to succeed!
  3. We also recommend that you spend a few moments reviewing our concise list of real food meal ideas (that link directly to recipes) on the Recipes and Resources page of this site.
  4. Don’t forget to update your facebook or twitter status to let your friends know that you are starting the 10 Days of Real Food pledge so they can provide you with support and accountability!
  5. Once you have completed your 10-day pledge visit the Real Food Graduates page to tell us about your experience.  We want to know how it went, keep track of how many people have come this far, and be able to send you your free gift.

Posts may contain affiliate links. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your cost will be the same but 100 Days of Real Food will automatically receive a small commission. Your support is greatly appreciated and helps us spread our message!


  1. |

    Hi there! I am thrilled to say I completed my 10 day pledge with flying colors and am wondering how I get my special achievement bracelet? Also, I am having trouble and wondering the easiest and fastest way to direct communication with you as I am very interested in joining the 100 day challenge (my 10 days feel like a tease and I feel amazing and want to take this to the next level!) but wanted to “chat” with yoiu about a few details first. I look forward to all of it! Take good care and have a wonderful day!
    -Devonne ;)

  2. Chris M (UK). |

    What an inspirational site.

    Last Summer (2009) I started questioning where did my food come from and what was happening to it. I was shocked to see how our food is treated and how much salt, additives, etc. was being added to maximise the food industry profits.

    At the beginning of September (2009) I made the decision that I would not eat processed food nor any meat unless I knew where it had come from and how the meat was teated (i.e. not injected with sodium). Everything was out even shop bought breads, pastries, takeaways, crisps, sweets, fizzy drinks.

    Basically I have to know what is in my food.

    So from September (2009) I have eaten only fresh fruit & vegatables, shellfish & fish, home made bread. I make my own salt-free bread with wholewheat flour, make my own soups, stock, salad dressing, etc. Christmas was a special treat, I had a duck straight from the farm (still had feathers on it which had to be plucked), with a seafood starter.

    Since changing the way I eat I have lost weight, enjoy my food more and am finding more and more interesting ways of cooking a variety of different meals. A few different herbs and spices can change food so much!

    The rules I chose are so close to yours (I have an extra rule about minimum salt, preferably no salt), I am tempted to sign up for your challenge, but I have far exceeded your 10 day challenge as mine has become a way of life.

    Keep up the good work and good luck with everybody’s 10 day challenges.

    • 100 Days of Real Food |

      Wow…thanks so much for sharing your story! It is wonderful to “meet” others out there on a similar mission! I hope we can continue to convince others to join us.

  3. Tami |

    AAAAAAHHHHHH here I go!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a box meal kinda woman, terrible I know. I am taking a Renew Your Strength challenge at the church so a friend of mine told me about this site that one of our speakers had suggested. SO hope I can make the challenge. I know I can do this.

    • 100 Days of Real Food |

      Good luck…you can do it!!

  4. Amanda Jamison |

    Is this similar to the Daniel fast that some churches have challened its members to?

    • 100 Days of Real Food |

      I don’t know all the details around the Daniel Fast, but others have told me it is similar.

  5. LC Lover |

    Good morning! I am curious….is Laughing Cow cheese allowed?

    • 100 Days of Real Food |

      The varieties that have less than 5 ingredients are allowed.

    • |

      Got it! Thasnk a lot again for helping me out!

  6. T.J. |

    I’m planning to take the challenge for 40 days over lent (giving up processed food for lent). I have 2 questions about some store bought products. One is the kashi line of products, particularly their cereal. It doesn’t seem to have any processed flour, but it doesn’t seem possible for it not to be processed. My second question is the food for life products, ezekiel bread and pasta made from organic, sprouted grains. I love this product and have noticed a difference in my energy since switching over. I want to do it for real (not the modified rules) but really depend on these short cuts in my busy schedule. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

    • 100 Days of Real Food |

      Good for you!! Great idea for lent. Which Kashi cereal are you looking at? If the ingredient simply says “wheat” then it is processed/refined. It has to say WHOLE wheat to be whole-wheat. I’ve looked at some Kashi products before and remember thinking they would not fit the “real food” bill. Food for Life on the other hand has some decent whole-grain options. They use sprouted grains, but they are whole so that counts!

  7. Toni |

    Alright I’m excited to do this! I will start tomorrow and looking forward to the benefits

  8. Aubre Rice |

    I’m so excited to have found this website! Our family is in our 3rd week of no sugar and no sugar alternative and we are loving it! It isn’t as hard as I thought it would be and I’m enjoying finding new recipes to try and learning to make our favorites in a healthy way! Thanks for your awesome website and pumpkin bread recipe!! I’m making it today!

  9. Dj |

    Two more days of my 10-day pledge challenge! Truly this has not been that hard for me to accomplish – but I did one day HAVE to have some cheetos (and they weren’t organic…). All in all, an enlightening experience. I learned that I CAN buy organic foods in our ‘regular’ grocery store, just have to look. What did amaze me, after reading the challenge rules and observations, truly how many ‘extra’ ingredients are in our foods – things we surely don’t need.
    I very much appreciate the recipes and daily blogs (and Facebook page!!). All this has helped me become more aware of what I put in my mouth!! Thanks very much!!!

    • 100 Days of Real Food |

      I am so glad it was such a great learning experience for you!

  10. joyce |

    I usally have one or two cups of coffee in the morning,and I always use splenda or equal to sweeten my coffee and a little flavored creamer. On the 10 Day Real Food Pledge,however I cant use sugar or artifical sweetner so is it ok to use raw sugar and 2 percent milk? I really enjoy my coffee in the morning and hate to give it up, but I want to give whole foods a try…help me!

    • 100 Days of Real Food |

      Raw sugar is not quite as refined as regular white sugar, but it is still somewhat refined therefore not allowed during the 10-day pledge. Plus it is kind of a fun exercise to see what is like to avoid sugar all together since it seems to be in anything and everything these days! Check out this link for homemade coffee creamers, which might help: http://deliciouslyorganic.net/homemade-coffee-creamer/

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