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We would like to ask you to join our mission by taking the 10 Days of Real Food pledge. Taking the 10-day pledge means following our same real food rules (that we followed during our 100-day pledge) just for a shorter amount of time. Thousands of people all the way from Austin to Australia have signed up so far! Check out the blog post with their feedback to see how much the 10-day pledge has impacted their lives. As you’ve probably noticed, this website is about our family taking the 100 Days of Real Food pledge. If all four of us did it for 100 days, I am convinced that absolutely anyone can do it for only 10 days. And what harm is there in trying?

On the other hand, if you feel the need to ease into things then check out our weekly “real food” mini-pledge series or our list of suggested pledge alternatives on the rules page. These may help you get ready for the 10-day pledge or simply help you make some general changes for the better.  However, if you want a true wake up call to just how pervasive processed foods are in everyday life, we believe there is no substitute for the 10-day pledge!  We promise that your new-found perspective will be worth the effort.

Benefits of Taking the 10-Day Pledge

Upon completing your goal we predict you will gain the following:

  • A first-hand, eye opening experience of how to identify the real food in our processed food world.
  • At least one improved health benefit such as having more energy, losing weight, improving regularity, or just feeling healthier overall.
  • The realization that some of those pre-packaged processed “food-like substances” don’t even taste that good compared to real food.
  • The opportunity to teach your children (if you have them), by example, the healthiest way to eat and enjoy the food mother nature has given us.
  • A congratulatory letter and complimentary gifta silicone wristband debossed with “10 Days of Real Food” which you can wear to make sure all of your friends know what you accomplished!
  • The ability to continue on with your life however you chose, but with the new knowledge of how and why to avoid processed foods. Hopefully your 10-day experience will convince you to consider making at least a few changes for life.

How to Take the 10-Day Pledge

  1. Review the rules that you must follow for the full 10 days. In case you need some more convincing you may also want to review 10 reasons to cut out processed food.
  2. Complete the form below including your start date. We recommend that you take at least a few days or longer to plan and prepare your kitchen with whole foods so you have enough to eat once your mission starts. Also, consider boxing away the stuff that might tempt you to break the rules – we want you to succeed!
  3. We also recommend that you spend a few moments reviewing our concise list of real food meal ideas (that link directly to recipes) on the Recipes and Resources page of this site.
  4. Don’t forget to update your facebook or twitter status to let your friends know that you are starting the 10 Days of Real Food pledge so they can provide you with support and accountability!
  5. Once you have completed your 10-day pledge visit the Real Food Graduates page to tell us about your experience.  We want to know how it went, keep track of how many people have come this far, and be able to send you your free gift.

Posts may contain affiliate links. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your cost will be the same but 100 Days of Real Food will automatically receive a small commission. Your support is greatly appreciated and helps us spread our message!


  1. Donna |

    I’m taking the 10 day pledge to eating “Real Foods.” I’m excited and can’t wait to get started! I already eat healthy but sometimes I have a sugar attack and need something sweet. This will be a fun and successful journey!

  2. Brigit |

    This has been such a wonderful experience for us. The weekend before day 1 I cleaned out the entire pantry and got rid of any processed food for good! The kiddos loved this challenge. We will start our 100 days this Friday!!

    Thank you for all the wonderful recipes, inspiration and insight. You are changing lives =)

  3. irmine |

    When i was young we never eat processed food. I was raise in Haiti, we ate organic food , my mom used to cook everyday. So every single day we ate fresh food we had microwave but didn’t use because there was no left over. Now even i live in a different country , i have a family now i don’t cook everyday but i don’t use that much processed food , no white sugar, no pre-cook meal, no broth etc….. we eat lots of whole grain .My daughter love helping me in the kitchen. I try to eat as healthy as possible.

  4. |

    As a mom of two, and fan of trying to be healthier, I’m intrigued… BUT, how can I make this work if I’m allergic to about half the fruits and veggies that are raw (it doesn’t seem to matter if they’re organic or “normal”. I can’t swallow. I can cook them, but that’s not always possible.

    And how do you pack lunch for an autistic son who only eats 2-3 foods (refuses real chicken… must be Tyson nuggest – yes, at 2 years old he’s brand specific).

  5. |

    As a mom of two, and fan of trying to be healthier, I’m intrigued… BUT, how can I make this work if I’m allergic to about half the fruits and veggies that are raw (it doesn’t seem to matter if they’re organic or “normal”. I can’t swallow. I can cook them, but that’s not always possible.

    And how do you pack lunch for an autistic son who only eats 2-3 foods (refuses real chicken… must be Tyson nuggest – yes, at 2 years old he’s brand specific). Help!

  6. Ali |

    Major diet coke addict here; I can only imagine what it’s doing to me/us. Any advice on this as we prepare to take the challenge?

    • amanda |

      We used to be slaves to the pop too. I have 5 kids. What we did was buy a water cooler ($100) at Walmart. We refill the 2 jugs at a local water place. You could also do Culligan if you can afford it. They even deliver… At first we changed to Blue Sky or Hansens sodas, then to bubbly flavored water at Kroger. There is no sugar and it is not sweet. Just naturally flavored. Best things we ever changed! The cooler is a novelty and the kids love it!

  7. Amy |

    I signed up for the 10 day challenge. I have a couple of questions. My son is allergic to peanut butter. My husband is allergic to dairy and I don’t eat fish. I feel like i will be making three different meals. Any suggestions? My older son loves clif kid zbar are they ok? My younger son loves happy tot orgnaic superfoods. I give them to him for snack. Many kids in his class had go-gurts so I found these organic baby food pouches and told him they where go-gurts.

    • 100 Days of Real Food |

      Instead of peanut butter you could use sunflower butter as an alternative. My daughter goes to a nut-free school and that’s what we use. Also, you can use unsweetened coconut or almond milk/yogurt instead of cow’s milk for your husband. Is there any reason you don’t eat fish? It is a great protein alternative and your pledge might be a good time to give it another chance! Also, I am pretty sure those clif zbars have more than 5 ingredients…check out the rules here: http://www.100daysofrealfood.com/real-food-defined-a-k-a-the-rules/

  8. |

    I’ve been striving for the past couple of years to eliminate processed foods from MY diet. However for 2012, I want to provide real food for not only my family but also my daycare children! No more hot dogs and chicken strips just because I know they eat it at their homes or because it’s easy and requested by the children. I’m excited to make a HUGE difference in the diets of the children in my care!!

  9. Kristy Williams |

    A few months ago, I was doing some research on becoming a vegetarian. I was struggling with losing my post-pregnancy weight. I knew the traditional low fat fads weren’t sustainable for me. I wanted to start looking at food in a new way- as fueling my body. I found your site through The Fresh 20, since they had a vegetarian meal plan. My husband freaked out a bit when he realized I was considering this option. After reading this blog, I decided I wouldn’t go completely vegetarian, but go on whole, unprocessed foods. During my pledge I lost 6 pounds and felt great. I don’t feel tired in the afternoons anymore and I can really tell when I am hungry and full. I have discovered more local food options available in our area than I thought were possible. I am so excited to continue on the path. I had some regular pizza with my mom yesterday, and I felt so ill afterwards. It made me wonder if I have spent years not feeling well, but what I was putting in my body.

    Thanks for changing my life and as continuing to help me change the eating habits of my family.

  10. Jessica Villasenor |

    I started following your meal plans last week. I feel amazing! We have never been a fast food family. I always thought we ate pretty healthy. but the more I read the more I realize how wrong I was! I am really excited almost obsessed with all your recipes and helpful tips!
    Thank you!

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