10 Stocking Stuffers for Real Food Lovers

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The holidays are, without a doubt, upon us. Endless emails touting the holiday, Christmas music on the airwaves, and a chill in the air confirm it. If you didn’t finalize your shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, or if you’re just looking for deals on some tools that will make eating real food even easier and more “real”istic, then check out this list of 10 gift ideas for that special someone – and maybe even snag a few for yourself! Today we are sharing some great products and services that we’ve discovered over the past year or two…and we know you’ll enjoy them, too!

1. The Fresh 20 Meal Plans

It’s no secret that having a plan is one of the best ways to ensure success on the road to eating real. The Fresh 20 takes the guesswork out of what to make. The meal-planning service uses just 20 fresh, seasonal ingredients each week and mixes and matches them to create five balanced dinners. Purchase a plan for yourself or someone special on your list and get detailed guides to meal prep, five original recipes each week and a shopping list along with it.

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Bag the purely plastic idea and check out WEXY Bags, one of our favorite essentials. In addition to being biodegradable, the eco-friendly BPA-free and disposable snack bags are designed to change the image of “healthy” foods for kids. The characters depicted on the bags are fun, and each have a story behind them that kids can relate to. If your child has ever asked for “fun” foods (i.e. lots of processed foods that are heavily marketed to children) your answer could just be in the bag.
>>> WEXY Bags are super stocking stuffers, especially with a discount! Take $1 off of your order by using the code 100days. Offer good through December 9th, and only for purchase through the WEXY site (not Amazon).


3. Jessie Steele Aprons

Your stylish solution for looking cute while cooking, Jessie Steele aprons are both fun and functional. The vintage-inspired hostess and kitchen aprons come in vibrant colors, flirty patterns and figure-flattering shapes. Find a great gift for your party hostess, a little one who likes to assist in the kitchen, and even for the man who cooks. But don’t forget yourself! These are too cute to pass up.

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Adorable aprons and so much more!
Some examples of Jessie Steele’s designs

4. Copy Kids DVD

If your kids already eat all fruits and vegetables, this product is not for you. But if you’re hoping to expand their palate, the Copy-Kids DVD could be just the thing to help the process. The DVD was produced for children ages 6 months – 5 years (but was loved by my daughter who is 8 years old!) and features 12 seven-minute chapters showing adorable and entertaining children eating fruits and veggies including avocados, raspberries, bell peppers and more. The DVD has won numerous awards and many, many children have gotten hooked on healthy and positive habits from its use.

>>> A great stocking stuffer, Buy One Get One FREE by using the code Lisa2012 (input this on page 3 of the checkout where it says “Include a message with your payment”). Get two gifts for the price of one! Offer good through December 9th.

Copy Kids DVD

5. snackTAXI

Snacks happen. But a disposable plastic bag doesn’t have to be a part of the plan. Instead, check out snackTAXIs, which are made from 100% cotton, don’t contain lead, phthalate or BPA, and are fun and fresh, boasting designs such as bikes, bunnies, mittens and so forth. Since 2003, they’ve been helping people pack snacks, sandwiches and other foods without the typical plastic baggies. Made in a Massachusetts workshop by local sewers, there are options for organic cotton material and even gluten- and nut-free labeled bags. The company also offers napkins, sporks, containers and other products in addition to their snack and sandwich sacks.

>>> Through December 9th, take 20% off of your entire purchase of the product that received accolades from Oprah in April 2009 by using the code 100DAYS20 (case sensitive).

snackTAXI Sandwich Sack

The Christmas List App

In case some of these gift ideas are hitting home, I’d like to tell you about a handy iPhone app that will keep track of all your holiday shopping. This app was actually developed by one our sponsors (and Lisa’s personal friend) and has helped keep me organized, on track, and on budget with my holiday shopping. The Christmas List app lets you input everyone on your list, organize them into groups, list their gift desires, and track your purchases, including store locations, budgets, and status. They really have thought of everything! I don’t leave home without my phone, so this has been invaluable for me. No more little scribbled notes all over the place – now I have my holiday to-do’s right by my side all of the time. It’s available on the app store for 99 cents, which is a small price to pay for something that’s been so helpful for me!

The Christmas List iPhone App as seen on 100 Days of Real Food
The Christmas List: An awesome app to keep track of all your wish lists!

6. Lunchbox Love

A simple saying, a funny joke or a little love note is a simple way to spruce up anyone’s day. Place it on her pillow or send it in his lunchbox and send a smile. Check out the Lunchbox notes for kids or sets (including ones just for the holidays), both perfect for holiday parties, gifts, or simply to share with your own kids. Lisa has been sending these Lunchbox Love notes in her 2nd grader’s school lunches this year, and her daughter loves getting them and reading them to her friends at the lunch table.

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Lunchbox Love notes for kids

7. Tin Roof Cutting Boards

From beginners to experts, all cooks need a high quality cutting board. When plastic just won’t cut it, wood is a wonderful option. Tin Roof Cutting Boards hand-makes each and every one of their boards from fine woods such as Pecan, Walnut, Maple, Oak, Mesquite Teak and others. They are not stained, but sealed, sanded and moisturized. Be sure to also check out their specialty items (LOVE the Cottage Coasters).

Unique and individually handmade cutting boards

8. Laptop Lunches

When it comes to packing healthy lunches, sometimes it’s not necessary to think outside of the box! Laptop Lunches offers kits and systems that are stylish, eco-friendly and dishwasher safe. We especially love the Bento Jars – perfect for packing soups, pastas, and so much more than a sandwich.

>>> For 5 days only (through December 2nd), take 10% off of your order by using the code 100days. 

So many solutions to packing a “real” lunch – for you, your kids, or just about anyone

9. Elizabeth Childs Napkins

Elizabeth Childs is a fellow mother and a self-taught sewer who was looking for a little creative outlet as her kids aged into school. Just a few years later, she’s creating handmade fabric gifts for adults, kids and babies and selling them through her Etsy store. Our favorites are the Reversible Lunchbox Napkins and Cocktail Napkins. Who can’t use a set (or two) of these?! Lisa ordered a set of reversible napkins for her daughters’ lunch boxes and agrees that they’re adorable. Plus they’re eco-friendly and at a great price point.

>>> And right now you can take 15% off of your entire purchase (through December 9th) with the code 100Days.

Organic cotton reusable napkins

10. TX Bar Organics Beef

A list of great gifts for “real foodies” wouldn’t be complete without some food itself! TX Bar Organics is a ranch in Northern California that raises and sells 100% Organic Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished Beef. They are USDA Certified and their products, everything from steaks to burgers, stew meat and ground beef, are free of hormones, antibiotics and additives. Skip the stocking with this one and put it straight on the table for a special holiday dinner.

>>> Give the gift of organic beef to a loved one, or prepare a special dish for the holidays. You may even want to try some for yourself! TX Bar Organics is offering readers of 100 Days of Real Food 15% off of an entire purchase. Just use the code 100DAYS when checking out. They’ve also created a few specialty packages for us that are already 15% off … use 100DAYS and get an additional 15% off as well!

Package #1 includes: (4) 5 oz Filet Mignons, (4) 8 oz New York Strip Steaks, (4) 8 oz Ribeye Steaks and (7) 1 lb 85% Lean Ground Beef Packages. Normal price: $340  Special price: $289.99 (use 100DAYS and get an additional 15% off)

Package #2 includes: (1) 1 lb Stew Meat Package, (2) 5 oz Filet Mignon, (2) 8 oz Ribeye, (2) 8 oz New York Strip Steaks, (1) 6 oz Top Sirloin, (2) 1 lb 85% Lean Ground Beef Packages and (1) 2 lb Chuck Roast.  Normal price: $200  Special Price: $169.99  (use 100DAYS and get an additional 15% off)

Package #3 includes: (1) 6 oz Top Sirloin, (1)8 oz New York Strip Steak, (4) 1 lb 85% Lean Ground Beef Packages, (1) 8 oz Ribeye and (1) 1 lb Stew Meat Package.  Normal Price: $105  Special Price: $89.99 (use 100DAYS and get an additional 15% off)

100% USDA organic grass fed, grass finished beef

Well there you have it! I hope these suggestions (and deals) make shopping a little easier. How about your suggestions? When it comes to cooking and eating real foods, what types of gifts are on your list this year?

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37 thoughts on “10 Stocking Stuffers for Real Food Lovers”

  1. Hi, Travis,

    I am reassured by your post on this site and thank you for sending a copy of TX Bar Organics CCOF certification. It is unfortunate that the labeling company put incorrect labels on the meat and then the confusion with the two different numbers. I called the 1-877-383-0051 number that came with the order and like I said before, it was a wrong number. So it was all adding up to be questionable. I would like to state however,that you have been completely professional throughout as well as giving me a full refund. My family and I have been enjoying the beef from the first order. That is why I decided to take advantage of the discounts and order a second time. I have NAFL so I don’t eat too much red meat but it is very important to me to know that I am eating the cleanest meat possible. Again, thank you for the reassurance by sending a copy of your CCOF and that TX Bar Organics is legitimate.

    All My Best,

    1. Kiran Dodeja Smith

      Hi Elizabeth,

      I am so glad that it appears that all has been resolved. Travis (from http://www.txbarorganics.com) and I have talked numerous times this weekend and I also received a copy of their certification through http://www.CCOF.org, which confirms their certification as 100% organic and grass-fed. I have also tried their meats and have been very pleased with them; as you mention above, the customer service has been top notch. I hate that you had any issues at all, but am certainly glad that, again, it appears to be resolved.

      Please feel free to contact me in the future with any future questions/etc.

      Warm regards,

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    The number on the website is 1-877-792-3229 and that goes directly to our headquarters. As I assured you we are certified organic and 100% grass fed/grass finished. As I explained via email that it was a error on our new processors end and they put the incorrect labels on our most recent shipment. Please call me personally if you have any other questions or concerns. I will email you my personal number so you can reach me anytime. Again sorry for the confusion and if you are ever out our way in northern Califorina you have a open invitation to come check out our entire operation from farm to plate. Please enoy the meat on us and let me know what think once you have had a chance to try it.

    All the best!

    Travis Martinez

  3. Hi, Kiran. I ordered from TX Bar Organics in December and received my order with no problems. I have recently made a second purchase but this time it came in different packaging and the labeling did not have USDA cerified organic/100% grass-fed beef. Just simply ‘ground beef’. Also, there are two different contact numbers for the company. The first number is listed on the web site. The second number came with the order. When I called that number a person answered and stated she had not heard of the company TX Bar Organics. She stated that she is in fact part of the US Wellness grass fed beef company in Missouri. I have been in contact with TX Bar Organics through email with someone called Travis and he said I should be getting a refund. He also stated I should trust his word that it was a labeling mistake and the meat is in fact certified organic. I bought from TX Bar Organics because I trust your site. What made you trust this company? Can you please share because I am thinking that I may have been scammed by TX Bar Organics. Thank you.

  4. Bummer! I remembered glancing at this the other day and thinking that I wanted to get the Fresh 20 deal, but I just got back on here and saw that the deadline was December 9th. :(

    1. Kiran Dodeja Smith

      Oh shoot, Amy. I hate that! You can still get the meal plans and try them out. I emailed them to see if there will be any other deals coming up. I’ll email you back if there is.
      Take care,

  5. Definitely putting those gorgeous cutting boards on my list. Another cool idea is a subscription to coffeecsa.org. It’s on my list this year. I try not to drink much coffee, but I feel better knowing it comes directly from the farmers and is roasted fresh right before they send it to your door. And it’s organic. Any CSA subscription would be a cool idea, but I’ve got coffee on my mind on this cold morning!

    1. Ashely,
      The cutting boards are fantastic … really high quality and good looking.
      Thanks so much for the info on coffeecsa.org – I hadn’t heard of it! What a cool concept!!

  6. Robin Jingjit I will like to meet you one day. I live in Houston,TX. Can we keep in touch?

  7. Hello! My name is Stephanie and I have been using this website for 80 days and it’s good! I feel that it’s working and I feel alot healthier. Thank you Kiran Dodeja Smith for answering my question. Hope you reply soon!

  8. Hello!
    My name is Chelsea and just recently I was watching Dr. Oz and he had a medical specialist on his show talking about the negative effects of wheat. He was explaining that there is a chemical found in whole wheat and whole grain foods that can actually trigger our bodies to eat more and he argues no one, kids, adults, elderly should be consuming wheat. Wow! Talk about a change in my thinking! Just wondering if you could shed some light on this issue? Thanks so much!

  9. Thanks for the neat ideas. Our stockings growing up were always filled with a lot of treats, like chocolate and things. I’ve been trying to find some treats that are still acceptable for my boys’ diet, but are different and special enough to use as a stocking treat, not just something they have often (even if they normally think of them as a treat and like them alot, like dried fruit).

  10. Thanks! Just ordered some snack taxi’s for all the kiddos & cousins for stockings. Love having a coupon!!

  11. These are great gift ideas, but I wouldn’t classify most of them as stocking stuffers! Keep up the good work.

    1. Kiran Dodeja Smith

      Hi Margaret,
      The Bento Boxes are not insulated, but the Bento Jars are. I’m not sure what time your child(ren) have lunch; mine have had it as early as 10:30 (crazy, I know) in which case the soup may still be warm. Bottom line, if you are interested in keeping it nice and toasty, I’d definitely look at the Bento Jar instead.
      Hope that helps!

  12. Thanks for the great ideas! Last year I bought the kids both glass and stainless straws for their stockings. We use them all the time and this year I am getting more for my friends and family.

    1. Kiran Dodeja Smith

      What a great idea! I would love stainless straws. Haven’t seen them but would love to hear more if you have a source?

      1. We’ve been using the Fresh 20 meal plans for a couple of months now (due to their ad here on your blog!) and it is GREAT! I recommend them to all of our friends! The meals are great, our kids even like most of them, and it’s really well organized. SO nice to have a store list all made out for me. We like being surprised each week. Out of 2 months worth, there has only been 1 meal and one side dish that we did not care for. Pretty good percentage, I think!

  13. I just bought The Christmas List app b/c of this post of yours!!! I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise! Thanks!!

    1. Kiran Dodeja Smith

      This has been most helpful for me! I have been so much more organized by using it. Glad that you like it, too! ;)

  14. We’ve had a set of Snack Taxis for about a year and LOVE them! They wash up really well (I wipe them out with hot/soapy water at night and throw them in the washing machine on the weekend) and they always stay closed in the lunch box.

  15. National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) has a facebook page and a very cool post/pic you would love. I can’t figure out how to send it to you. I will eventually get a thermos, though!

  16. Loove the snack taxi and bento box instead of the usual lunch box. I have read your blog as much as possible ever since I discovered it. : )

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