5 Things to Know About Blue Apron

I am guessing you’ve heard of Blue Apron by now – arguably the most popular “dinner kit” service out there. Each week they ship to their subscribers several dinner recipes along with all the ingredients (including perishables) to make at home. We’ve been partnering with them for some time now because I love how they get families in the kitchen to actually COOK. Their recipes are not always 100% real food approved, but they are pretty darn close, and far better than that dreaded takeout or frozen pizza.

Today I want to share some things you may not know about Blue Apron meal kit delivery that I’ve learned through my own personal experiences. Before we dive in though, don’t miss that the first 50 of you to sign up will get $40 off your first two weeks of Blue Apron! Just click hereSo if you’ve been on the fence about trying it out, this is a great time to take the plunge.

5 Things to Know About Blue Apron on 100 Days of Real Food

5 Things to Know About Blue Apron

  1. You can skip weeks (or cancel) anytime.
    Skeptical about becoming a “subscriber” right out of the gate? Well, you can sign up and immediately skip any weeks you’d like allowing you to simply try it once before making a long-term commitment. Once you’re logged into your account you have the option to skip up to five weeks in advance, depending on your schedule and desires. If you ever want to cancel, you simply email them with the request. There are no obligations.
    5 Things to Know About Blue Apron
  2. You can pick your meals (from a few choices).
    There are at least four recipe options each week, and with two or three recipes coming in each box (depending on your plan), that gives you a little wiggle room to choose the ones you are most excited about. Now, with that being said … I do think Blue Apron is a fabulous way to expand your palate (see next bullet).
    5 Things to Know About Blue Apron on 100 Days of Real Food
  3. A great way to try new things.
    There have been quite a few new (to us) Blue Apron recipes we’ve tried and loved – including this Soy-Orange Salmon and Veggie Fried Rice that my daughter made last week. That one is definitely a keeper that I am adding to my recipe collection. There’s something fun about having somebody else come up with dinner ideas for you! Their dinner boxes sort of force you to learn new recipes and cuisines, and (in my opinion) is the best way to get out of your dinner rut of the same old dishes (or worse, relying on takeout).
    5 Things to Know About Blue Apron on 100 Days of Real Food
  4. It gets your family cooking.
    I eluded to this in the intro, but did you know that cooking from scratch is “the single most important thing we could do as a family to improve our health and general well-being?” That’s a pretty powerful statement, and if you’re not already cooking your dinners nightly, then getting Blue Apron’s pretty-printed recipe cards AND all of the necessary ingredients is a very easy way to get started. Anyone in your family can just pick up what was sent and start cooking. In fact, I had to laugh when I realized my daughters discovered our box after it arrived last week and immediately gave me their input. For a few months now they’ve each (ages 10 and 13) been cooking dinner once a week as part of their allowance, and as you can see they were pretty excited about these options. And wasted no time making their claims, haha…
    5 Things to Know About Blue Apron
  5. Convenient.
    I have to say, getting that Blue Apron box last week not only saved me from having to sit down and figure out our dinners for the week, but also from having to purchase the ingredients! And, since we were going up to our Tiny House for the weekend, it couldn’t have been easier to grab the necessary ingredients for the salmon and rice recipe and throw it in the cooler. Blue Apron’s ingredients are always portioned exactly to what’s necessary, so I only brought what we needed and didn’t end up with any extras or waste. Plus my daughter had so much fun making it and loved the outcome – as you can see in the pictures!

5 Things to Know About Blue Apron on 100 Days of Real Food

A few other things worth mentioning about Blue Apron: they partner with over 150 farms and offer fresh ingredients from quality suppliers, all meals can be prepared in 40 minutes or less, and it’s not as expensive as you may think. Check out our recent cost-comparison to see for yourself.

Who’s ready to give it a try? Be sure to use our discount link below…

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The first 50 of you who sign up will get $40 off your first two weeks of Blue Apron! Just click here.

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4 thoughts on “5 Things to Know About Blue Apron”

    1. I’m sorry to hear that it wasn’t for you. I would definitely give their customer service a call to get that taken care of. – Nicole

  1. I wish blue apron had pastured, grass fed meat options. If I’m going to spend that much money I want a good pastured,grass fed meat source. So for that reason I will not choose blue apron for my family.

  2. My husband got us a free trial for a similar meal kit company. I hated the excessive waste (WAY too much plastic packaging) but I liked the meals.

    We wasted almost an entire meal when we had an unexpectedly busy weekend and forgot about the kit in the fridge. Because the squash was chopped and sealed in plastic it spoiled much faster than if it had been intact and on the counter.

    So now I use their free recipes and do my own grocery shopping. Less waste, less money, and I have help coming up with quick and tasty meal ideas.

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