The Big Day Is Tomorrow!

I keep trying to tell myself that tomorrow is just a regular day, but so far I’ve not been very good at tricking myself! I feel like my body is abuzz and my mind is racing, but I guess that’s what happens you watch over 2 years of your hard work finally come to fruition all on one day! I am talking about my cookbook release date tomorrow of course. I just cannot believe it’s finally here – eeeek!

Book Trailer Video

And what better way to kick off my big day than to finally share my book trailer video with you? This 2-minute video shares an overview of our family’s story as well as what you can expect from my book!

Your Book Recipe Questions Answered

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about the recipes in the book, so all in one place here’s what you can expect…

  • No white flour or any refined grains are used
  • No sugar or any refined (or artificial) sweeteners are used
  • No recipes call for packaged foods containing more than 5 ingredients
  • Familiar and easy-to-find ingredients are used (you probably already have most of them on hand!)
  • 71 recipes are (or can easily be) Gluten-Free
  • 79 recipes are (or can easily be) Vegetarian
  • 49 recipes are (or can easily be) Dairy-Free
  • 42 recipes are Freezer Friendly (my secret weapon when it comes to packing wholesome school lunches!)
  • A beautiful color photo is included with each and every recipe
  • 70% new recipes – not previously published on the blog
  • And lastly, all recipes were tested by 100 volunteer recipes testers – I think you’ll be really pleased with the results!

In addition to the recipes there are 5 chapters full of tips, advice, shopping lists, meal plans, and more fun photos. For a peak at some of the pages inside my book check out my cookbook overview post!

Also, just a reminder that today is the last day to get the free 8-recipe ebook bonus. If you filled out the form and didn’t get yours yet please check your spam folder, and if it’s still not there you can email assistant{at}100daysofrealfood{dot}com for assistance.

Skype Chat With Me?

Since I’d love to see all your smiling faces when you receive my book this week I thought we could do a little contest just for fun. Simply take a picture of you (or your kids!) holding my new cookbook and post it to your news feed on any of your social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) with the hashtag #100DaysCookbook and on Friday afternoon I’ll pick one person to have a 20 minute Skype chat with me! We’ll pick a time that works with your schedule, and we can talk about whatever you want …the weather, what you love to cook, or even your real food challenges (of course)!

Seeing my book in the hands of the families I wrote it for will just MAKE MY DAY! :)

Favor To Ask

When you get your book this week it would just mean the world to me if you could please take a few moments to leave a review about the book online. Any old book website will do including AmazonBarnes & NobleBooks-a-Million, and/or Walmart (doesn’t matter where you bought it). You could even write one review and copy and paste to another! It’s super helpful for people who haven’t been following along here and have no idea what to expect. Thank you in advance for that!

Events and Signings

I’ve got a couple of events coming up in North Carolina (my home state), so if you live in or near NC here’s the schedule so far!

  • September 5th – 6th: Bookmarks Festival of Books and Authors in Winston-Salem, NC
    – Friday, Sept. 5 at 10 AM: Eat & Greet with Lisa Leake at Knollwood Baptist Church (Tickets Required – includes light refreshments and copy of my book)
    – Saturday, Sept. 6 from 2:45 – 3:30 PM: Presentation + Signing at Hanesbrands Theatre (Open to the public)
  • September 13th, 1 PM – 3 PM: Signing at The Country Bookshop in Southern Pines, NC (near Pinehurst)
  • September 20th, 11 AM – 1 PM: Signing at Park Road Books in Charlotte, NC

Launch Party Recap!

What better way to ring in such a big day than with a partaay!?! Some of my wonderful friends and even some fans (who won the invitation contest) came out to celebrate with me at Atherton Mill and Market in Charlotte, NC on Saturday night. I was feeling very loved by everyone who came and am really appreciative of all those who helped make the night so special. Here is a little picture recap below – including one of our blogging team! Plus check out the organic appetizers the caterer made using recipes from my book including fish cakes, meatballs, veggies with homemade onion dip, fruit salad and dark chocolate peanut butter bites – yummy!

100 Days of #RealFood #Cookbook

A big thank you to my party sponsors for helping make this event a reality including SquooshiMolly’s Suds, Branch Basics, and Sheila Kilbane, MD (Integrative Pediatrician here in Charlotte).

Where to Order

If you haven’t ordered your copy of my book yet – it’s most definitely not too late! Here are some of the options…

100 Days of #RealFood #Cookbook
All the books at Park Road Books have now officially been signed! I’ll be going back when they get more orders.

Thanks again for YOUR support during this exciting and surreal time!  – Lisa

(PS – I promise to resume normal blogging topics as soon as all of this craziness is over!)

Posts may contain affiliate links. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your cost will be the same but 100 Days of Real Food will automatically receive a small commission. Your support is greatly appreciated and helps us spread our message!

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  1. There are already 13 hold requests for your book at our library…and the book isn’t even in circulation yet! It is still listed as “coming soon”. I’m third in line…can’t wait!

  2. Congrats on the release! I had your book pre-ordered, so I was excited when it showed up at my door. I’ve really learned so much from all the tips and basics and I’m excited to start making the recipes. I purged my pantry of all the sugary drinks that I love and I’ve been eating my fruits and veggies!

  3. I just received your book yesterday from Park Road. It is beautiful! I am so excited to start me 10 day Real food pledge. We have taken baby steps, but the cook book is just what we need to go all the way. Thank you for spreading the good word!!

  4. In the week since I’ve had your cookbook, I’ve made:

    Tomato sauce (currently in my crock pot with the lid off, reducing down to become pizza sauce)
    Peanut butter cookies
    Pumpkin muffins
    Asian lettuce wraps
    Apple chips
    Banana pancakes
    Grandma Esther’s crepes
    Lunch box quiche

    Did I mention I love this cookbook?

    I love your site, I love the book, I’ve recommended it to several friends, and bought one as a gift. Thanks for a great resource.

  5. Woohoo and congrats! I have never been so excited to receive a cookbook. Some of your recipes have been family staples here for a couple of years now (e.g., waffles, tortillas, pizza crust). Not enough room here to thank you for everything. I might just kiss the UPS guy when he arrives. :)

  6. I’ve gone to 3 Barnes and Noble book stores since the release and they STILL do not have your book yet! :( I’m calling around to see who has it near me… I have been looking forward to this book since you first mentioned your were doing a book and now I still have to wait – I’m so impatient, lol!

    Anyone else having this problem?

    Holly W.
    Portland, OR

    1. Hi Holly–I see you’re in Portland OR, and so am I. I got mine from I’m sure it’s in the downtown store too. Hope that helps!

      1. I went to the Beaverton location and they were out at both locations, but they had a couple at the Powell’s Cookbook Store and so I had them send one to the Beaverton store and I just got it this evening! So excited! Thanks!

  7. Lisa- Sine the day I found your blog my whole out look on food and what my family eats has drastically changed. I preordered your book as soon as I could and since it arrived, I have loved reading all the tips, stories, etc. It is so great to know that you too have experienced that this lifestyle change is not always perfect or without its challenges. I want to thank you for truly opening my eyes to whole new way of providing healthy food to most important people in my life. I am always telling people about your blog and how they too should check it out and really think about what they are putting in their bodies. Though my family is far from having this all figured out, with your book and blog I know can I always find any answer or at least have something to go back and reference. Thank you so much!

  8. Christina Spencer

    Lisa, Congratulations on the success of your cookbook, it is wonderful! If you are considering a follow up book, I think one devoted to packed school/work lunches would be fantastic. It’s so hard to think of things to pack. I always love seeing the pictures of the lunches you pack and they always look delicious.

  9. I was SO excited when your cookbook finally arrived in the mail. I love your blog and your cookbook is awesome! Thank You!! :)

  10. MY Cookbook came in the mail last week and I waited patiently until yesterday when I would have time to sit and read it. It is awesome!

  11. Mine came today – I knew it was going to be amazing, but it’s even more beautiful and incredible than I had imagined! My 19 year old who just moved out said, “NICE! Did you get it for me?” HA – nope! He says that you should publish a smaller book geared towards 19 year old boys who just went away to college! ;) I agree!

  12. My book is here and I love it. I’ve already made the mini quiches, the peanut butter cookies, and the pumpkin muffins. My son loves the peanut butter and apple sandwiches. I have always been inspired by your site, but now I’m on a mission. My picky daughter who hates everything ate FOUR quiches for dinner. This is nothing short of amazing. And she loved the cookies. And no one has commented on the whole wheat flour. I’m on to Tomato Sauce tomorrow. I can’t promise that the whole family will go on this journey, but some real food is better than none, and anything I cook is going to be real food.

  13. Congrats on your book! What an exciting accomplishment! Your book is on my wish list and my birthday is in 4 weeks. I have a good guess what I’ll be getting!

  14. I got your book today! It is beautiful – you have every right to be proud. I have my post it flags in hand ready to mark recipes and tips! Congratulations. :)

  15. I just ordered mine on Amazon and can’t wait to get it. Just so you know, on Amazon it says “#1 best seller ion Entertainment & Holiday cooking”. #1 best seller! Way to go! You must be very proud of yourself and all of your hard work. We all thank you!

  16. I’ve just started reading the book. I received it yesterday. I’m looking forward to trying some new recipes and eliminating some of the processed foods my family eats.

  17. I don’t buy many books, usually get them from the library. But this one I am saving for so I can buy it! Blessings to you!

  18. Shannon Anderson

    Your book is lovely! Well done! I pre-ordered and it arrived Tuesday. I sat and skimmed it immediately and have chose several recipes for this weeks menu. Bravo and thank you for all that you do to ‘keep it real in the kitchen’! I always have your page open on my browser so pulling up my well loved recipes is a breeze, now I’m excited that I can have them to look at in a beautiful, thoughtful recipe book!

  19. I am very excited to have placed a pre-order of your cook book here in London. It is launching on 25th September on amazon in the uk which is great news. Congratulations on its publication and so glad it will be available in the UK!

  20. I ordered your cookbook yesterday from Amazon and am so excited to receive it! I’m considering blogging about my family’s experiences as we attempt to cut out processed foods by following your tips and recipes on your blog and in your cookbook! Good luck to you–I’m sure cookbook sales will be a huge success!!

  21. Lisa, I have been following you for about 2 years and have made some wonderful changes in the way my family eats! I am anxiously arriving my copy of your book and can’t wait to dive in to some of your new recipes. Congratulations! I am so proud of you and wish you many, many years of continued success.

  22. Lisa,
    I love your blog so much!!! And my family is almost there with real foods. Just a certain special someone that is having a hard time giving up some choices. But we are trying! I wish we could afford ‘non-essentials’ in our life right now and I would totally get your book (totally essential in my mind :] )! But in the meantime I will continue to love your blog and hope that once all of this schooling is over we can get the real deal cook book! Thank you for helping out me and my family with our health!!

  23. Lisa, I was so excited when the courier dropped the book on my doorstep yesterday! Congrats to you, this book is even better than I expected! Your site resources (and now the book!) have become critical tools as I try and get my hubby off cholesterol medication and my whole family on the road to better health.

  24. I received my cookbook yesterday. It looks great and I am so excited to start trying out some new recipes. Thank you for all the hard work that you put into this and inspiring me on my own journey to feed my family better!

  25. I was just looking at the book on Amazon–I have two copies, but ordered two more for Christmas presents. Guess what?? It says “In stock but may take 1-2 days to process.” LISA! Your book is selling like WHOLE WHEAT HOTCAKES!!!

  26. Just opened your book for the first time! It’s beautiful! I just want to stay home and read cover to cover! Lol I’ll do that tomorrow while I’m off. Congratulations!!!!! And thankyou for helping us with our real food journey!!

  27. Great to see that the book will be available at Waterstones in the UK … will have to check it out. Good luck with the launch :)

  28. 100 Days of Real Food arrived today.I am very eager to get started. I skimmed the recipes and they look and sound yummy! Thank you for sharing your story and for writing this book!

  29. Just left you a review on barnes and noble website…..the book is AMAZING! OK, I have to confess I have no means of media outlets, I don’t do Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! However I would love to send you a pic of my new book! So let me think and be creative son i can win that skype chat! I need personal help with my husband and daughter! Lisa to rescue please!!

  30. I received my cookbook today and just had to tell you what a wonderful job I think you did! It’s beautiful, full of great information and recipes perfect for busy families (just what I’d hoped). I really think you should be proud of your work and how many lives you’re helping to change. Great job!! And thank you!

  31. A copy of your book arrived in the mail today! I can’t wait to dig into it. If it’s anything like your blog, I am going to love it. Been following for quite a while…big fan! Congratulations!

  32. I preordered my book from Amazon and can’t wait to dig into it!! Unfortunately it was left on my porch (as packages are) and we had an intense rain shower this afternoon. I need to let it dry a bit before I can read it. But, it looks great!!!

  33. I can’t wait to get my copies in the mail this week!(I ordered a second one as a gift but now I think I need to order more gift copies because I can’t decide who to give it to!) Thank you for keeping it real, in more ways than one.

  34. Received my book this morning! Great job and not just for the young. I am a “seasoned” cook and grew up making recipes such as this. So nice to see real cooking has made a comeback. Congratulations.

  35. Lisa, I’m so happy for you! Congrats! You are a true inspiration to all of us. Thank you for everything you do!

  36. It arrive today! I couldn’t be more excited. I made the pulled pork on Sunday for friends – had gotten the recipe already – and it was a big hit. Can’t wait to try more recipes. Congrats!

  37. Just found your blog and site today!

    Seriously, its a beautiful thing in life to have a passion that you can share with the world. I truly congratulate you and those whom have been able to reap the rewards of your hard work (I KNOW it was not easy).

    Congratulations and looking forward to getting your book!

  38. Yay!! Just got my cookbook in the mail! Super excited to read through it. I know it is going to be wonderful! You should be so proud…thanks!!

  39. Congratulations! I am so excited for you – your site has been such an amazing resource, I know the book will be as well! Mine doesn’t come until Tuesday – I can barely wait!

  40. Congratulations!! I’m driving back from CO to NY right now and can’t wait to get back to your book in my mailbox!!

  41. Excited to see the Amazon box arrive today–book is beautiful! Only had a brief second to glance at but love the templates and lunch sections. Definitely lots of good info that will be inspiring!

  42. Lisa,
    Congratulations! You have done a great good in the world. Many families will now have this information available to them in an organized and easy format. I wish you all the best.

  43. I’m so excited for my book to arrive from Amazon tonight! I’m certain it will be worth every penny. Thank you so much for sharing all of your experiences, making it easier for all of us to follow in your footsteps!!

  44. I have been following your blog since the beginning. I am so proud of your progression from Mommy Blogger to guest on the Dr. Oz and now cookbook author. As soon as I saw your e-mail today, I ran right out to the Arboretum Barnes and Nobles and had them go to the stock room to get your book. The book is beautiful. I love that you include the plan in detail and give various tips throughout! The pictures are gorgeous and the recipes are ones that the whole family will love. These are staple recipes that can be used for everyday or for company. Awesome job!

  45. Congratulations Lisa! Stumbling upon your blog has really impacted mine and my family’s life and I appreciate and thank you for doing all the hard work and research for all of us that want to incorporate more real food into our diets and get rid of the processed! I cook from your blog daily and I now look forward to having your cookbook on my kitchen counter!

  46. I was hoping you’d be coming to Chicago to do a signing. :) I would love to get my copy signed! Grats on your book!

  47. Congratulations! Will be ordering my copy shortly. Thrilled also that it coincides will all the great changes that are happening on our back-to-school new school lunch menus.

    Best health always,

  48. I’m so excited , just pre – ordered mine! Your website has changed my family so much! Much love from Canada!

    1. Jill – Sorry for the troubles …can you please email assistant{at}100daysofrealfood{dot}com with your order number and situation? Thanks!

  49. Hi,
    I just placed my pre-order (11pm in Chicago) but can’t get to the ego ok page. Can I email you my order number?

    1. Sorry for so many comments! I got to the page and submitted my order info. Can’t wait for the book to arrive. Congrats!

  50. I pre-ordered the cookbook from Amazon several hours ago and haven’t received my e-book? What’s the turn around time for me to get it? I checked my junk folder and haven’t gotten it there either. Thanks!!

  51. Congratulations Lisa! You have changed my family’s way of eating for the better! Without you I don’t know that this change ever would have happened! This fan is so proud of you!

  52. It was so nice meeting you on Saturday at the launch party! Thanks so much for the invitation. It was privilege to finally be able to tell you in person how much I love your recipes. Looking forward to my cookbook arrival!

  53. Lisa, I CANNOT WAIT to get my copy of your book!! It feels like I have been waiting FOREVER!! My 8 year old daughter is looking forward to it as well. I’m so happy for you and wish you nothing but success with your book!!

  54. I got a head start today and made the tomato bisque and slow cooker whole chicken. My niece will not eat vegetables or fruit in any form other than soups and smoothies. She loved it! Chicken will be ready when we get home from baseball practice tonight! Can’t wait for your book!

  55. I’m going to head over to Amazon and buy myself a copy! Looking forward to the freezer friendly ideas, since my oldest will start having to pack a lunch next year!

  56. I pre-ordered your book and have been looking forward to getting it all month!! Soooo excited that its finally on its way! I wish I could come to your book signing party. You have been such an inspiration to me and given me such a joy for cooking real food. Thank you and keep it up!

  57. Have been cooking your recipes & so far love them all. I just got a confirmation from Amazon that your cookbook is being shipped. Sooo excited! Thanks for all your hard work putting this together to make it easier for us. God Bless you.

  58. I am SO EXCITED about this book! Just received my notification from Amazon that it’s been shipped! Thank you so much for all you do and for opening my eyes to the world of whole foods. Your blog has been a life saver for me when it comes to meal planning. I’ve learned so much and implemented life style changes for my family that they will carry with them through their adult years. Keep doing what you’re doing! Desperately wish I was still living in Charlotte so I could meet you in person!

  59. Dear Lisa,
    I am so excited for the opportunity to read your book! I was wondering when it will be available in libraries. (Due to my very complicated pregnancy our family is currently experiencing the acquisition of crippling medical debt, therefore we’ve had to eliminate all non-vital purchases.)
    I just want you to know I have been following your blog for quite a while and I haven’t met a recipe I didn’t love. Our family is really, truly healthier because of you! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for giving us healthier, happier, and likely longer lives!
    Sincerest regards,

    1. Jeni – I know it’s already available in some libraries starting tomorrow so definitely give yours a call to see – so sorry about your struggles! I am so glad you are enjoying the recipes though and have been able to make some positive changes :)

  60. I just found you today and it’s perfect timing as we’ve been making better eating choices but still struggling with the “old ways.” Our kids are 6 and 4 and it is so hard to “make the change!” I am so excited to buy and read your book; thank you for being an inspiration!

  61. Congratulations Lisa! I remember when I first found you the day 100DaysofRealFood was featured on the Yahoo Homepage.

    I am so thankful I clicked and read, and have subscribed and continued to visit. Your information has been amazingly helpful to me and my family.

    Here’s to the next chapter in the 100Days story!

    Enjoy the Journey!

  62. LOVE your website and all of your recipes! Can’t wait to get a copy of the book. I haven’t bought an actual cookbook in years but will be buying this one! Would love for you to add Raleigh to your book signing schedule!

  63. Watching this book trailer made me tear up because of how important true nutrition is and how much you have changed my family’s diet. I have a 2 year old and try very hard to feed her the healthiest options, but like all families we sometime fall off the cart with how busy our lives are. All I need is to look back at your website and recipes and I am snapped back into reality of how important this is for our bodies. Thank you so much for making such a huge impact on our lives. I will be eagerly awaiting my cookbook that I pre-ordered months ago!

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet comment – you have clearly already taken many steps in the right direction if you are here and thinking about this stuff! :)

  64. Just received your book! I am IN LOVE with it. So glad it came a day early! Going to go give you a 5 star review on Amazon.

    1. Wow, a day early! Yay! I am so glad that you love it. And thank you so much for offering to leave a review – FYI Amazon won’t allow it until the release date tomorrow, but would love to see your review then! I’m gonna be stalking their website :)

  65. Congrats Congrats Congrats!!! My life has changed because of you…I can’t wait to take an evening and devour your book. :)
    Your blog is very genuine and you have so much passion for what you do.

  66. I came across your book this morning while searching for reuseable lunch bags. It was in my recommendations, I recognized the website since I’ve browsed through it recently and so I pre-ordered the book. I hadn’t realized you were just launching it! I’m excited to get it and start the school year off right. My son is turning six and we have had a lot of talk and questions from him about what is healthy food and making right choices. I will be using the book as a guideline to help answer his questions and get my husband on board so we are both setting the right example!