Duralex Glass Storage Containers

I don’t know about you, but it seems like I’ve been hearing one negative thing after another about storing and cooking food in plastics. A friend of mine was just telling me that her husband got rid of all their plastic storage containers and went out to buy glass bowl replacements instead. Between the concern over BPA and if we should be heating foods in plastics in the first place I’ve been wondering if we should follow suit.

Luckily there seem to be plenty of covered glass bowl alternatives out there that I suspect would last much longer than Tupperware anyway. We started using this Duralex set last week, and I love them so far. First of all they are stackable so they don’t take up very much room, secondly they serve a dual purpose because the quality is nice enough to serve food out of as well, and lastly the size range seems to be appropriate for our needs. I think we may get a second set so we can do away with plastics all together!

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  1. I need some mixing bowls for the cooking and baking I’m doing. I have End Stage Renal Disease and have to cook all my meals because I need to know what is in the ingredients and nutritional information. Due to the fact that labels don’t include values such as phosphorus and potassium.
    These would be a perfect for me to do any and all of my cooking.

  2. The reason why I want the glass set is that it is more healthy for everyone, myself included, to use glass. I learned this information from nutritionists, medical practitioners, nurses and other professional that using glasses, glass plates and glass tubberware and glass cooking pans -all work to keeping my family healthy. The food tastes better and bakes better! The glass tubberware will be something that will continue to be in my family if I can be fortunate to win it, however, if someone else needs it more, Please give it to that person.
    Have a great day.

  3. I have stage IV breast cancer, so I am trying to eat healthier and teach my family to do the same. That includes how to properly store food. We are slowly getting away from plastics, but it is expensive to make entire changes at once.

  4. Concerns over my family’s health & safety have led me to rethink almost all of my food choices, from shopping and cooking to storage

  5. I would love this set because I have a toddler and a new born. I currently use only glass for my newborn and I am trying to transition all my plastic containers to glass.

  6. We have slowly, step-by-step been transforming our home to “real” everything, from food, to other products. We have come a long way, but containers would help immensely. To win these would help with the cost of transforming our home and our lives.

  7. I am in the process of getting rid of all plastic storage containers and going solely to glass! These would be a huge help and allow me to throw away more of the plastic ones! Thank you for offering such great giveaways!!

  8. 100 Days of Real Food has opened my eyes to so many issues and I appreciate learning all that I have from your website. I have also shared many of your posts on facebook with my friends. Thanks for putting so much work into your site. I would love to win the glass bowl set that you are giving away; plastic is such a horrible thing to store and heat food in!

  9. I, also, am concerned about heating food in plastic containers. The Duralex Glass Bowl Set that you are giving away is a wonderful addition to any kitchen and I would be very happy if I should win!

  10. After reading your posts on plastic containers I am desperate to switch to glass containers. I cook everyday and would like to keep my leftovers in glass. I would have never known so many facts if I hadn’t signed up for your email.

  11. I cook meals everyday at home for my family. I am a student and have two kids but I do not want to compromise on their health. I love serving them. Since, I cook everyday it would be so helpful to have the glass containers since I currently use the ziploc containers.
    Thank you.

  12. I would really love to win these dishes. I try to only store and cook my food in glass. These would allow me for more premade meals

  13. I ferment and make all of our food including all my kids school lunches each day. I have yet to find a glass product that has a lid that actually keeps the food in the container, canning jars excluded.

  14. I love those bowls, I am currently using plastic bowls from Ziploc, but I am really getting into this eating real foods thing. I am overweight and have high blood pressure so a change is vital to my good health, in addition to that of my family. They eat everything that is bad for you. We don’t want to die of cancer, so it is time for a change.

  15. I am relatively new to all of this real food and I want to do all I can to be healthy. These bowls would be a fun addition to my “new” kitchen and help me to the end! Thank you!

  16. I was looking at my sad collection of plastic ware the other day, thinking I should just trash can the whole mess. Most of it is melted from the microwave (I’m sure one of us ate plastic) or it was chipped or was missing its lid. I would love to switch to glass that is microwave safe and great to serve from as well!

  17. Would love these as they are easier to clean than plastic and have less residue getting into the food. thanks.

  18. I have 5 boys and a wonderful hubby that i pack lunches for, I honestly had no idea that my plastic containers were so bad for my family. I would love to win these and start switching to glass! Thanks so much for all the amazing info on your sight!!!

  19. I sold Tupperware years ago and own quite a bit of it!! I’ve been purging the plastic however and buying glass because of the chemicals and oils in the plastic. So I would be thrilled to give these Duralex glass bowls a try. The lids look like they’ll work much better than the brand I have bought. Sign me up!

  20. I am a new follower to your site, maybe 2 weeks now if that long and have learned so much. 2012 has been a good yr so far for me and we’re only in month 3. I mean good in the sense that I finally decided to say “NO” to processed foods and with this comes knowledge. I really did not know how much better this could be for me, I’m constantly searching for new recipes that I can put together and having so much fun.

    I logged on today and saw your giveaway and said how ironic is this? About 3 weeks ago I was in a discussion about this very thing. I was at our local flea market and was looking around this particular store and a lady came in and found a white piece of Corning which she said she had been looking for and from that we started talking. I learned things from her and in fact she was the one that told me we should not be heating and storing in plastics and I’m like that’s all I know and this has stuck in my mind and I see today you saying the same thing.

    I went to Wal-Mart today checking out the prices of replacing my plastics which I have plenty of Ziploc containers, so I know I really need this set. Please keep up the good work of informing all of us that want to be transformed for the better.

  21. These seem like great products. I would put them to good use as I’ve brought my lunch to work practically every day. It saves me a lot of money by not eating out.

  22. What about Freezer Storage — We currently use Freezer bags to save food when we can get great prices on local produce. As we try to move away from plastics what are the storage options that you know of?

  23. I missed the give-away, but wanted to let you know that, in addition to our real food endeavors over the past 1 1/2 years, we have made the switch completely from plastic to glass storage containers and from Teflon to stainless steel pots and pans, because of chemical concerns. Even our popsicle holders (for yogurt/fruit “popsicles”) are stainless steel. You should try to take this next step. . . .

    1. 100 Days of Real Food

      Good idea with stainless popsicle holders…they’d probably be sturdier anyway. Where’d you get them?

      1. I got them here (after a random internet search last summer–there may be other places). They are $40 which is kinda expensive, but I refill them probably twice a week for a year now, so we’ve probably gotten our money’s worth. http://www.thetickletrunk.com/categories.php?id=65&name=Popsicle_molds If you are ever up here in Davidson, please look me up–we are traveling such similar paths (although I need work on the elimination of white flour and sugar–I still use them both to bake). Thanks and take care–aut.

  24. I’ve been longing for glass containers like this for a long time. I have health problems and am trying to do everything I can to help my immune sytem. I’ve never had the chance to own any due to being love income.

  25. After having been brought up using plastic storage containers, my mother selling it for years, my eldest sister selling it to get through college, and selling it myself for a year or so, I in herited my grandmother’s old glass fridge ans storage bowls. I’m getting rid of the plastic and not looking back! I know I can safely re-heat leftovers in glass. With all that is in our food to begin with that we can’t control, I can control what I store and reheat in. I’d love a new set of glass storage containers!!

  26. If you did a second giveaway with these bowls, I don’t think it would be too much. Based on the response, everybody wants some glass bowls!! I really like the design of these.

  27. I want these bowls so that I’ll have something to send leftovers to work with my husband, which he could microwave in.

  28. Well, this would be one more step on our journey to getting away from the nasty things they do to and with food. I love my Tupperware, but I’m working on that just like I am the food!

  29. I would love to have a set like this. The sizes look just right. I recently bought some Pyrex glass bowls with plastic lids and I find I take better care of the glass as it just feels more “important” than plastic.

  30. Have been wanting some glass storage containers! My MIL uses them all the time, she cooks in the morning and lets people reheat healthy homemade food all day without her having to cook all day!!

  31. And I follow you on facebook! I shared your site on my wall this week and 8 of my friends are now following you. Two of them have printed off the meal plans. Now I have fun talking health food with my friends :-) Thanks for your inspiring blog!

  32. I would LOVE new shiny glass containers for all of the yummy food I am making to be stored safely. I am slowly making the transition, buying one or two glass bowls a month, but I need most of my grocery money to go to fresh healthy foods! These bowls sure would speed up my conversion!!

  33. I’m always in need of more containers to store my leftovers (especially this time of year). Thanks for a great giveaway!

  34. I have a daughter with an immune deficiency. I’ve gone to natural, local foods and am changing other things in our house. Knowing how unhealthy it is to eat food heated in plastic, we need to move to glass.

  35. Have to be honest and say I would love to have a lid that matched a bottom! What a mess my cabinet was until I threw everything out and now need to start over. So stackable would be awesome! Both a fb fan and twitter follower.

  36. I would love these glass storage containers. I have been gradually switching my whole lifestyle to a healthier one. I recently read about the plastics and am now trying to rid my home of plastic and go to all glass. I take lunch to work everyday and often have to heat up my meals. This would help me continue on a path to better health. Thanks so much for the opportunity and offer. Renee

  37. shawnette Hansen

    We quit storing and reheating in plastic a couple of years ago… I would love to add to my collection of glass storage bowls. Thanks.

  38. I could use these bowls. I can either find the bowl but not the lead or the other way around but never the correct bowl with the correct lead!!! What a great giveaway!!!

  39. I’m a FB fan… so, I’ll also add that glass won’t stain like plastic, won’t warp like plastic, and looks so much more appealing.

  40. I’ve been looking for a good deal on glass storage containers to replace the plastic. Everything I read tells me that I just don’t want to keep taking chances with plastic. Would love to win this set to get started.

  41. I was just looking at all my stained, disgusting, plastic containers but can’t throw them away yet because I don’t have any replacements….hmmmmm!

  42. I’m using opaque containers…and they make it hard to color coordinate my leftovers. I want my tomato sauce, carrots, parmesan, split pea soup, peruvian mashed potatoes, and pickled beets to be organized according to the visable light spectrum. Whole Foods as Art.

  43. I would love to have bowls to replace our cheap plastic, especially since the kids tend to microwave in our plastic (despite instruction to transfer to ceramic or glass.)

  44. I have a baby on the way and I plan on making my own food. This would be perfect to store our yummy baby food in.

  45. I love my glass ware. I have a friend who is a tupperware fanatic. She tries to convert me, but I like glass ware. It does not stain or hold smells!

  46. My 2nd and final entry… receiving a prize from an “expert” would help solidify my family’s commitment to a healthier life!

  47. I have already started to get rid of my plastic containers and have a few glass ones that I love. Would love to add more so I can get rid of all the plastic!