Minimize Germs this Winter with Non-Toxic Products

This is the time of year when we need to stay on top of hand washing and keeping things clean in order to keep the dreaded flu and cold germs away. I often find myself ordering some non-toxic, eco-friendly products from websites (such as my favorite natural laundry powder), buying others from our health food store (such as our bar soap for the shower), and picking up others while at Target (such as natural dish soap … along with a bunch of random stuff I’m not sure I really “need”). Can anyone else relate?

This is why I’m excited to share that one of our newest sponsors, Grove Collaborative, not only offers all of these non-toxic household and personal products in one place but will even deliver them to your door on a schedule – so you don’t have to ever give it another thought. And I’m going to tell you more about how it all works (including how to save over $30 with their new customer offer) in today’s post.

Minimize germs by washing hands with non-toxic soap

How to Minimize Germs this Winter

Tips on how to keep the bugs at bay with non-toxic products from Grove Collaborative. If you are curious how they selected these products be sure to check out their “dirty ingredient” list on their website.

  • Mrs. Meyers Soap
    Get the kids to wash their hands with Mrs. Meyer’s yummy-smelling scents. The foaming soap is easy to use and you can let them choose their own scent to make them want to wash their hands. Lemon Verbena is a nice one!
  • Grove Hand Sanitizer
    Their branded hand sanitizer does not contain alcohol so it’s safe for the kids.
  • Seventh Generation Wipes
    These multi-surface wipes are just as easy to use in the kitchen as they are on spills in the car. Take them on the go to clean up those sticky hands and wipe often-touched surfaces.

  • Method Anti-Bacterial Spray
    A perfect way to clean up bathroom messes and to say buh-bye to germs.
  • Seventh Generation Tissues
    Keep the cube handy for sniffles – they are strong & recycled so a good way to reduce waste!

Non-toxic product selection from Grove Collaborative

More about Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative is a monthly delivery service that provides eco-friendly and non-toxic products delivered right to your door on a schedule. Let’s say you love the Method brand and always use their dish soap. You can set it up so that you get it delivered to you as often as you need it. No more late night runs to Walmart or Target, which can be a huge time (and money) suck as I’ve mentioned!

They offer brands such as Mrs. Meyer’s, Dr. Bronner’s, Acure Organics, Tom’s and even Molly’s Suds (my favorite laundry powder). I no longer have to worry about forgetting to reorder before our next big “laundry day” thanks to their scheduled shipping that does it for me!

I also like that Grove curates their products very carefully and has a dirty ingredients list that their brands have to adhere to (just like our favorite health food stores, another time saver)! If you’d like to give them a try they are currently sending FREE stuff to new customers!

New customers will get all of these non-toxic products for FREE: 

  • Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap (any scent)
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap (any scent)
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Spray (any scent)
  • Grove Large Hand Sanitizer – Blood Orange
  • Free shipping & VIP 60 day Trial

These products add up to over $30.00 and will be free with your first purchase of $20 or more!!

Please note that Grove does not ship to Hawaii or Alaska. The lower 48 states in the USA only.

If you are already a Grove customer you can still get a treat of a free travel size hand sanitizer spray – simply click on this link to redeem. What are your favorite ways to keep unwanted germs at bay during the winter months?

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7 thoughts on “Minimize Germs this Winter with Non-Toxic Products”

  1. But this is what I appreciate about this blog…these are better choices and still convenient. Sorry but as a busy mom of 4 I’m not going to make my own cleaners or spend a ton either. At least the recipes and suggestions on this page are attainable for most people-Thanks!

  2. *sigh* just another affiliate link promotion. These products are “green washed” meaning they claim to be natural but no they are not. Take a closer look at the ingredients and don’t be duped.

  3. Unfortunately almost all Mrs Meyers produces are not completely clean. The fragrance in them is a hormone disrupture and for some a skin irritant.
    I use the “Think Dirty” app and the “EWG” app. You can scan or search these products.

  4. Have you checked these products on the Environmental Working Group database? These brands are rated anywhere from a 3-6 out of a scale of 10 (0 being innocuous and 10 being dangerous). Not to be a Debbie downer, but a lot of these companies claim to be “natural” but their ingredient list has all sort of junk in it. I don’t buy anything without checking EWG first. Anyway just an idea :-)

    1. I’ve heard bad things about the Babyganics line and I just heard Grove is carrying that too now. It’s kind of making me question Grove as a whole.

  5. Check out the app “think dirty”. Many of the method and mrs Meyers products are not so great. I was using them thinking they were until I started to research more

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