Giveaway: Electric Cooler that Works without Ice!

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I’ve got something super cool to share with you today and I’m not only going to tell you about it … I’m going to give one away! It’s an “electric cooler” (aka portable fridge and freezer) by our sponsor Dometic. I honestly didn’t even know these things existed and just love the idea of a cooler without ice!

For anyone who is into picnicking, camping, mobile living, tailgating, and eating healthy real food on the go, this is really such a great concept. It’s no secret how I’ve struggled in the past with ice melting in our cooler and leaking questionable “yuckiness” into our food. Plus, I can’t help but always wonder when that ice melts if we added a new bag quickly enough to keep everything fresh.

So I’m excited to introduce you to the Dometic CFX-95, which we recently tried ourselves on a trip up to the mountains!

The Dometic CFX-95 Electric Cooler

Dometic sent us one to try first hand and here it is in the back of our car. It looks just like a cooler, but it’s an extremely powerful refrigerator/freezer that can keep food and drinks even colder than your fridge at home (even in unbearable temperatures). It also shows the digital temperature for both the fridge and freezer portion right there on the side – so there’s no question about food staying fresh in this thing! This will definitely come into use at our Tiny House where we only have an apartment sized fridge. Electric Cooler Giveaway on 100 Days of Real Food

The other cool thing is you can even control and monitor the inside temps from a free app on your phone! Isn’t technology amazing? Here is a screenshot from my husband’s phone (he had just started the freezer side so it hadn’t gone all the way down quite yet). This was definitely a fun “gadget” for him to mess around with –  I could tell he loved every minute (haha). What a great gift idea for a guy (or girl who loves fun gadgets) in your life!

Dometic actually told us there’s been a spike of moms buying these to keep healthy drinks and fresh foods in their SUV or minivan for when they’re shuffling their kids all over the place. And there’s even an audience of breastfeeding moms out there with one! So many uses, right?

Electric Cooler Giveaway on 100 Days of Real Food

The Dometic CFX Portable Electric Cooler is power operated with options to include 12V, 24V and 110V, so you can move it easily from home to vehicle or plug it in at a tiny house:). You can adjust it from temperatures of -8F to +50F (-22C to +10C) and it also has dual zones in case you want to cool and freeze at the same time.

Dometic CFX Series Features

  • Can deep freeze down to -7° F (-22° C) without the need for ice
  • Excellent cooling performance even at extremely high outside temperatures
  • 12/24 volts DC and 100 – 240 volts AC
  • Digital temperature display
  • Extremely efficient and superbly quiet operation
  • USB port for charging smartphones or MP3 players
  • Drain plugs make cleaning simple
  • Suitable for solar operation
  • Memory maintains preset temperatures even if system is turned off
  • Temperature control by WiFi app (pictured above)


  • Holds 133 drink cans (i.e. 90 quart storage volume)
  • 2 compartments for cooling and freezing with separate controls (53.5 and 36.5 quarts)
  • Refrigeration from -7 to +50 F (-22 to + 10 C)
  • Separate lids for the two compartments

Dometic says the #1 reason people prefer the CFX to a standard cooler is … no ice, no soggy food, and no mess! So check out their website to try one yourself and be sure to enter the giveaway contest for a free one below!


ONE lucky winner is going to receive a Dometic CFX-95DZUS Dual Zone Portable Electric Refrigerator/Freezer – 94.5 Liters– an item worth $959.99!!

Total Giveaway Value: $959.99

How to Enter Giveaway*

If you’d like to enter the contest, please read and follow these rules…

  1. The contest is open to US residents.
  2. You have THREE chances to enter the contest by leaving comments below:
    – 1st entry: Please leave a comment below sharing what you’d like to use the cooler for.
    – 2nd entry: For those who “like” Dometic on Facebook. Just say “Facebook” in your comment.
    – 3rd entry: Follow Dometic on Instagram. Say “Insta” in your comment.
  3. The contest will end at midnight EST on Tuesday, August 8th.
  4.  The winners will be selected at random and emailed directly (so make sure your address is entered correctly in your comments below). The winner will have 3 days to respond before they are disqualified, and a new winner will be chosen.


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934 thoughts on “Giveaway: Electric Cooler that Works without Ice!”

  1. Facebook, I already Liked Dometic.
    I have a competitor’s product. works great but this one appears to be better as it has both a Fridge and freezer (mine is one or the other but not both at once) and indipendent controls for both halves. Very nice.

  2. Many new up-scale motorhomes are coming with these installed in one of the outside compartments. great for drinks, snacks and anything you are putting on the grill. saves going in and out of the motorhome so many times.


  3. Oh wow. What a solution this would be. We have meds for my son that need to be refrigerated so it tends to prevent him from taking camping trips with his Scout troop. We are also constantly battling ruined soupy meds on vacations. What a great solution this would be.

  4. We have 6 children and this would make my biweekly shopping trips so helpful. We also love to travel in our 12 passenger van so this awesome cooler would make our traveling so much easier with taking food with us. It is so difficult to eat out meal after meal- we would be given a choice with this. Thanks for this awesome giveaway. Someone will be really lucky!

  5. I would really love to have a cooler that holds food for my 4 kids n husband. We love camping n enjoying outdoors. Thank you

  6. We would use it on our long trips (anywhere from 4-6 hours) to gather our foods for winter here in Alaska (i.e. fishing, picking berries and hunting) This is how we spend our summers in Alaska.

  7. Thus would be great for my husband who travels for work & takes his food with him, ice melts & gets things wet & yucky.

  8. I am traveling cross country with my 3 children this fall on a homeschool adventure. We are camping about half the time. This cooler would make eating real and clean on our trip a breeze!

  9. This is amazing for long camping trips! With several kiddos and limited budget, taking trips to new places are our family vacations. This cooler looks like the perfect thing to use!

  10. What a wonderful thing to have when traveling to all of our ball games! No more stopping for ice for our cooler on the way to the game.

  11. Nichole Bridges

    This would be great to be able to take healthy food on road trips, camping etc. So hard when dealing with a normal Ice chest.

  12. It would be great for camping because I always have a hard time keeping dairy products from getting all soggy from melting ice.

  13. I would LOVE to have this amazing electric cooler for traveling with my little one! We always have to buy (and waste) ice after our packs melt and we don’t always have a way to re-freeze them during our road trips!

  14. We drive to Florida in the summer and take frozen meat with us because we rarely eat at restaurants. This looks like it would definitely come in handy.

  15. Stephanie Simpson

    Lots of car time with kids and sports…great to have dinner already in the cooler for the later nights we have to eat on the way home or between activities.

  16. Facebook and Insta done!! It’s amazing the technology that’s out there. I had no idea these existed. I’m excited to use this for camping in Sycamore canyon and on our little homestead. Thanks for sharing!!

  17. It’d be fantastic for me to do more day trips with healthy foods to feed my kids during our summer break. I’d also like to use it to make my daughter to the park more often after work once we go back to school.

  18. Traveling across 3 states to visit family but trying to stick with my healthy eating plan due to digestive issues it would be a life saver!

  19. I would be super EXCITED to have this! I would use this for boating, camping, and for shopping store to store!!!

  20. I would use this for so many things from boating, camping to shopping from store to store this would be great in the car!!! Just what I’ve been looking for!!!

  21. Perfect for snacks & being out all afternoon/ evening going from one kid’s activity to the next kid’s activity.

  22. This is amazing!!! I would use this for travel and kids activities- I too hate the messy old icy coolers!!! Good job advancing the cooler, Dometic!!!
    Facebook and insta

  23. I have daughter in mississippi and one in washington, dc. I would use this cooler to take them my garden products and meat i get for them each year. Also use the cooler on my hunting trips for several days.

  24. My boyfriend and I are going on our first road trip together to the grand canyon! We are going for our one year anniversary and are very excited for our adventure. We are camping on the southern rim, where we can experience nature at its best. This cooler will help keep my veggies, homemade meals, and drinks fresh and delicious!

  25. Wow! I didn’t know these existed either! I would love one for travel. We have four kids and cannot always guarantee we’ll have a fridge for the little ones’ milk everywhere we go. Facebook, insta

  26. Carmen Mosley-Sims

    My dojo has semi-annual campouts where cooler space is at a premium. This cooler would be perfect for our communal meals.

    Facebook (Agnes Nutter) Insta (tonchou)

  27. I travel back and forth between Arizona and California and need to carry food with me. Also use cooler when grocery shopping in Arizona in the summer to keep frozen and refrigerator food when driving home from the store, especially ice cream.

  28. Barbara Walentowski

    I’d gift this to daughter and SIL for their own and their baby’s real food when they are in their adventures. They are both training for a marathon in October. They’ve lost well over 160 pounds each eating real food and moving more! Insta and Facebook

  29. Between the beach, canoe trips, camping, and hiking our family seems to live out of the back of the car all summer and this would be a great addition!

  30. I’d love to use this for the school bus that I am planning to convert into my tiny home! This electric cooler would be a game changer, and I’d be able to show all my friends the great work Dometic does!

  31. I would love to win the cooler! I’d use it for many things such as keeping my groceries cool before I get home, camping, it would be awesome to have on road trips so we could take healthy fruits and veggies to snack on instead of stopping at gas stations for unhealthy snacks. This looks very awesome! Thank you for the giveaway.

  32. I work for a local brewery and this would be great for both sampling beer, storing hops in the freezer option, and having company potluck outings! I would of course borrow it for some camping trips. Facebook. Insta.

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