Essential Oils for Emotional Support + a Giveaway!

February is here, and let me tell you what – it’s COLD outside! It’s easy to get into an emotional rut this time of year since staying cooped up inside can often leave us not feeling our best. We already know how a real food diet can positively impact our overall health, and today our sponsor Stacy Paulsen with is going to share how she believes essential oils can provide a quick and easy pick-me-up as well. Be sure to stay tuned for the huge essential oils giveaway at the bottom of the post!

Essential Oils for Emotional Support + a Giveaway! on 100 Days of Real Food

Essential Oils for Emotional Support (with Stacy Paulsen)

Here are some simple solutions to provide a little pep to your day from our sponsor Stacy Paulsen.

“Essential oils can be a simple support for four areas of wellness,” she explains.

  1. Nutrition: Fennel, peppermint, and digestive blends can support proper digestion, nutrient absorption, and more.
  2. Exercise: Peppermint, marjoram, and soothing blends can aid discomfort associated with exercise or help with lacking motivation.
  3. Sleep & Stress: Lavender, Roman chamomile, and calming blends can support a restful night of sleep.
  4. Reducing Toxins: Lemon and clove are helpful in removing toxins from the body. They are also great alternatives for household cleaners, therefore reducing harmful chemicals.

Stacy’s three simple ways to include essential oils to support emotional wellness:

  1. Diffuse Wild Orange periodically throughout the day. You can even put a drop or two on your hands and inhale. This is great for supporting women’s (and spouses!) emotions.
  2. Take a soothing Epsom salt bath by mixing 1 cup Epsom or sea salt, 1/2 cup baking soda, and 10 drops essential oils. Good choices include lavender for calming, wild orange for energizing, or frankincense for soothing feelings of stress. These are also great for kids!
  3. Receive an essential oil hand, foot, or back massage with the AromaTouch massage. It helps balance the body and is calming in many ways. Stacy uses this on her whole family (did we mention she has 6 kids?!), and they all love it!

The Giveaway ($441 value)

Three winners will each receive one of the following DoTerra Essential Oils kits:

  • Emotional Aromatherapy Kit – $159 value
    Cheer – Uplifting Blend
    Passion – Inspiring Blend
    Forgive – Renewing Blend
    Console – Comforting Blend
    Peace – Reassuring Blend
  • Essential Mom’s Rollerball Kit – $149 value
    Singing the Blues
    Anger Management
    Calm & Focused
    Memory Loss
    Hormonal Wreck
    Ego Boost
    Stress Less
    Study Session
    Anxious Mess
  • AromaTouch Massage Kit – $133 value
    AromaTouch – Massage Blend
    DeepBlue – Soothing Blend
    Wild Orange – Energizing/Revitalizing
    Peppermint – Invigorating/Energy Promoting
    Balance – Grounding Blend
    Lavender – Calming/Relaxing
    Melaleuca – Cleansing
    On Guard – Protective & Cleansing Blend

To Enter (2 ways)

This contest will end at 11:59 PM EST on February 19, 2016. The winner will be selected at random and emailed directly (so make sure your address is entered correctly in your comments below!).

Chances of winning depend on the number of entries. Entries will be chosen at random. Giveaway winner will be contacted on or around February 22nd via email. The winner will have 3 days to respond before they are disqualified and a new winner is chosen. We may share your first name, last initial, and comment publicly but will not share any other information with anyone except to facilitate shipment of your prizes, which will be shipped directly from the respective vendor. 100 Days of Real Food will not use your email address for anything other than contacting you about this giveaway, however if you sign up for our partner’s newsletter, you will be agreeing to their terms regarding their use of your email address. Giveaway open to entries worldwide. We are not liable for errors stemming from lost/delayed e-mail, posting or typographical errors, technical failures, etc. Void where prohibited by law. This giveaway is being held by Leake, LLC doing business as 100 Days of Real Food. We may be reached at support{at}100daysofrealfood{dot}com. 

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2,338 thoughts on “Essential Oils for Emotional Support + a Giveaway!”

  1. The mom’s rollerball kit. I’m a mom of 6 kids. And I love to learn and share with other moms. Especially how living healthy and naturally with essential oils is a godsend. And the freedom we have been blessed with. Newsletter

  2. The essential moms kit looks amazing!! I have always wanted to try essential oils so this would be a great way to try it! Thanks!!

  3. As hard as it is to choose I’d go with the mom’s roller ball kit. There are just so many good feels in there! Also, I use essential oils frequently but my 4 year old loves to use them every day! He has his own simple kit of peppermint, lemon, and lavender. I’d love the mom kit to compliment his kit! Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. How do I choose? Torn between the essential moms rollerball kit and AromaTouch massage kit. I would choose the…………… Massage kit.

  5. Oops forgot why. Any because my friends rave about oils but I haven’t tried them yet and this would give be that chance

  6. Essential mom’s kit because I am transitioning to be a stay-at-home mom of my toddler and will need all the help I can get! :)

  7. I would love any of the kits! Probably the essential mom kit first. I have been interested in essential oils for a while and just started to dabble in them. I love the wide variety of uses and am not putting harmful toxins, chemicals into my house or body!

  8. I won’t be picky! I would be delighted with any of them! If I HAD to choose I would love the AromaTouch massage kits. That sounds delightful! Thank you for keeping us informed on so many matters!

  9. I would be interested in trying the AromaTouch Massage kit. I am interested in using On Guard during the upcoming cold season. I am also interested in defusing Wild Orange.

  10. I would love the emotional aromatherapy pack please. I could really use an emotional boost. Thank you for what you are doing for others.

  11. Mom’s Rollerball Kit would be my choice…so I could share with my kids/grandkids…all of them sound really good! I have limited knowledge but believe they are therapeutic and helpful in an amazing natural way….

  12. I would like to try the AromaTouch Massage Kit. I have just started diffusing oils to help w/congestion and relaxation. Very interested in the wild orange for a day time oil.

  13. Newsletter!!!
    I have the aromatherapy kit an the AromaTouch kit!! I just recently got certified in AromaTouch!! It’s incredible!
    I would love the roller kit! This is a new way I would like to host my classes and I think the best way for people to get oil experiences who have not experienced DoTERRA oils yet! It can show how simple by having them make them with you in the class. Having them be diluted for safety for the whole family and any sensitivities. I think these roller kits are a fabulous way to share and nice way to incorporate fun classes into a sharers class schedule! :)

    1. I forgot I wanted to mention how much I absolutely love my 100 days of real food cook book!! Thanks to Stacy for posting it! I bought it as a way to help me with family lunches and I love every recipe!!!!

  14. I have just started using essential oils and would love the opportunity to try more. I would love the mother’s set because i’ve seen the benefit of essential oils for health in my children and would love to try some for other benefits.

  15. I would love to have the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit. I’m new to essential oils so this would definitely be a jump start. Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. I would like to try the aromatouch kit. My husband loves massages and say they do so much for him, that I would like to try these for him, myself and my children.

  17. Newsletter – I would love to try the Essential Moms Rollerball Kit. I have never tried Essential Oils before but have heard a lot of good things about them. I am not sure how to use them but would love to find out and start using them. Thank you

  18. I would love to win the Essential Mom’s Rollerball Kit. I recently spent time with my daughter & grandsons and am reminded how challenging it can be for moms to juggle all the responsibilities the day may hold. If I won this kit I would give it to my daughter who is an incredible mom. Thank you!!

  19. I would love the emotional blend. In today’s world it seems that my family could benefit from some stress relief. Thank you for your blog and chance to win.

  20. I would love to try the Essential Moms Rollerball Kit. I have never tried Essential Oils before but have heard a lot of good things about them. I am not sure how to use them but would love to find out and start using them. Thank you

  21. I would love the emotional aroma therapy kit! They sound amazing and perfect for our family. I am in a home with two boys and outnumbered I could use a little peace:)

  22. I would love to try the Essential Mom’s Rollerball Kit. As a Kindergarten teacher and a mother of five year old twin girls, I”ll take all the sanity help I can get. Thank you!

  23. I’d love to win the Essential moms rollerball kit. I am a new first time mom who is also balancing a job outside the home and the recipe titles sound soooo good and definitely like something I would love and could greatly benefit from. :)

  24. I’d love to try the Essential Mom’s Rollerball Kit! Love their names and love how each and every one apply to me at some point in my week!

  25. I would love to try the Essential Moms Rollerball Kit because I’ve heard so much about essential oils but not sure I completely grasp how they work! Anyway, the titles in that group of oils sounded fun and interesting and made me think that I might be able to actually figure out how and when to use those oils. =) Thank you for the opportunity to try to win a kit!

  26. I would love to have the mom rollerball kit. I have two small boys and would love the quick and easy use of a rollerball. The memory loss and anxious mess sound wonderful! Happy Friday!!

  27. Aroma touch massage kit. I like the cleansing oils in this kit like the melaleuca etc. I use them all around my house and in my deodorant as well

  28. I am new to essential oils and would love to try the essential mom’s rollerball kit because it seems like it covers all the bases for a busy/stressed mom of three with a full time nursing job.

  29. I would love to win the rollerball kit for two reasons–one, I am 4 weeks postpartum and feel like many of those oils would help me manage the hormonal changes of postpartum and two, I have a son who seems to deel with some anxiety issues. I feel like he would benefit from consistent use of essential oils.

  30. I would love the essential mom’s rollerball kit. I am 6 months pregnant with my first baby and have been lookiing forward to creating a natural home remedy kit. I love essential oils!

  31. Emotional Aromatherapy Kit

    Several years back my son ( my only child) was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. I have days still that emotionally I’m a wreck. I love essential oils and thinking this might help me.

  32. I would prefer the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit. 2016 has not started well and I need every little bit of help I can get. Thank you.

  33. I would love to win the emotional Aromatherapy kit, because I have heard great things about this aromatherapy kit and I would love to try it with my family.


  34. I’m most interested in the essential mom’s rollerball kit because it covers a variety of issues and I have one rollerball that I love! It makes application so simple and quick! Thank you for this generous offer!

  35. I would love to have the aroma touch massage kit. I started using essential oils about 2 months ago. All of those are on my wish list to try.

  36. I choose the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit because it will cheer up my passion so my husband can forgive me and console me and peace will return in our bedroom! ;)


  37. I’d love to try the Essential Mom’s Rollerball Kit. I’ve not used any essential oils other than peppermint and I am ready to learn and try new ones. Balancing a full time job and a family keep me on my toes and the oils in this kit sure could come in handy in my daily life.

  38. HI! I would love the emotional set. I think essential oils can definitely help with various moods
    Anyone can feel better with the right oils. I’ve been on a weight loss challenge and I think these would help me with losing weight too.

  39. Rollerball or emotional! I have wanted to try oils but not had the extra cash to get started! So, actually I would love any of them. I think they’d bring a sense of calming and peace that I long for.

  40. I’d love to try or win the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit. I need support for all of those emotions, particularly in strengthening forgiveness and peace.

  41. I’m pregnant with my first child, and around the same time we found out we were pregnant my husband suffered a fairly intense injury to his foot. After 4 months he is finally able to put weight on it and we are finally able to start enjoying planning for our precious baby. I would love to win the AromaTouch Massage kit to pamper my husband as he regains strength for walking, and to spoil myself a little as well since there have definitely been some unforeseen challenges to this emotional time in our life as a family.

  42. I would love the Mom’s Rollerball kit for the Study Session and the anger management! I’ve been want to try the Study Session during the homework part of the day to keep my oldest son on track and help him not “get tired”. Thanks for offering this chance!

  43. Essential Mo’s Rollerball Kit- every single symptom this kit addresses can be found in me. And after all, most mom’s don’t do anything for themselves (we’re too busy with the kids) so something just for me would be so appreciated and kept forONLY me. No sharing this time!

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