Piggy Paint Non-Toxic Nail Polish

If you are concerned about putting all natural food into your body then chances are you’re also concerned about the products you’re putting ON your body. For quite some time now I’ve been worried about the nail polish we were using because there seems to be more and more bad press around the chemicals it contains (like formaldehyde). And especially since I frequently polish the nails of my two precious daughters I didn’t want to be putting harmful chemicals on their little fingers that they sometimes put in their mouths!

Well, now I don’t have to worry about that anymore after discovering an amazing company (started by a mom of course) called Piggy Paint, who sponsored this post. They make natural, non-toxic, low-odor nail polish that comes in a rainbow of colors geared toward both kids and adults. What a great idea! As you can see in the picture my girls and I had a fun afternoon experimenting with some of Piggy Paint’s colors, some toothpicks, and our imagination. And just for the record…this water-based polish goes on just like the other stuff. I thought it might seem thin or peel off right away, but so far it is working out perfectly!

Piggy Paint is specially formulated from natural ingredients and dries to a hard, durable finish. There are no toxic chemicals; it’s free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, Bisphenol A, ethyl acetate and acetone. Say good-bye to harsh, smelly chemicals and hello to Piggy Paint…it’s as Natural as Mud!

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351 thoughts on “Piggy Paint Non-Toxic Nail Polish”

  1. Ice Cream Dream, Candy Coated, and whatever else my little girl picks! My daughter will be two in a week and I’ve never painted her nails for fear of all the nasty stuff in regular polish. Piggy paint would be perfect! Sounds like it would be great for this pregnant momma too ;)

  2. O think I posted my first comment in the wrong place! I would order the remover and some colors for my 4 year old and I to share. Thanks

  3. I would get the girls rule set. My daughter is a finger sucker and I refuse to paint her nails because of all the chemicals.

  4. I’d totally want ALLLLLL the colors available. So this $25 gift certificate, if I’d be the lucky winner of it, would be used as a down payment! A down payment to start welcoming those beautiful NON TOXIC Piggy Paint colors into our home. How exciting! My girls love painting their nails! I can’t wait to actually start letting them do it since I now know of a safe product that exists…Piggy Paint! Woohoo! Thanks for the gift certificate opportunity! (We crossed all our “piggies” for GOOD LUCK!) =)

  5. I am a school teacher and have 3 school age children. We love to use polish to show our school spirit during basketball games, tournaments, first day of school, and any thing else we can do to have fun fingers and toes. I would use Piggy Paint to safely paint on that school spirit for my children as well as to show off for my first graders!

  6. I’d let my 4yr old pick whatever she wants…. she’s never been allowed polish because of my fear of it chipping off in her mouth…. now she can without my worries :-)

  7. Ah! Finally!
    I would stock up on remover (I’ve been worried about remover–so gross! forever). I would also get…Sometimes Sweet–a girl can never have too much red polish.
    I also bite my nails (sadly, even when I have nail polish) it would be better to have good stuff..especially until I ‘kick the habit’

  8. As a breast cancer survivor, I have been trying to be very careful about my personal care products! How FUN that I can do my nails again!!! I would choose some pink for me and purple for my daughter so she can get into the habit of all natural products too!!!

  9. I am also concerned about all the chemicals in regular nail polish, which is why I’ve been holding off on painting my daughter’s nails. I would love to get the pink nail polish, which is her favorite color!

  10. I would let my 9 year old decide! She would LOVE to have $25 to spend on something special for her (that she doesn’t have to share with her little brothers ;) )!

  11. I would order all the colors of the rainbow. My daughter has finally stopped biting her nails, so as a reward, I paint them whenever she wants me to.

  12. I would get “Fairy Fabulous” and “Sweet Pea” for my 3 year old. It will definitely make sitting on the potty more bearable if I’m doing her toe nails at the same time! Thanks for posting, I am going to try and hunt some down in Toronto, even we don’t win!

  13. I would certainly get one of the purples since it is my 3 year olds favorit color. Also one of the withes to make pretty patterns with toothpicks.

  14. I would let each of my kids pick out a color and I could get the gorgeous turquoise color, plus some remover of course!

  15. LOVE this..so glad you shared. I would order the pretty Please Gift set and a bottle of polish removed. Perfect for my little one. Thank you!

  16. I’d choose the Power of Pink gift set. Thanks for letting us know about this great product! I’ve totally stopped painting my nails for the past few years because of the yucky chemicals in most polishes.

  17. Just started painting my 2 1/2 year olds nails and so I have been pretty tame on the colors so far. I’d use the certificate to get her the The Tippy Toe Show Gift Set!!!

  18. I would definitely order the nail polish remover as I like the idea of it being non toxic and several nail polishes for my daughter and myself to share.

  19. I love these polishes. I would buy the Project Earth colors. I think the “radioactive” glow in the dark color is awesome.

  20. Sarah Williamson

    I would buy the Clouds of Candy gift set for my daughters birthday in September! She is not a pink person, and would love the blue combination!

  21. In a house full of girls (6 total, not counting the dogs), we would probably get a large assortment of the colors, the remover and stickers (I love those). : )
    Great idea, since we are limiting chemicals and the such.

  22. so excited to have the opportunity to purchase these products, I have had my big toe nails removed for health reasons and would never use commerical polish since the chemicals would be in direct contact with my skin. Since these products are water based I can’t wait to try them on my naked toes, maybe for once I can have all 5 toes painted and pretty! thank you for making such a safe product!!

  23. I’ve never heard of them, but I explored the website and they look like great colors (and much healthier for our nails!). I especially love the cute names they use for the colors. I want to order it all ;) , but my favorite sets were Snowflake Fairy & Candy Corn.

  24. For my daughter, I think we’d order Sleepover and Clouds of Candy. She’s been wanting to paint the dogs’ nails, so we might have to give the doggy nail polish a try too.

  25. My daughter and I LOVE painting our toes together! We would order nail polish and remover, and I bet she would love the nail stickers, too. Thanks for the opportunity :)

  26. Definetly would get the Sweet Pea, the Fairy Fabulous and the Forever Fancy together with some nail polish remover. Had Fairy Fabulous few month ago until my mom saw it and kept it to herself. I am actually the one who used it before because I don’t want the chemicals on my body either, but my daughter loves pink so we will have a Piggy Paint Party. :)

  27. I “follow” Piggy Paint on Facebook. After I get the Birthday Bash gift set, I want to get the Candy Corn gift set and nail polish remover. I plan on using these for me as well!

  28. I actually plan on buying some for my daughter’s 2 year birthday this October. I’m going to get the Birthday Bash gift set for starters.

  29. Love it! I haven’t used polish for a couple of years now, but used to go weekly for a new coat. I miss the color, but like you said, if I won’t eat them chemicals I don’t want to put them onmy skin/nails.

    I like purple polish, but enjoyed the name “How Merlot Can You Go”.

  30. As a new mommy it has become even more important to me to remove all chemicals and unhealthy junk in our home as a example to our son and for his/our health. Now that I have mastered the cleaning products, and am making our way with food I want to move to the next area of personal care products. I would buy one of the gift sets in pink as a starter kit to keep me feeling good about myself and knowing that it is safe also.

  31. I would get the pedicure gift set, nail polish remover, a polish gift set, and some nail stickers. How fun for my nieces!!!

  32. I would order one of the gift sets for a friend of mine that frequently does nails, and beautifully for not having any formal training!

  33. I’d love to get the Spirit Fingers Gift Set for my daughter – added the site to my favorites! Thanks for sharing :)

  34. Even if I don’t win the gift certificate I plan on buying the “girls rock” polish to share with my niece as well as an adult and toddler t-shirt to help spread the word about this great product line.

  35. I would buy the Date Night gift set for dates with my husband–and for our 4yo daughter who loves having “Daddy-Daughter” dates! : )

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