Spring Clean Your Family’s Diet (with these healthier food swaps!)

Spring cleaning doesn’t just have to be for your house … it can be for your body, too! This is the perfect time of year to make some clean and simple healthier food swaps because, remember, any small change is better than none. :)

Spring Clean Your Family's Diet with Healthy Food Swaps on 100 Days of Real Food

Healthier Food Swaps

Deep-fried potato chips Make whole-grain popcorn in a brown paper lunch bag Homemade Popcorn
Bottled salad dressing (full of unwanted additives) Shake up a few ingredients in a jar to last all week long Mustard Vinaigrette Dressing
Store bought flavored oatmeal packets (full of unwanted additives) Make your own oatmeal packets DIY Oatmeal Packets in my Fast & Fabulous Cookbook
The dreaded Lunchables Make your own look-a-like version instead DIY Lunchable Instructions
Skipping breakfast on busy weekday mornings Prepare overnight oats that will be ready to go out the door with you in the morning! Our Favorite Overnight Oats
The drive-through on busy weeknights Plan ahead by having a slow cooker recipe waiting for you instead Slow Cooker Recipes
Boxed mac & cheese Cook a creamy made-from-scratch mac & cheese in the same amount of time Creamy (Whole-Wheat) Mac & Cheese
Store bought boxes (or cans) of chicken broth Make chicken stock from bones you’d throw out anyway Overnight Chicken Stock in the Crock Pot
Plain cream cheese (on your whole-grain bagel) Cream cheese with an extra nutritional punch Veggie Cream Cheese in my Fast & Fabulous Cookbook
Sugary and artificially dyed snow cone syrups Make your own with fruit juice concentrate Homemade Snow Cones
Highly processed store bought fudge pops Mix up some homemade yogurt-based fudge pops Extra Dark Fudge Pops
Canister of highly processed whipped cream Make your own easy homemade whipped cream from heavy cream Homemade Whipped Cream

What would you add to this list that I missed?

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16 thoughts on “Spring Clean Your Family’s Diet (with these healthier food swaps!)”

  1. Enjoyed all you ideas. I am interested in you cookbook. where can I buy a coy?

  2. Any suggestions for making plain yogurt less tangy? Flavored yogurt is one of my kids last hold-outs. I only buy Trade Joe’s vanilla but even that has tons of sugar. I’ve tried disguising plain yogurt with blended fruit, a bit of maple syrup….but they always taste that plain tang. Help?

  3. Thank you so much for this!! I’ve been struggling to find healthier alternatives ever since our family decided to eat better. Well, not anymore! hahaha. This will be my guide for now on. Love it!

  4. Use white whole wheat flour in place of all purpose flour in your favorite pancake, waffle and muffin recipes. I also cut out the sugar in our pancakes as we top ours with fruit and maple syrup anyway. Also, switch to Maple syrup if you haven’t already.

  5. We do quite a few of these–everything is homemade from the most basic ingredients. It’s partly for health, partly for taste, partly for budget. If you had asked me before whether I would be able to do this, I would have said no, but having gone the real-food DIY route for years now, I have to say that it really isn’t that much more effort, but the payoffs are huge.

  6. We switched from soda to seltzer. You still get the bubbles, but none of the sugar and chemicals.

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