An Easy Way to Add Healthy, Reusable Products to Your Home

Today I want to make sure you know about an awesome program put together by one of our favorite longtime sponsors to help you simply (and affordably) add healthy, reusable products to your home. Obviously, we’re all about eating the right foods around here, but how you store your food and clean your home (and treat the earth) absolutely matters, too!

What is The MightyFix?

The MightyFix program is a monthly subscription service put together by MightyNest, curators of healthy, toxic-free, earth-friendly products for your home. Once you join, you get a “fix box” each month with something new for your kitchen or home. Not only is it going to be a product you can trust and feel good about using, but it’s also always a good deal and a fun surprise to see what they’ve sent you! And slowly but surely, your home will become as healthy as the food you are preparing.

In fact, several months ago I joined the program myself to try it out. Just the other night we happened to be opening our monthly fix package right as we were cleaning up from dinner. Funny enough, we were literally in the process of covering our leftover dinner bowls with plastic wrap, and they had sent us reusable “Bees Wrap” (a sheet of beeswax to be used in place of plastic wrap!) to use instead. I started to wonder if they were mind readers over there at MightyNest because I promise, this was not at all planned and the timing could not have been more perfect, LOL!

An Easy Way to Add Healthy, Reusable Products to Your Home on 100 Days of Real Food

Today we’re offering you an awesome deal so you can try out the MightyFix yourself, but also be sure to read on below to see what else we’ve received so far!

Special Deal

The average American throws away approximately 185 pounds of plastic per year!!! So with Earth Day coming up in a couple weeks, I can’t think of a better time to sign up for The MightyFix so you can incorporate reusable products just like these (below) into your home. You can try it month-by-month or just sign up for The MightyFix annual membership to makes things easy. Either way, you’re not committing to a bunch of big (and expensive!) changes all at once. Instead, you’re committing to try one small change each month, which will surely add up over time.

Plus, The MightyFix membership gets you free shipping on add-on purchases and access to exclusive awesome member deals as well! So I know you’ll be especially excited about this awesome deal our lovely sponsor is offering you today.

Here’s how to get it…

  1. Click the button below to automatically apply code “100DAYSEARTH
  2. Choose between monthly (only $1 for your first month) OR one year with 2 months free and click “Sign Up”!

What You Get with The MightyFix

I’ve partnered with my friends over at MightyNest for several years now and look to them for their research, knowledge, and content when it comes to all things healthy for my kitchen and home. So, it’s been fun to see what items they send each month with The MightyFix program. Here are some examples!

  • Reusable Produce Bags (that are washable!)
    It took some practice to get used to bringing these into the store and using them, but did you know the average American family takes home almost 1,500 plastic shopping bags a year? Yikes! I can’t get over how much less waste there is when I get home from the store after using the reusable bags. Because let’s face it, if you’re eating real food, you’re definitely spending lots of time in the produce section where plastic bags are everywhere.
  • Dryer Balls (pictured below)
    I was already a fan of these in place of smelly dryer sheets (made with unwanted chemicals!), but they don’t last forever. So it was great to get a few more in the mail! Just think how much money you’ll save not having to buy 300 – 400 dryer sheets per year.

MightyFix Program on 100 Days of Real Food

  • Bees Wrap (pictured above)
    As I mentioned, we were literally in the process of using wasteful plastic wrap, so this could not have arrived at a more perfect time. While many of us are cognizant of using fewer paper towels, plastic wrap usage is just as wasteful and not something that should be ignored.
  • Stasher Bag (pictured below)
    This is one of the better reusable sandwich bags I’ve seen. I’ve tried many others before, but since they’re often lined with fabric, they take longer to dry after being washed clean. They also commonly have a velcro-type closure, which is obviously is not air tight like the disposable plastic baggies we’re used to. So, I’ve been impressed with how the Stasher Bag can be cleaned and dried on the spot and can also be sealed just like those disposable baggies. It’s also dishwasher safe and microwave safe. My husband used it to store some leftover lettuce the day it came in the mail! And since the average American family uses 500 Ziploc bags a year, there’s clearly lots of room for us to do our part.

Once again, be sure to take advantage of our special deal so you can try out the MightyFix today!

And thank you for doing your part to help reduce waste. :)

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7 thoughts on “An Easy Way to Add Healthy, Reusable Products to Your Home”

  1. Y’all – I love 100 days of real food and USED to love Mighty Nest… their customer service is seriously lacking though. If you try to call you always get voicemail telling you to email and they never respond to emails. This isn’t a problem until there is a problem with your order. Most of their products are usually found cheaper on other websites too… I don’t think I can recommend this company based on my current experience (I did an add-on to my monthly mighty fix, and they shipped the wrong product and this was supposed to be a gift that I need for next week and because they are so non-responsive, I’m in limbo and don’t know if they can re-ship in time or if I need to go buy something else!) Frustrating.

  2. When I move into my “homesteading” house in a few months, we are going to try and go as GREEN as we can. I think I will sign up for this program.

  3. I also LOVE MightyFix! I’ve had the subscription for over a year now and love everything they send! Which by the way, every item is worth MORE than the MightyFix Subscription too- so you really get a good deal on neat products! I am in love with the wool dryer balls (haven’t bought dryer sheets in over 8 months!), Stainless steel straws (I use them everyday in my smoothie!), beeswax covers, stasher bag, bamboo utensils, oh I could go on of all the fun things I’ve received!
    They also allow you to add items to your Fix order with free shipping and they’ll just package what you order with your Fix! great concept to spread the word about being earth conscious!

  4. I also read where the Amish, take and put ball of in foil in the dryer to help with that static. We did this for over a year.

  5. I signed up for the monthly Mighty Fix over a year ago. I will cancel the subscription of monthly surprises when I no longer find them useful. That hasn’t happened yet. This month was small Swedish cloths made out of wood – you compost them when they’re done (after several months). So many cool things out there that you can use to make your life more earth-friendly. — We also have an entire set of drinking glasses from the site, and they really are quite sturdy (we’re very clutzy as a family, ha!). Good company, fun Fix.

  6. Where do you find the dryer balls? I was going to get the little porcupine silicone ones, but I like the idea of the wool ones better. Or are the silicone ones better?

    1. Selena –
      We stock wool dryer balls at MightyNest and they are also featured as one of our “fixes” when you subscribe to the MightyFix! Let us know if you have any other questions about the dryer balls.

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