Healthy School Lunch Ideas (Roundup 14!)

School is not over yet so who’s ready for another installment in my School Lunch Roundup series?! I hope these pics give you some inspiration when it comes to your little ones (or even your own work lunch!). Ask your kiddos to look at these images with you and point out what they’d like to eat in their next packed lunch.School Lunch Roundup 14

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School Lunch Roundup 14

school lunch peanut butter apple sandwich and tomato bisque

grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, mini sweet bell peppers with hummus for dipping, homemade trail mix, and oranges

  • Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches
  • Mini sweet bell peppers with hummus for dipping
  • Homemade trail mix
  • Oranges

 Pesto Quinoa Cake (recipe coming to the blog soon), whole wheat pita pizzas, red bell pepper slices with hummus for dipping (topped with an edible flower for my little #valentines ♥️), and an extra brownie treat

  • Pesto Quinoa Cake
  • Whole-wheat pita pizzas
  • Red bell pepper slices with hummus for dipping (topped with an edible flower for Valentine’s Day)
  • Brownie treat

homemade (defrosted) black bean soup, sour cream + cheese to go on top, whole-wheat pita pizzas, apples, and kiwi.

  • Homemade (defrosted) black bean soup (from my Fast & Fabulous Cookbook)
  • Sour cream + cheese to go on top
  • Whole-wheat pita pizzas
  • Apples
  • Kiwi

homemade (defrosted) tomato bisque with probably more noodles than soup in there 🤣, apple/PB sandwiches, energy bites (with oats & raisins), and deviled eggs.

whole-wheat bagel with cream cheese, cucumber & radish slices, mango, kiwi, and applesauce.

  • Whole-wheat bagel with cream cheese
  • Cucumber & radish slices
  • Mango
  • Kiwi
  • Applesauce

Apple/PB sandwiches, organic cheese stick, a popcorn/corn chip mix, and leftover Huevos Rancheros Casserole w/ bell peppers

Pork Asian Lettuce Wraps (from my first #100dayscookbook ), Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Carrots (from #100daysonabudget cookbook), and edamame

homemade veggie bean burritos, leftover chicken curry and broccoli casserole, frozen peas, and a cheese stick

sausage and bell pepper pasta (served cold), from scratch whole-wheat biscuits, and warm homemade tomato bisque (from freezer) with noodles in it

homemade defrosted chicken nuggets, corn muffin (also previously made & defrosted), pear, bell peppers, and hummus

 homemade breakfast burrito (with bell peppers and sausage), energy bites, popcorn “cake” (kind of like a rice cake), orange, and applesauce.

3 mini quiches, an orange, half of a leftover veggie quesadilla, and sliced bell peppers

See any new things you’d like to try in these pictures? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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