Holiday Disaster Prevention Program from Prescribe Nutrition

Katie and Megan of Prescribe Nutrition have a program starting November 4th entitled the “Holiday Disaster Prevention Program” and are offering a 20% discount for 100 Days of Real Food readers. Read on to find out more.

It’s that time of year again. You know the drill – shop til you drop, party til you feel like you’re going to pop. Ugh! It’s too much all at once – at least in our opinion. You may have good intentions of keeping up your real food program this holiday season, or perhaps you don’t even know how to navigate.

If you want to be proactive this year and not fear facing January once it’s all over with, you’ll want to read more about our friends over at Prescribe Nutrition and their Holiday Disaster Prevention Program. The goal with the program is to take- charge: instead of finding frustration after the fact, fuel yourself with knowledge and know-how to go into the holidays feeling good – and to come out feeling just the same.


The course is short – just 7 days (Dec. 9 – 15). Hey – it’s holiday season: they know that your time is precious! And the good news is that you can do it at your own pace and on your own time. BUT, for those 7 days, you’ll have full support from their team (Megan, Katie and Anna) where you can ask any and all related questions. It’s just like having your own personal nutritionist. You’ll get a great recipe packed full of meals, snacks and beverages, tips for staying lean (hello holiday dress), road trip/travel tips and even home strength training videos should you choose to use them.


You don’t have to skip the cocktail parties, but if you want to look good and feel good both before and after them, to dodge the hangovers and to greet Jan. 1 2014 looking and feeling good, click here to read more.

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