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Here are some of my favorite things!

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431 thoughts on “Shop”

  1. I just wanted to say that I am typically very leery of products that bloggers recommend because I wonder “what’s in it for them.” HOWEVER, I bit the bullet and bought My Eco Bags after being frustrated with wielding all of my random reusable bags, and I LOVE THEM. Thank you for this recommendation!

  2. What type of containers do you recommend for thawing extra meals in the microwave? For instance, I love the idea of making a huge batch of chilli, but am unsure of how to freeze and reheat it safely without using plastic.

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Jenifer VanZanten

    What do you recommend for a safe non-stick electric fry pan? I can no longer find them with a safe coating. I love having one on my island for cooking and not being tied to the stove-top. It is also nice to have more space than what the round pans provide. Any ideas?

    Thank you!

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi Jennifer. I know you can find larger stainless steel griddles that are commercial grade. You can find ceramic cook-top griddles, too but I question how “safe” their ceramic coating is.

  4. Where could I find the large glass storage jars that Lisa uses in the pantry and freezer for oats and flour and stuff? (seen in the youtube videos)

  5. My mom just gave me her cast iron aebleskiver pan. Her pan is quite old. I have a ceramic cooktop stove. The bottom of this pan is not flat. It’s open with the bottom of the balls showing. What type of stove do you have and is the bottom of your pan flat? I was just wondering if your pan is like the one she gave. (I’ve never see a pan in person before.) I’m going to contact my stove mfg to see if I could use it on my stove.

    1. I feel like an idiot. I just saw the video and watched it and your stove is gas. I would still like to know what the bottom of your pan looks like.

      1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

        Hi there. The cast iron pans do not have flat bottoms. I am not sure how it does on a ceramic cook top but they do distribute heat very evenly.

  6. What do you find the best way to cook rice is? Is there a good rice cooker that would help it turn out softer? Thanks!

  7. Jacqueline Stashek

    Just wondering if you have a favorite brand for cookie sheets? I’ve been on the search for a good alternative to non-stick sheets, and with the holidays coming up I need to decide on some ASAP! Thanks for any suggestions.

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi Jacqueline. We really like stainless steel but no particular brand. I have Norpro and like them. ~Amy

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      No, not really. There is a whole range but my oven is a basic model and does everything I want it to do. I know I didn’t pay more than $100.00 for it. You could spend up to $500 if you get really fancy. ;)

  8. I’m surprised that you recommend Yes To products with artificial fragrance, Phenoxyethanol and other questionable ingredients.

  9. I really appreciate this list and follow your blog whole-heartedly! You’ve made such a difference in the way I look at food. I must say though that I was quite surprised by your personal care product choices. It seems to me that you’ve been greenwashed. There are still toxins in these products. I would suggest looking into Ava Anderson- I find them to be very effective products and they are always 100% nontoxic.

  10. What do you think of The Honest Company products? I’m comparing their lotion vs Yes to Carrots Lotion on the ewg website and The Honest brand has a better score. Also, what brand of toothpaste do you use?

    1. I was wondering the same thing.. 100 days and Honest co. should work together. I love honest products and the real food system goes right along with it.

    2. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi Amy. We like the Honest company products. I think it is always important to research products individually, though. Lisa uses Toms toothpaste. :)

  11. Somewhere in a blog post or on the website I think Lisa mentioned either cinnamon sticks or ground cinnamon that was much better than products available in supermarkets. Now I can’t find the information. Could you re-post? I’d like to add it to my Christmas list!

  12. What kind of jars do you use for flour? I just watched your freezer tour video and was wondering what they are called and where I can get them.

  13. Hi! I’m looking for airtight containers to store my almond flour, pasta, beans, etc. Do you have any recommendations on a good brand? Thanks!

  14. Ok, I love those myeco bags, I’ve seen someone using them at the store and its how I pack my cart and then *try* to put it on the check out belt in that order so they *might* pack it the way I organized it (especially cold/frozen…its hot here). But how much do the store employees hate you when you pull out those things?

  15. I recently bought the silicone ice pop makers and froze some of my husband’s famous smoothie for lunch for my kids today. When I took the molds out of the freezer one of the tops came off. I ended up putting a rubber band around the pop, but who knows if that held. Is there a trick to keeping the tops on?


  16. Has anybody tried using a hand grinder for the wheat? I like the idea of grinding my own wheat for flour but the electric ones are a bit on the pricey side.

    1. We started with a hand crank grinder (WonderMill I think) because my husband wanted to make sure I’d use the ground flour before we made a huge investment. I didn’t use it nearly enough. It took a long time to grind (especially for me). Think about 10 minutes of grinding for maybe 1/2 cup of flour. My husband could crank out twice what I was able to, but since he worked all day (while I often baked at home during the day) it didn’t work out real well. And he’d groan when I made bread and said I needed 5 cups of flour. lol. We ended up buying the same mill as above and have never regretted it. I use it for flour and cornmeal. The nice thing about the hand grinder is that it came with 2 sets of buhrs. I never used it, but the second set can be used for oily grains or for grinding peanut butter, whereas the Nutrimill can only be used for non-oily grains. Hope that helps a bit!

  17. Hello-
    I was wondering what bake ware you recommend. I am in need of cookie sheets and loaf pans but do not want to buy anything that is unsafe. I know Teflon is not safe but would you recommend going the all aluminum route without a ‘nonstick’ coating? By the way, your banana bread recipe is the best! :)

    1. As an avid baker and real food cook, I have discovered USA bakeware which is stainless steel and a good heavy grade. To sweeten the appeal, they are made in the US in Pittsburgh, PA. They are available at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Get your 20% off coupons out and try them. You won’t be disappointed.

  18. Christine Hansley

    Hi Lisa,
    I have looked for the Ziploc divided containers in my local Walmart, Jewel, Target and other stores. The only place I see them is on Amazon for a whopping $18.00 for a 2 pack. That is an outrageous price. Where do you get them?
    Thanks for all the info you put out there for us,

    1. When you order them on Amazon, the 2 pack is actually 4 (there are 2 in each individual pack that you would find in a store)

    2. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Christine. The company, apparently, is no longer producing the containers. You may still be able to find them through Target and Walmart. :( ~Amy

  19. Hi Lisa!
    I enjoyed the tour of your kitchen. Great idea about storing tupperware containers and lids in two deep drawers.
    On a side note: can you please tell me what color of blue your kitchen walls are painted? Very pretty!

  20. Hi! Was wondering if you had a small (like 8in??) non-stick fry pan you like. I love mine but I think it’s “non-green”.. the cast iron seems to heavy for every day stir frying, etc. thanks!!

  21. I love your suggested kitchen gadgets – love kitchen gadgets!! I would also recommned for those who do not have or cannot afford a whet grinder o attachment for your Kitchen Aid mixer (I only have a grinder attachment because it was a gift and I love it! But it’s pricy).But for small, fresh batches or to grind up other grains that are small or have a lot of moisture (flax, oats, rice), I bought a small coffee grinder that works perfectly! You can adjust the courseness an I use fine and add the ingredients to my container of wheat flour. I have had mine for 8 years and it’s one of my favorite gadgets! I paid $10 for mine on sale, but it’s still under $20!!!

  22. Do all ice cream makers have the freezer bowl you have to freeze before making the ice cream? I never seem to have enough room in my freezer.

  23. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

    Hi Mary. The freezer safe Ball jars that Lisa buys are under the “Kithchen Tools That I Love” section above. ~Amy

  24. I know you talk about freezing things in jars, are they just standard ball canning jars or is there a particular brand you recommend?

  25. Michael Scherer

    We couldn’t live with out our Zojorishi rice cooker. We make steel cut oats, brown rice, and quinoa in it. Add ingredients and press a button and it comes out perfect every time. I’d also have to add to your list a high quality (restaurant grade) coffee bean grinder. (something ala – Expensive, but I’ve had mine for 10+ years now and use it just about daily! That’s longevity. My husband would say the toaster oven.. but I have not quite mastered the art of micro baking personally :-)

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