Reader Diary Success Stories: We Want to Hear from You!

We’d love to hear from you and give you a chance to share your success story about eating real food, including what you ate for a week, and any details about improvements to your health! We are accepting entries through February 15th, and these stories can be about how real food has impacted you personally or anyone in your immediate family.

Five entries will be chosen and receive:

  • Two free signed copies of my cookbooks—your choice which ones you get! Valued at $29.99 each.
  • PrePear free 1-year Gold Meal Plan Membership, valued at $99.
  • Gift certificate for $50 to spend on groceries + 1-year free membership to, valued at $59.95.

That’s an almost $270 “thank you” if your submission is published!

To enter, simply read the guidelines and complete your entry form below. We plan to feature these stories in early 2019 on our blog, and you’ll be notified of your exact publication date if you are chosen. Can’t wait to see what you have to say!

Reader Diary Guidelines

  • While we appreciate all submissions, publication is not guaranteed. We will notify all entrants whether you are chosen to be published or not.
  • Your story should include:
    • A brief introductory paragraph about yourself, including where you live and where you are on your real food journey. Are you just getting started, been dabbling in real food for a while, or a made-from-scratch veteran?
    • A picture of you and/or your family—does not need to be professional and can just be a casual selfie if you’d like.
    • What health issues you overcame that were directly related to eating real food, including as much detail as possible. Maybe you had symptoms that disappeared after changing your diet, you lost weight, or went off meds you used to rely on.
    • A food diary detailing what food you, or the family member who overcame health issues, ate for one week (any consecutive 7 days of your choice) including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and treats.
    • As many pictures as possible of your meals (a minimum of one per day). Hint: Natural sunlight is always best for photos! If you aren’t photographing everything, try to mix things up by showing us at least one breakfast, one lunch, one dinner, etc. over the seven days.
  • Please make your word count at least 500 words. You can check your word count in Microsoft Word by selecting “Tools” then “Word Count”.
  • Original content is encouraged (i.e., not published elsewhere online) with the use of subheadings, bullets, and smaller paragraphs for easier reading. Your content will be edited, but please make sure it has correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation to the best of your ability.
  • We highly recommend you type and save your entry information locally (for example, in a Word document) before entering into the form. This way if your connection gets interrupted you won’t lose your work.
  • Entries are limited to US and Canadian residents aged 18 or over only.

Use the form below to share your own story. I truly appreciate you taking the time to do this and can’t wait to start reading! :)

Reader Diaries Entry Form

The deadline for this contest has passed so the entry form has been closed.