Video: Candy-Free Easter Ideas (that are still fun!)

Yes, I know…. Easter is only one day a year so “let kids be kids!” Well, guess what? I think kids can still be kids with sidewalk chalk and new games and bubbles and water balloons and craft supplies and even their very own gardening tools! There are way too many holidays and “special” occasions centered around junk food these days (which, frankly, isn’t so great for our kids’ health). So how about shifting the focus when you’re the one in control?

Here are some fun candy-free Easter ideas that your kid will love plus what we do for our own kids on Easter morning every year – in both news clip and text form (just below).
FYI – There is an Easter Bunny spoiler alert in the video so don’t watch it with your kids!

12 Candy-Free Easter Basket Themes:

I love to give items that I would probably buy them anyway!Summer Themed Easter Basket from 100 Days of #RealFood

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  1. Summer (in a sand bucket)
    • Bathing suit
    • Flip flops
    • Goggles
    • Diving sticks
    • Sidewalk chalk
    • Water balloons
    • Thermos bottle
  2. Gardening
    • Watering can
    • Shovel and other gardening tools
    • Gloves
    • Pots
    • Seed packets
    • Gardening shoes
    • Bug catcher
  3. Trip or overnight camp
    • Journal
    • Fun pen
    • Stationary
    • Books (or a Kindle if you really want to get fancy!)
    • Reading light
    • Sunglasses
    • Deck of cards or other small game
    • Travel bagTravel or Overnight Camp Easter Basket from 100 Days of #RealFood
  4. Arts and craft supplies
    • Paint brushes
    • Colored pencils or markers
    • Coloring books or paper
    • Patterned duct tape
    • Yarn or crochet set
    • Play Doh
  5. Sports or outdoor toys
    • Frisbee
    • Jump Rope
    • Kite
    • Soccer (or other sport) ball
  6. Educational
    • New books
    • Games
    • Flash cards
    • Puzzles
    • Workbooks
  7. Baking and kitchen tools (of their own!)
  8. Lego set(s)
  9. Dress-up clothes (or superhero costumes and accessories)
  10. New school lunch supplies (why not?)
  11. American Girl (or other doll) accessories
  12. Rainbow Loom set

Some SMALL ideas to put inside plastic Easter eggs:

  • Clues on paper (to make a scavenger hunt with their Easter basket surprise at the end)
  • Coins
  • Silly bands or rainbow loom bands
  • Earrings or other small jewelry
  • Legos
  • Puzzle pieces (try jumbo eggs for this one)

Now, if you still have your heart set on giving your child food this Easter…

Some “better for you” food ideas to consider:


What are your candy-free ideas for Easter? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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  1. Florence Oberkramer

    Thank you lisa – I was wondering how I was going to fill a basket for a 2 yr & 9month great grandchild

  2. I have 4 teenager boys. And one 9 yo daughter. While some of these suggestions might pass w/my daughter, no way my teenager boys want bubbles & sidewalk chalk.

  3. I just love these ideas. It’s so easy for me to just pick out candy, and not put as much thought into something healthier and actually something my daughter would like better. Thank you!

  4. My 2 older kiddos are getting Magformer tiles in their baskets this year, and the baby is getting Duplo farm animals.

  5. I am doing Legos, but instead of the little guys, I’m going to color-code the eggs for each of my two boys, and take apart a different set. When they get all of their eggs, they can make the complete set. Also, special polished stones/crystals.

  6. By the way was so excited, I didn’t buy one candy for Easter. The kids still loved it. Instead I did the summer theme and got them some puzzles those metal links that you’re supposed to take a part. I put money in the eggs, water balloons, stickers, and also some coupons I made; like skip a chore, oh ok I did do 1 sugar splurge and that was a Virgil’s root beer coupon but they do use real sugar. Thanks for your ideas!

  7. There are cute Peter Rabbit Organic fruit purées that my kids received in their baskets! They love the sweet potato/corn/apple ones! And they even have a cute bunny on the label! Plus we put loose change in some Easter eggs plus art supplies and books!

  8. My son is 2 this year (so fun!). This year it’s sidewalk chalk, bubbles, a coloring book, a little soccer ball, a storybook Bible and some fruit leathers – all things I would get him already. I loved the bug catcher idea and the comment about putting mini dinosaur figurines in plastic eggs (might need to steal that one!)

  9. Out grandma ordered the mini plastic dinosaurs to go in eggs last year! Fun surprise to see pop out of eggs and they are atill playing with them now! Any cheap party supply has them in bulk and most fit in the eggs.

  10. Great ideas! Our kids are 2 & 5, and will be getting character band aids, fun flavors of toothpaste, new toothbrushes, sidewalk chalk, coloring books, sunglasses, Annie’s bunny crackers, and one small treat each.

  11. We are expected to provide gift baskets for extended family with four boys ages 9 – 12. These lists are great for younger kids, but these boys no longer play with sidewalk chalk and bobbles. Any suggestions for this age group?

    1. Julie – Books are always great! There are also some great logic/card games that are fairly inexpensive. Toothbrushes and gum are always a hit. Maybe a DVD from the older $5 movie section too. Flip flops and sunglasses r good too,

  12. I am putting freeze dried fruit in some of the eggs. It has the texture of the marshmallows in lucky charms cereal and all it is is fruit.

  13. We didn’t do candy when I was a kid…my mom made decorated “eggs” from the craft store and we used them over and over for many years. We had some hard boiled eggs that the kids decorated. We had an egg hunt after church, and the traditional dinner. I think decorating and hunting Easter eggs is fun for the kids. The “Easter basket” and “Easter candy” is just so retailers can sell more stuff.

  14. Thanks for the great ideas for fun alternative Easter Egg Hunt treasures! In my experience, the fun really is in the hunt itself!
    My hubby gives our family’s Easter Egg Hunt a SUPER BOOST OF FUN by creating rhyming riddles for clues leading the kids to their Easter morning treasures.
    You can find 21 FREE PRINTABLE CLUES in rhyming riddle style at:
    They’re a time-saving, fun-boosting, laugh-out-loud collection of clues from Simply Fun Families.

    1. My kids LOVE the scavenger hunts too. They are 9 and 12, and ask me to do one every year. I am going to check out the website you gave for cllue ideas. Thank you.