What You Aren’t Seeing on Facebook

By Jason Leake November 1, 2012

Do you follow 100 Days of Real Food on Facebook? How about other real food pages? Surprise, you’re probably only seeing 15-30% of the posts and conversations that are actually happening. Facebook used to be a great way to get quick updates from your favorite sources all in one place, with the best content rising to the top. This summer Facebook quietly changed their algorithms, throttling back the number of posts you see. So readers like you receive less of the content we and other bloggers work so hard to produce (and that you have expressed interest in), and more of what people pay for you to see.

What? You see we can now PAY Facebook to reach all of our readers again by promoting posts. I considered experimenting with this because we really do enjoy and value our Facebook community and naturally want our posts to reach everyone, but I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the cost. For a single post to reach all of our 250k+ fans would cost $1,500. Lisa posts around three times a day, so yeah that’s $4,500 a day. That comes to a whopping $137k a month or $1.6 million dollars a year!! Um, we love you guys and all, but that is not happening. :)

Hopefully we can agree that these changes are bad for you, bad for us, and probably bad for Facebook in the long run (given the backlash being expressed by the blogosphere right now). But hey Facebook changes stuff all the time. Rather than getting bent out of shape about it I’m going to tell you two actions you can take right now to ensure you see all the content you want.

#1 How to see ALL posts from ALL your favorite Facebook pages

I tested this out over a one week period and it works. The trick is to create an Interest List (maybe call it “Real Food Stuff”) and then add 100 Days of Real Food as well as any other pages you’d like full access to. Then when you click on the Interest List viola!, 100% of the posts will be there with everything else filtered out. Go ahead; check out all those posts and conversations you were missing out on. Here’s how you do it in three easy steps:

1)  Go to https://www.facebook.com/addlist (and login if not already), then click on “Create List.”

2)   After the dialog box pops up, enter “100 Days of Real Food” in the search box, then select our page when it appears. You can add any other real food pages or friends now too, or click “Next” to just add 100 Days of Real Food.

3)   Name your Interest List and click “Done.”

You should now see ALL of our Facebook posts (as well as those from any other pages you added to your group). You can switch back to your News Feed by simply clicking on it, but remember you have to switch back to your Interest List to see ALL the posts again.

But why not just go to the 100 Days of Real Food Facebook page to see all the posts? Well you could of course, but then you’d have to do that for EACH of your favorite pages. An Interest List combines them into one convenient feed and filters out everything else, and you can even set up different lists for different interests. It really is a useful feature.

If you don’t want to use an Interest List as outlined in tip #1, you can at least increase the amount of posts you see in your News Feed from you favorite pages by interacting more with them (i.e. liking, commenting, and posting). But that is still relying on Facebook algorithms and may only take you from say 10% up to 30%, and that’s if you are really engaged. For example, during the one week test period I used to write this page, I only saw 33% of 100 Days of Real Food Facebook posts. And I’m Lisa’s husband!! But I can access 100% of the posts with the Interest List I created. Ahhh, much better. If you want to learn all about changes going on at Facebook in detail, check out this excellent article from Inside Facebook.

#2 How to get 100 Days of Real Food email updates (independent of Facebook)

Obviously relying on Facebook alone to be notified of blog updates can be problematic. Who knows what will change next or when? The absolute best way to be notified each and every time we publish a blog post is via an email subscription. We have control of our email list so we’ll update you no matter what Facebook decides to do in the future. Subscribe here and as a bonus you’ll also be able to download the free meal plans Lisa created. :) Hope you enjoy.

The blog and the Facebook page are both great resources in a large part because of YOU and the conversations we all have together. Please follow the tips above so we can keep them flowing, and thank you for reading.

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