Budget Day 49: A Short Hiatus


As we approach the halfway mark of our little project I want to announce that we are going to take a short 2-week hiatus from eating real food on a budget. The break will only […]

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Budget Day 43: Under Budget!!

EF 11-15

I am so excited I can hardly stand it. It only took me 43 days to do it, but finally for once I came in under budget! Woohoo! And not only did I come in […]

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Recipe: Tomato Bisque

Recipe: Tomato Bisque - 100 Days of Real Food

I absolutely love ordering Tomato Bisque when out at restaurants and was pleasantly surprised at how tasty the outcome can be at home too. We are at the very tail end of tomato season here […]

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Budget Day 38: Parfaits to the Rescue


There’s one thing I forgot to mention about this whole real food on a budget project. Yes the food has to be “real” and yes it cannot exceed $125 a week, but the other part […]

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Budget Day 36: Scrounging

FMkt 1106

Tonight I attempted to be creative with what we had on hand instead of going to the store (even though I normally go on Monday’s since it is the start of my $125 budget week). […]

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Budget Day 33: Almost Broke


Yes, I am almost broke and here’s why. Can you believe that the jar of local honey pictured below cost $11.99?? And then as if that was supposed to be a good deal the big […]

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Budget Day 29: Halloween Partaaay!

Halloween 4

This is going to be one complicated week when it comes to budgeting. First of all, our Halloween Party (which involved feeding dinner to 90 people) was of course not included in our weekly grocery […]

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