Shocking Blood Test Results


Every chance I get I try to mention all of the amazing health benefits we’ve experienced since our switch to real food almost a year ago. Even though we started gradually transitioning our diets at […]

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Recipe: Whole-Wheat French Toast

French Toast from 100 Days of Real Food

The key to this recipe is definitely the bread. One of the most important lessons I hope people take away from this blog is that you must always read the ingredients label (if it is […]

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Recipe: Homemade Sushi (with brown rice)

Recipe - Homemade Sushi (with brown rice) from 100 Days of Real Food

Making your own sushi at home is actually not as hard as one would think, and it can make for a very fun evening with friends or family…both young and old. My picky 3-year-old wouldn’t […]

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Feedback from Real Food Pledges

wristband photo

In case you haven’t noticed we not only took a 100-Day Real Food Pledge (two of them actually), but we’re also inviting readers to join the fun by taking a 10-day pledge. More than 800 […]

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Where to buy real food

matthews farmers market

One of the reasons I started this blog about our real food journey was to share with others all the invaluable information I’ve learned from hours and hours of research. Just one year ago I […]

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Recipe: Mini Whole-Wheat Popovers

Popovers from 100 Days of Real Food

You won’t believe how easy it is to make these tasty little popovers. I think my 6-year-old could practically do it by herself (if I helped her measure and handle the oven). The only thing […]

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