100% Plastic-Free Food Storage Bag for $1

Plastic storage bags are a staple in just about every home.  Average families can go through hundreds, maybe thousands, of plastic bags annually and you can imagine what that looks like over a lifetime.  For some perspective, 20 million plastic sandwich bags are thrown away every day.  Whether used for packing school lunches or storing that extra piece of food in the fridge, they’re convenient. But they’re disposable and become a recurring purchase at the store.  That is until now.  Meet Stasher: the evolution of storage bags.
Made from pure platinum silicone, Stasher Bags are 100% plastic-free.  That means no BPA, Phthalate, Petroleum, PVC, latex, or other toxins come in contact with your food.  Stasher Bags are completely reusable, eco-friendly and don’t harm the planet by continuously disposing of plastic.
With its pinch-press seal, Stasher Bags are sealed tight without air leaks. Because they have a naturally anti-microbial surface, food will be kept fresher than ever. The bags are self-sealing, unlike other flimsy bags.  Kids can even seal these tight on the first try.  Stasher Bags can be used in the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher. They’re even safe for cooking in boiling water.
You can get a reusable Stasher Bag for $1 (normally $11.99) when you sign up for the MightyFix!
What is The MightyFix?
The MightyFix is a monthly program where you are sent non-toxic, eco-friendly products for just $10/month.  All of the products are designed to help you improve your home and make it easier to live healthfully. The awesome thing is that what you receive is always worth more than $10, so you know you’ll always be getting a deal. AND, you always get free shipping on anything else that you decide to add on to your order from MightyNest. Plus they have exclusive discounts of up to 20% off just fro members.
I’ve been on the MightyFix for several months now and I like to think of it as an opportunity to slowly but surely make healthier improvements in my home.  A set of wool dryer balls might replace your disposable dryer sheets, for instance. A new water bottle might encourage you to ditch single-use plastic bottles forever. A set of Bee’s Wrap, an innovative reusable food wrap, might finally replace the plastic wrap in your kitchen drawer.  Plus, I have to admit that I love the bit of happy mail arriving each month!
Ready to try it? Well, GREAT NEWS! When you sign up for the MightyFix and use the code 100DAYSSTASHERFIX, you’ll receive a Stasher bag as your first Fix! And you’ll pay ONLY $1 for the first month!! There’s no risk since you can cancel at any time.
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