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This blog is obviously about eating real food, but as I’ve mentioned before I also get a lot of questions about “clean” beauty and household products as well. It seems like once you get “back to the basics” in one area of your house you just want to move right on to the next! And one thing I did away with several months after cutting out processed food was my supply of super smelly, chemically laden cleaning products. I used to think the smell of those chemicals signified “clean,” but now I know better.

There are quite a few “natural” cleaning sprays out there, but I am often unsure which ones are REALLY natural and not just labeled as such on the front of the container. I am unable to decipher those ingredient labels like I am with food products. And that’s exactly why I love Norwex cleaning cloths…because no sprays or cleaning products are necessary! They certainly take the guesswork out of deciding which products to select, try, and spend money on since you can reuse the same cloth over and over again. Not that you want to solely rely on these cloths for scrubbing your toilets, but I’ve found that they are perfect (dry or wet) for cleaning counters, windows, and just about any other surface.

Now I am admittedly a little bit of a “germaphobe,” so when I first heard about these cloths I wondered how they could possibly get my surfaces clean – and most importantly – germ-free without using some sort of bright blue spray. But what I’ve learned is that the fibers in these “Antibac Enviro” cloths (which are 1/100th the diameter of a human hair) are highly absorbent and proven to remove 99.9% of germs and bacteria. They also have silver in them, which is apparently a natural antibacterial agent, so when germs enter the cloth the silver starts to kill them. That means the cloths literally clean themselves so this is why you can use them for 5 or so days before throwing them in the wash (with an all “natural” laundry detergent of course). Also, I have to tell you that these little microfiber cloths are so incredibly soft that my 4-year-old was eyeing one for a new blanky! LOL

I must thank one of my readers, Rachel Baxter who is a Norwex rep, for introducing me to these cloths. She so kindly shipped me a box of them a few months ago, and I am so glad she did. Check out her website if you are interested in trying one out yourself! Also, Rachel highly recommends the “starter pack,” which includes an enviro cloth, a window cloth and a dusting mitt…we of course have all three ourselves. :)

For more info about these cloths and how exactly their fibers work check out the first question & answer at the top of Rachel’s FAQ page on her website. If you have experience using Norwex or any other “natural” cleaning products I would love to hear about it in the comments below. All those cleaning solutions still confuse me!

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    1. Mary |

      I use the Norwex envirocloths and have used Basic H and Vinegar and bakeing soda as alternatives to chemicals. What i have found is that anything but water leaves a residue on the surfce you are cleaning. i prefer the Norwex cloths as they will pick up everything including bacteria without leaving a residue since you use just water to clean. The residue is what attracts the environmental hitchhikers like dust and grease to attach to it and make the surface dirty, when you have no residue to attach to the surface stays cleaner longer, make sense? i love Norwex!

    2. Marlenny |

      I’ve been using Bon Ami. Here’s their website I use it in my restroom it works as well as Ajax or Comet, but its all natural. :-)

    3. |

      I have found amazing products that are truly all-natural and have been proven to kill germs and clean surfaces. They come from an award-winning company that has been in business since 1985 (before “going green” was even popular). Please visit to learn more. It will be worth your time!

    4. Kathy |

      Thank you for this tip. I have about 3 items from the comments and your post that I plan to try! If you have not found this blog- I think you will enjoy it. She actually has a cookbook of all natural recipes for cleaning and cosmetic products.

    5. Sherry |

      I have been making my own natural laundry soap for several years now, I am just wanting some advice on getting some natural bleach for whitening?

    6. |

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    7. Jessica Newfer |

      My mom is a Norwex lady too. I haven’t been in close touch with her in order to learn more, but seeing your recommendation here made me think about buying Norwex products. I have recently become interested in living more naturally. I have moderate to severe hand excema, and it’s a constant, painful battle. Perhaps cutting out the chemicals will help it, and so much more. I will certainly look into this.

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